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Status Updates posted by wsnydes

  1. Best of luck to you in Miami, Luis!  You'll be missed!

    1. Fatbat


      Forever in our hearts. 

  2. Correa, don't let the door hit you on the w...HEY, WE LEFT YOUR LOCKER JUST HOW YOU LEFT IT!

  3. Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

  4. They don't need a SS that badly anyway...

  5. I continue to be baffled by Dale Murphy not being in the HoF...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ChermesZ


      Harold Baines set a precedent as well.

    3. IndianaTwin


      I wonder if the overlap and comparison to Dave Parker, with the perception that both were only great for a few years, ends up hurting both of them. 

    4. wsnydes


      That's an interesting point.  I hadn't thought of that.

  6. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. Immediate returns on the trade deadline acquisitions!  Can't complain about that!

  8. 2 of 3 from Detroit is nice, but winning the series against Toronto would be much nicer!

  9. Nice trade deadline, FO!  The wait was painful, but at least there was a reward at the end!

  10. Always nice to get a sweep coming out of the break.

    On to Milwaukee!

    1. killebrewlover


      Yep.  And on to a sweep for the Brewers!  Darker days are ahead for the Twinkees...

  11. Pujols tied some guy named Musial today for 3rd all time extra base hits.  

  12. Walk-offs are definitely, definitely more fun on the winning side.

  13. In Buck We Trust

  14. So, how 'bout that bullpen?!

  15. This Pagan thing has grown tiresome...

  16. Salvaged one in this series, got 5 more next week!

    Bring on the Rockies!

  17. Let's start summer off right...with a win over Cleveland!

  18. That series could have gone better.

  19. Welcome back, Kirilloff!

    Hopefully you're back for good!

  20. New team, new series!  Bring on the Rays!

  21. LaRussa called for an intentional walk of Trea Turner on a 1-2 count?!  Really?

  22. First fireworks night at Target Field tomorrow!

    1. Unwinder


      Fireworks night was excellent for beating traffic.

    2. wsnydes


      That's often my strategy as well.

  23. Pujols passed Paul Molitor to move into 9th place all-time in hits, with his 3,320th hit.  Congratulations!

  24. The offensive output this series makes the Detroit series even more frustrating, but that's a nice series win and I'll definitely be happy with that!

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