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  1. My TMobile cellular plan is providing MLB TV as a perk to use their service. They did the same last year, also. Living in Iowa, I’m subject to blackouts, but I have a VPN (virtual private network) to get around that issue.
  2. Cleveland Guardians announcer Tom Hamilton, on June 23, commented that Sano was FAT rehabbing in Florida. After watching his homer clips, I'd have to disagree. He looks solid right now!
  3. Jake is a scrapper, without a doubt. He adds somme depth, needed with Buxton shelved right now...BUT... I'm watching Yankees-Red Sox tonight and feeling ill about the trade of Luis Gil. Young man throws WELL!!!
  4. Austin Martin was my choice...the thought of A. Martin, R. Lewis and (hopefully) Buxton sounds pretty athletic and fast. Martin and Lewis should be both super utility weapons for Rocco.
  5. I don’t think anyone should make a deal with the Rays. When was the last time any team (no being Tampa) was satisfied with the end result?
  6. It seems that every time Buxton seems to get us a win, the air gets let out of the balloon! Bux is playing at an elite level.
  7. Are FSMidwest (Cards, Royals), Marquee (Cubs), and Chicago Sports (White Sox).
  8. I live in central Iowa (Ames), and with AT&T TV I'm not able to receive FSN. The regional sports networks AT&T offer to this zip code are;
  9. I'm liking this new alignment! There will be lots of Twins apparel in Des Moines this year. T.C. South....
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