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    wsnydes reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Do you have the right stuff to be the top contributor in our community?   
    Given that I control the god account on the site, I’m considering logging in under 100 different accounts just to like your post, ash. 
  2. Haha
    wsnydes reacted to Squirrel in Do you have the right stuff to be the top contributor in our community?   
    Owners and staff are exempt ... so I suggest that we start clicking like on all your posts for a prize you seem jealous that someone else may win  
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    wsnydes reacted to ashbury in Do you have the right stuff to be the top contributor in our community?   
    We all need to click Like on this blog post of Brock's so that he can keep the prize he so clearly esteems.
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    wsnydes reacted to ashbury in Can Someone Find Tyler Duffey?   
    It's the same as for most two-pitch hurlers. If batters aren't forced to respect a breaking pitch that will just cross the strike zone, then they will simply sit on the heater. If he's leaving those fastballs in the middle of the zone, so much the worse. Command has to be there every outing, or he's just another arm in somebody's bullpen.  Most of baseball is complicated at the major league level, but I think this is one instance where it isn't.
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    wsnydes reacted to joefish in Can Someone Find Tyler Duffey?   
    It's the same question I asked my baseball buddies yesterday. Duffey counts on hitters chasing his first pitch curve balls which are too far outside. From there it's an uphill battle. His catcher must see it.
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    wsnydes reacted to mnfireman in NIck Gordon Sent to AAA - Is He a Long Term Player?   
    If the team is evaluating talent moving forward, I would have much rather seen Astudillo sent to AAA as I don't feel he has a future with this team. 
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    wsnydes reacted to Otto von Ballpark in Average OPS By Position vs. Twins Starters   
    I appreciate the effort, but that article is very old (2007), its data even older (2004-2006), and beyond that, it is just generally flawed:
    Fortunately, if you want to do your own research in that direction, there are great public tools available. I'd recommend the Fangraphs Splits Leaderboard, as its "position" split is by position played (not position qualified for, like some other Fangraphs pages), and it can also take custom date ranges, even spanning multiple seasons:
    You'd probably need to copy and paste data into a spreadsheet to average the top 30 by PA at a given position (the PA filter only applies to the player list, not to the league-wide splits).
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    wsnydes got a reaction from Unwinder in Going Forward - Retool or Rebuild?   
    Too early to label the FO a failure.  There's enough there to retool, especially with position players.  I'm not convinced there is with pitching, but that's another discussion.  What to do with Polanco is a question in and of itself though.  Assuming that Donaldson, Simmons and even Sano (doubtful) are all dealt, is there enough infield depth to replace an entire infield?  Obviously, something that can help would need to come back in a deal somewhere.  I like Polanco (at 2B, not SS), but I'm not opposed to dealing him because I do think he has decent value.  Tearing down an entire infield feels more like a rebuild rather than a retool though.
    Regarding Buxton and Berrios, this question will hang over this team until they're either extended or gone.  However, it's an important one to answer to determine the direction of the team long term.  If they're both gone, the team has further to go to reach serious contender status.  There's already too much to do on the pitching side.
  9. Haha
    wsnydes reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Introducing Achievements!   
    By the way, some of you may have noticed your achievements aren't appearing yet... that's because I didn't realize the system needed to rebuild ALL 1.1 MILLION POSTS AND ARTICLES before they'd appear.
    So yeah, gonna be a few hours before the system can process all those pieces of content. At the very latest, all of this should be wrapped up by the afternoon of July 4th.
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    wsnydes got a reaction from ToddlerHarmon in Twins Hitting Coach James Rowson Clarifies Hitting Plan for Byron Buxton   
    That's how I interpreted his words too.  He's trying to get Buxton to square balls up more rather than popping them up or beating them into the ground like he had been doing for a while.
    I was saying the other day after watching Kepler hit another frozen rope over the outfield wall that it would be great if Buxton could start hitting line drives the way Kepler does when he's going good.  Hopefully we're starting to see that ability develop more.
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    wsnydes got a reaction from Thrylos in 2017 Twins Off-Season top 60 Prospect List: 51-55   
    As someone who pays more attention to the top 20 prospects and little else, I'm finding the first to parts of your list pretty informative.  Thanks for putting these out!
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    wsnydes reacted to Platoon in Terry Ryan Is Bad, and Worse Than You'd Think   
    I will preface my first comment by saying I was a fan of the new Target Field. And one of the loudest selling points from the Twins was, "we need the new revenue to compete". The money arguement should be off the table. Secondly, I did not know the Twins weren't allowed to draft college players, i.e. Chicago and the Twins made choices.
