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  1. Haha
    glunn reacted to ashbury in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    In a game where the offense isn't clicking and we're already down a run or two?  Eat another delicious, delicious inning, Chris.  Yum.
  2. Haha
    glunn reacted to PDX Twin in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    Maybe Kepler has been teaching him ballet moves?
  3. Like
    glunn reacted to LVTwinsfan in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    Arraez making up for the slump in a hurry
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    glunn reacted to notoriousgod71 in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    Arraez making adjustments and pulling the ball on occasion is a nice development.
  5. Haha
    glunn reacted to Craig Arko in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    I don’t suppose falling over on every follow through is how they teach it at the Famous Pitcher’s School.
  6. Haha
    glunn reacted to ashbury in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    Pen was at Defcon 2 during the National Anthem.
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    glunn reacted to LVTwinsfan in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    I guess a split in this series is good, but since they’ve already guaranteed at least a split, it would be nice to see them get the win and finish the season series against the Jays 5-2
  8. Yikes
    glunn reacted to mnfireman in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    Just wait until Sands has to throw 3 innings and Pagan 2 to pick up Archer.
  9. Haha
    glunn reacted to PDX Twin in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    More likely they'll see us receding in the rear-view mirror.
  10. Haha
    glunn reacted to aTwinsFanInMaryland in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    They won't see us coming.
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    glunn reacted to USAFChief in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    No Buxton, no Correa.
    Archer on the mound, likely 4 IP max. 
    Bullpen scorched earth.
    Nick Gordon in the 5 hole. 
    Got 'em right where we want 'em.
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    glunn reacted to ashbury in Understanding Alex Kirilloff's Wrist Surgery   
    Doctors generally try the less invasive approaches first.  Cutting off some bone?  Pretty much anybody's last choice.
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    glunn reacted to Mike Sixel in Understanding Alex Kirilloff's Wrist Surgery   
    Good luck to him! It would be great if he can play baseball.... But I just want him healthy for his sake. 
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    glunn reacted to jmlease1 in Understanding Alex Kirilloff's Wrist Surgery   
    Really helpful to understand what's going on with Kirilloff and what this surgery means (and doesn't mean).
    It's a shame he's having to deal with this. He's a really talented hitter and had a big future with the team either in the OF or at 1B, but if he can't swing the bat effectively for more than a few weeks without pain making him ineffective again that role diminishes quickly. Hopefully this medical intervention will resolve it so he can resume his career as intended. 
    Hate to lose him, and we need the offense he can bring when healthy, but if you're injured, you're injured. He wasn't going to be able to have much of an impact if he had tried to keep playing through it and we're too far away from the offseason to make waiting until then a realistic option. Better to deal with it now and hopefully this procedure will be a long-term solution that will keep it from cropping up every few months.
    Good luck, Alex. Glad the medical team has come up with a plan!
  15. Sad
    glunn reacted to Lucas Seehafer PT in Understanding Alex Kirilloff's Wrist Surgery   
    The Minnesota Twins announced Sunday morning that promising first baseman Alex Kirilloff will be undergoing his second wrist surgery in as many seasons later next week in California and will miss the remainder of the season.
    The Pioneer Press’s Betsy Helfand—among others—relayed that Alex Kirilloff will have his ulna bone shortened during the procedure. The ulna is one of the two bones of the forearm and sits on the inner side when your palms are facing forward and hands are at your side. 
    Kirilloff recently received a cortisone injection into his right wrist in an effort to reduce the pain he experienced while swinging and underwent surgery last summer to “separate a bone” from his ulna due to the forearm bone being atypically long as well as the presence of cartilage damage.
    The Twins and Kirilloff had been adamant since Spring Training that there has been no evidence of damage in his wrist since he underwent his first procedure despite lingering pain. As such, he was likely dealing with ideopathic ulnar impaction syndrome, a condition in which an individual experiences ulnar-sided wrist pain and reduced wrist range of motion despite a lack of anatomical damage.
    As a left-handed batter, Kirilloff’s right wrist undergoes ulnar deviation during each swing. This action pushes the bones of the wrist—specifically the lunate and triquetrum—against the ulna. Additionally, a structure known as the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC)—a mix of dense cartilage and ligaments—sits between the lunate, triquetrum, and ulna. In essence, the TFCC gets sandwiched between the three bones and is subjected to shearing and torsional forces during each swing, which increases the odds of tearing. An abnormally long ulna would only serve to increase the force placed on the TFCC, at least in theory.
