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Blog Comments posted by wsnydes

  1. As you mention, injuries and Covid have taken their toll on the roster.  The pitching depth is still a big concern and it's being tested right now.  A healthy Buxton probably makes a sizeable difference to the lineup, but Larnach is playing well.  He's not the dynamic player that Buxton is though.

    I was hoping for a 20+ win month.  Admittedly a tall task, but one that I think was very doable given the competition.  They almost got there, but I can't help but feel that they could have had a couple more wins.  Yet they still have a 5 game lead in the division.  We'll just have to wait and see if they're able to hold onto that.

  2. 1 minute ago, Zoilo said:

    Nice ranking. I’ve been to every yard except Tropicana, and my rankings would likely have the parks falling in to the same spot as yours, juxtaposed a spot or two either way. 

    To be personally hypercritical, though (cuz, let’s face it, “lists” are fodder for the “how dare you?” comments), I’ve gotta say that nothing screams ORANGE COUNTY more than the staid, perfectly adequate, colloquially dubbed, BIG A; felt a bit too pure & squeaky clean, minus the pure. Except, let’s face it, any ballpark that hosts Mike trout 81 days a year will rank 5-10 spots higher because of him. 

    More than a worthy effort. Good stuff, and the tops of the top is where it should be; Fenway Pahk. Because baseball pairs well with a dozen shades of green. 

    Great first post and welcome to Twins Daily!

  3. 1 minute ago, TwinsDr2021 said:

    I guess what I am really trying to say is there is fine line between boring the tv fans and entertaining them and baseball probably has the hardest of all sports, they play a ton of games so how many times do you want to hear the same thing over and over? and the Analytics are so important to building a franchise from the bottom (minor leagues) up and projecting what might happen going forward, but who want to hear about spin rate? Certainly not my teen age son. He want to here how hard and how far his favorite player just hit that homer, or how fast his favorite pitcher is throwing and what is his pitch count so he know many innings he has left, so he tell his friends when he will be available because he doesn't want to watch the end of the game and all the commercials (I mean pitching changes)

    This is my biggest hang up.  I watch sports to be entertained, not analyzed to death.  The analytics have made the game very boring for me.  I understand the why and I'm not even necessarily against them, it's just not what I'm looking for in entertainment.  Others will disagree, and that's fine.  I'm not going to tell people how to enjoy things.

  4. I'm not one that likes the analytics as much as many do.  I'm not necessarily against them, but they don't really bring enjoyment to the game for me on the whole.  That doesn't mean that they don't have a place though.  I think @Sconniehas a good point.  There's no one there to teach that, especially on a national basis, the way Madden did.  Part of that is because of the newness of it.  A reputable person that everyone knows doesn't really exist.  Madden was a well known and respected commodity.  I don't think that the baseball analytics world has that person.  

    Another potential issue is that Madden would describe and explain what people could easily see.  I'm not sure that can easily be done with analytics.  At least to the same scale anyway.

    And despite my view on analytics, I do feel the game would benefit from such a person.  There's clearly a thirst for such a thing. 

  5. I think this season is "just one of those seasons".  There has been plenty of craziness, plenty of acquisitions that fell flat, plenty of players that simply haven't produced, and plenty of brow raising decision making.  Sometimes those things happen.  Less frequently, they all happen and you get this season.  Some of those issues go back to the start of Rocco's tenure.  Some new issues look like they're coming from a manager that's trying to find something that works.  The trade deadline will likely show us what direction the FO is thinking for next season, with an offseason to cement it.  

    I'm firmly on the "wait and see" train with Rocco.  I'm looking for some clarity from the FO to determine how I will set my expectations for next season.

  6. Too early to label the FO a failure.  There's enough there to retool, especially with position players.  I'm not convinced there is with pitching, but that's another discussion.  What to do with Polanco is a question in and of itself though.  Assuming that Donaldson, Simmons and even Sano (doubtful) are all dealt, is there enough infield depth to replace an entire infield?  Obviously, something that can help would need to come back in a deal somewhere.  I like Polanco (at 2B, not SS), but I'm not opposed to dealing him because I do think he has decent value.  Tearing down an entire infield feels more like a rebuild rather than a retool though.

    Regarding Buxton and Berrios, this question will hang over this team until they're either extended or gone.  However, it's an important one to answer to determine the direction of the team long term.  If they're both gone, the team has further to go to reach serious contender status.  There's already too much to do on the pitching side.


    I think, and this is just me guessing, it's that hitting it hard on the ground is preferred to, say, hitting popups. Buxton has the second-highest popup rate among 165 qualified big-league hitters at 21.1 percent (Odor, 21.2 percent). Basically, the goal is honing in on the best launch angle, which isn't necessarily on the ground, but certainly not straight up.

    That's how I interpreted his words too.  He's trying to get Buxton to square balls up more rather than popping them up or beating them into the ground like he had been doing for a while.


    I was saying the other day after watching Kepler hit another frozen rope over the outfield wall that it would be great if Buxton could start hitting line drives the way Kepler does when he's going good.  Hopefully we're starting to see that ability develop more.


    also you quote the overall record but forget how bad the resources were for Terry Ryan to work with back then.  This season has been awful but we are not as far off from being competitive as you think. 

    Polhad has said many times that TR has never been turned down when asking for money on a free agent.  Money is a crutch.  If Tampa can put an extended run together in the conditions they're saddled with, this team has no excuses.  


    Even if finances are a problem, TR spending habits are a larger problem.


    Right, it was a comment that made them essentially a legitimate laughing stock, and then has been followed up by inaction from within.

    Agreed.  Polhad's comment is a very stark contrast from that of the Padres owner, whose team just unloaded their key offseason pitching acquisition.  We'll see if there are more moves made from the Padres, but they've already shown more of a willingness to change what ails them than the Twins have.


    You can't publicly state that it was a "total system failure" and then do virtually nothing about it and be taken seriously.

  10. Since the flurry of moves that came around the time of that comment, no other moves of substance have taken place.  There was no wholesale movement to improve the team.  If it weren't for injuries, the likes of Buxton and Kepler might still be in AAA.  So not only have they not learned a thing, they've done very little in the way of trying to overcome what got them there in the first place.

  11. Great post.  They seem to be stuck in the middle of a youth movement and still trying to sign veterans with little to no value - which irritates the heck out of me.  Mauer isn't going anyway, that's pretty obvious.  He can't be traded and he doesn't really deserve to be cut either.  He's not a 3 hitter anymore and I don't care what position he plays because it's meaningless at the plate.  I would have moved Mauer to RF instead of Sano and played Sano at one of the corners before I moved him to the OF.  I liked the Nolasco signing and still think it was a good move that simply didn't work out.  It happens, but they need to move on.  He's blocking younger talent that deserve to be on the roster and gives the team a higher chance of winning in the long term.  Pelfrey was in the same scenario.  Didn't mind the initial signing, but hated that they brought him back.  They showed too much willingness to keep throwing him out there when you have kids that could be learning how to win at the major league level instead.  That's what I'm talking about being stuck in the middle.  Either stick with aging vets or go with a full out youth movement with a few veteran backups to help guide the way, not something in between like they're doing now.

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