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  1. It looked to me like Rocco meant to leave Berrios in. If so, that was glaringly incompetent. With regard to Arraez, it looked like he was having difficulty with his contact lenses or somehow got poked in the eye. The camera showed him trying to get his vision straightened out a couple of times.
  2. We are going to need/want Arraez starting and leading off pretty much every game. I don't know who doesn't start when Donaldson, Kirilloff, Buxton, Cave, Rooker and the rest of them are able to play but Luis needs to play as much as possible. That guy has stones.
  3. Double error by Colome, mental error going to second, and physical error throwing high. He's a major leaguer right?
  4. As a former contract negotiation attorney, I love the positive upside and the limited negative downside of this contract and, as a current Statistics professor, I especially love this graphic. It is a very effective communication of the current contract status of our starters. I hope you'll send it to the FO and they can start using it if they don't already have one like it (although I bet they do--but hey, now we do too so let's keep using it as more of our young pitchers hopefully get signed to deals like this). Good work Nick!
  5. I have to agree that Justin doesn't bring much "color." Bert is sorely missed already--he was a treat. The radio is my favorite way to go (Sirius XM). Cory is a pro and Dazzle is entertaining.
  6. Never forget how exciting it was to see him lead the Beavers to the national championship shortly after we drafted him. Looking forward to see him playing everyday for the Twins!
  7. Thank you for the interesting breakdown of pitches Matthew and well written too.
  8. I think Cave and Wade are fighting for the 4th OF spot but isn't the question whether they'll keep Kirilloff in St.Paul long enough to gain another year of control? Or has that ship sailed because the Twins played him in the playoffs? Maybe somebody can clarify the rules on that.
  9. Oh yeah, bubonic plague was the you-know-what back in the day. Problem is you have to have rats and fleas to keep it going and, other than Ben and Socrates, rats aren't much fun. Malaria and yellow fever might be a better fit here in the land o' lakes, at least in the summer.
  10. The MLB streaming package and Sirius XM for times in the car. The MLB channel (89) on Sirius XM has great baseball discussions for following all baseball news.
  11. I agree with not trading Larnach. Somebody will get hurt in the outfield and he'll reward that decision and then he'll rise up these rankings big time. Fitting all of our outfielders into a lineup is a good problem to have. Starting pitching is what we really need but I hope we don't trade Larnach or Kirilloff to get it.
  12. Yep, the White Sox hatred is what resonated the most for me although the Jason Kubel jersey entry was pretty funny. In order to rekindle my long-simmering hatred for the Pale Hosers, all I have had to do for years is to tune into a Hawk Harrelson broadcast (no choice out here on the East Coast when it's a Sirius XM game in Chicago). He's such a homer--it's infuriating. Oh yeah, memories of the AJ Pierzynski/Ozzie Guillen White Sox years has that affect on me too. Blech.
  13. Awesome, love seeing the youngsters gaining confidence. Thanks Tom!
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