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    wsnydes reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Terry Ryan Is Bad, and Worse Than You'd Think   
    I tweeted today that it's a serious problem if he is just urged to resign as opposed to being fired. It sends a terrible message, and one that the Twins have become synonymous with. They're ok doing right by everyone, and doing nothing intelligently when it comes to the game they are supposed to be competing in.
    I fear as well that Antony may be the next in line, and if that's the case, none of this matters either. Don't fire Ryan unless you're going to clean house.
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    wsnydes reacted to Platoon in Terry Ryan Is Bad, and Worse Than You'd Think   
    What makes me sad, despondent, and depressed is the almost certainty that IF Ryan falls on his sword (he won't be fired), your new GM will be the much sought after Rob Anthony. And the Twins incestuous orginisational lifestyle will continue unabated! I don't know if they know it or not? But they are becoming irrelevant in the Twin Cities sporting hierarchy. Not just down at the bottom, but irrelevant. A far worse fate. If the Gopher FB team has any success at all, and the Wolfies youth plays like expected, you're going to have to go to pg 6 to find coverage of ST next year. I have been a fan since Pedro Ramos, and I have ever felt such apathy to this team. So why am I writing? Never confuse apathy with peed off!
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    wsnydes reacted to Rosterman in Terry Ryan Is Bad, and Worse Than You'd Think   
    I find the inability to move players when they have their most value to be the crutch. And totally understanding the rebuilding process. If he succeeds in any one area, it is waiver claims and maybe, maybe finding a glimmer of gold that can be flipped for a prospect. But at some point, you have a player that excels beyond their norm, you look to see that another is on the horizon, and you start moving players. Not all will succeed (the ash of centerfielders going out for starting pitchers and a catcher in point)  But if you do trade from your strengths, or aging vets for multiple possibles, you should succeed in one way or another, especially if you do some savvy free agent signings and such.
    Ryan also seems to suffer from the old loyalty aspect of baseball, which has diminished the second time around. There are no longer hometown discounts. As I like to tell people, player NOW work for major league baseball once they enter free agency. They are expected to produce and play and shine for the game as a whole, compared to teams in the past.
    And even if you do sign a guy for a respectible contract (WIllingham), you really don't owe him three years of service with your team if an offer happens, or if you see the possibility of an improvement by moving said player.
    The Twins lost out bigtime when free agents walked who Ryan and Co. thought might resign with the team (Cuddyer) and my own thought that too often they expect the player to offer a modest discount, or come back with a counter offer when the Twins underbid for their services and another team makes a higher offer. Not necessary anymore. And then, with no sense whatsoever, the Twins are then forced to overpay for new talent because (1) they won't get the golden offer elsewhere (2) they need more money to take a gamble on playing for Minnesota-nice baseball team.
    And even in the draft, where we often hear taking "best player available" we get...well, what we have gotten. Guys with solid playing skills that need development, no emotional issues. Etc. Etc. Etc. When you now have the ability (and must) pay 18 and 22-year-olds millions of dollars to come and play minor league ball...you do need to go after the best and adapt yourself to the system. Afterall, if someone hands you a couple of million, the biggest issue is hoping THEY WILL make the majors. You want those guys that will makes the majors!
    I get no sense of the Twins working to be a well-rounded team. They put an emphasis on defense, and then it flounders. They want contact, and then we get no walks and lots of strikeouts. They have Molitor and Carew (and maybe even Gladden) helping players to bunt and run, and we have no running game whatsoever, and out biggest projects -- Gomez and Buxton -- can't get on base for the life of it, and then we poo-poo when we have someone like Revere that does.
    The system failure is showcased this year in which you have no true line-up. Who hits where, why, and how. What they contribute. How they back-up the guy in front and set-up the guy behind.
    You have a bullpen in which you ask: who can get a strikoeut, give us a flyball, a grounder. Who can pitch multiple innings. Who can close?
    You have organization meets. You have 160+ players on a big chart. You move names around.
    But now, when this year's attendance has finally fallen behind last's year, you have to start to shudder and see a long half-season of lots of no-shows and few walk ups, because you really don't have a plan.
    You can market youth, the future, continue with the outdoor experience of Target Field. But people will flinch at paying major league prices for minor league ball, except that it is nigh impossible to get a Saints ticket in town.
    The Twins baseball operations have to move into the future, possibly go outside the organization for a wealth of front office talent who might, just might, be able to work with the promise that the team has from all those high draft picks over the last five years as well as future funds to spend in 2018 and beyond.
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    wsnydes got a reaction from Platoon in Twins Have Seemingly Learned Little   
    Since the flurry of moves that came around the time of that comment, no other moves of substance have taken place.  There was no wholesale movement to improve the team.  If it weren't for injuries, the likes of Buxton and Kepler might still be in AAA.  So not only have they not learned a thing, they've done very little in the way of trying to overcome what got them there in the first place.
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    wsnydes reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Twins Have Seemingly Learned Little   
    Right, it was a comment that made them essentially a legitimate laughing stock, and then has been followed up by inaction from within.
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    wsnydes got a reaction from Tom Froemming in Should Be More Scrutiny Over Twins Playing Time, Not Payroll   
    Great post.  They seem to be stuck in the middle of a youth movement and still trying to sign veterans with little to no value - which irritates the heck out of me.  Mauer isn't going anyway, that's pretty obvious.  He can't be traded and he doesn't really deserve to be cut either.  He's not a 3 hitter anymore and I don't care what position he plays because it's meaningless at the plate.  I would have moved Mauer to RF instead of Sano and played Sano at one of the corners before I moved him to the OF.  I liked the Nolasco signing and still think it was a good move that simply didn't work out.  It happens, but they need to move on.  He's blocking younger talent that deserve to be on the roster and gives the team a higher chance of winning in the long term.  Pelfrey was in the same scenario.  Didn't mind the initial signing, but hated that they brought him back.  They showed too much willingness to keep throwing him out there when you have kids that could be learning how to win at the major league level instead.  That's what I'm talking about being stuck in the middle.  Either stick with aging vets or go with a full out youth movement with a few veteran backups to help guide the way, not something in between like they're doing now.
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    wsnydes reacted to South Dakota Tom in Should Be More Scrutiny Over Twins Playing Time, Not Payroll   
    Three things I believe.  1.  We will see a better Ricky Nolasco this season.   
    2.  The Twins will release or put him in the BP him if he isn't good.   
    3.  Mauer is the hub of the wheel for this team, offensively, and I don't mean that he propels them.   If he is hitting, he's the 1B, and everything revolves around that (Plouffe, Sano, Park, Arcia, the Hicks trade, Kepler, ABW).  If he isn't, he has to move down in the order; he has to move away from 1B, letting Sano play there (or Park with Sano at DH), and opening up the OF for the three best two-way players (probably Buxton, Rosario, and Kepler).   
    It doesn't leave any room for Joe.  But I completely agree that you can't just plug him in to that spot in the order and in the defense with the current (and future) alignment of the team.
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    wsnydes reacted to Tom Froemming in Should Be More Scrutiny Over Twins Playing Time, Not Payroll   
    It was a lot easier to defend Mauer last year at this time. He was only coming off one bad season, after being really good the two years prior. He wasn't even really blocking anyone, either. Vargas was gonna DH and I didn't really expect Sano to come up until way later in the year, if at all to be honest.
    Now, we have Mauer coming off an even worse year and it seems there are at least three guys who deserve an everyday 1B/DH spot over him (Sano, Park, Vargas), and like you said more on their way. I hope he can turn it around, but if he can't he has to be a part time guy.
    Plouffe isn't the guy whose gotta go to solve the roster crunch. They don't have to try to get Sano slimmed down and ready for outfield. They just have to put their best players in their most appropriate roles.
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    wsnydes reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Should Be More Scrutiny Over Twins Playing Time, Not Payroll   
    Great post Tom, and a sentiment that does in fact need to be replicated more often. Payroll by and large is a product of TV contracts, something the Twins don't have (or at least in the lucrative sense). Rather than to voice displeasure about a false reality, shifting focus to a much more fixable situation would no doubt be a great measure.
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    wsnydes reacted to Platoon in Should Be More Scrutiny Over Twins Playing Time, Not Payroll   
    I agree wholeheartedly with everything but this. Their is a difference between the rosters and the starters. Plouffe is the only one who can reasonably solve the roster issue. Mauer cannot be traded. He can be cut, but that's not a reality worthy of discussion. You can reduce his AB's. But not his roster spot. Something often ignored is that the Twins lineup was so putrid last year that as much as I do not believe Mauer is a 3 hitter, I could not come up with another. Dozier? Plouffe? Sano? The HR were there, but for two of them only half the year. Sano might soon be though. But Dozier remains an all or nothing hitter, and truthfully despite Plouffes HR's, does anyone think he strikes fear in any pitcher? The DP's and SO's are too easily coerced.
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