    The most likely procedure that Kirilloff will have is known as ulnar shortening osteotomy, during which the ulna is fractured, manually shortened, and re-connected with plates and screws. (He will likely also have the TFCC either repaired or shaved.) This procedure reduces pressure on the TFCC and should, again theoretically, reduce the pain Kirilloff experiences with each swing. 
    Ulnar shortening osteotomies have shown good promise in the general population, but there exists a dearth of evidence among athletes. As such, it’s unclear how long Kirilloff will remain sidelined, though the Twins are reportedly hopefully he will be ready by Spring Training 2023.
    Kirilloff joins Royce Lewis as top Twins prospects who have had back-to-back seasons compromised by season-ending surgery. Kirilloff also missed the 2017 season with Tommy John surgery and the 2020 campaign due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    View full article
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    glunn reacted to Mark G in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    I see an awful lot of expectations that Lewis is pretty much a sure thing to come back, and just as strong or stronger than before.  I am lost as to the confidence; not the hope, but the confidence.  At 23 he has blown out his knee (big time) twice, and there is never a guarantee someone will be the same after that, especially at the SS position.  Look at Buck, for example.  Fragile would be a kind description of his career and, at 28, has what even the team acknowledges as "chronic" knee issues which keep him playing part time, at least for the near future.  What is it about Lewis that makes everyone so confident this will change in his career?  We have to plan on him not being the long term SS of the future, and if he is, God bless him.  Great.  But don't plan on it, especially if you can get a player of Correa's caliber.  A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush, as my grandpa was fond of reminding me (the bush being the minor leagues today, no matter how promising one or 2 may look).  Do what you can to keep Carlos.  
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    glunn reacted to jorgenswest in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    I hope he stays. If he doesn’t stay they might look to Nick Gordon. Gordon had a long stretch of health trouble and had lost strength. That loss impacted his batting and I am guessing his play at shortstop also. I would prepare him for a lot of time in the middle infield in the off-season if Correa opts out.
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    glunn reacted to ashbury in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    Exactly.  That's the key thing about the contract the Twins offered him: a $70M guarantee beyond the first season, in case he's catastrophically injured this year, but with the opportunity to negotiate a better deal, in case he's not.
    But the calculation changes after each of the first two seasons.  So, this coming off-season, assuming he reaches it in full health, now his decision becomes to accept another $35M payday for 2023, but with only a $35M guarantee beyond that season, in case he's catastrophically injured.
    That is less of an inducement to stay.  Almost anyone will offer a better guaranteed total contract value than that.
    Maybe this past off-season he had visions of a $300M megacontract (which proved non-existent for him), but Boras will assist him in looking realistically at the potential market if he opts out for 2023, and if it's (say) only $200M after a non-All Star 2022, it is what it is.  Boras might also forecast that a 2023 similar to 2022 could reduce the expected contract to only $100M, a year hence - in which case he'd better grab whatever $200M contract is offered.  Boras is portrayed by many as some sort of charlatan, but to me he's nothing but a pragmatist.
    So Correa's chances of opting in are not greatly improved by 2022 being not among his best seasons (and we still have many weeks to play, before that is determined).  Only something really dire would make him see staying as the smart choice.  Something dire, or the Twins offering something nice of course.
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    glunn reacted to Rosterman in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    You run the risk of getting injured. So depending on the length or amount, he could depart for a longterm deal, anything over fve years and $125+ million at this point. I'm sure he would like more, with the opt outs depending on actualy amount paid at 3-5 years.
    But he has to put up better numbers than he is currently doing for the Twins. Even a short stint on the IL can hurt his progress to a much bigger contract. The Twins 3-year deal is a nice buffer as long as he stays healthy. He would still be a young free agent and could get a 5-7 year deal easily if he proves himself healthy, even after the Twins payouts.
    And it was a gamble for the Twins, too. They could be on the dcket for three years of money if something happened to Correa. But better than paying ut for 5-7 years at the same yearly average.
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    glunn reacted to Bigfork Twins Guy in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    We still have a lot of season left and hopefully playoffs for CC4 to shine.  Let's have this conversation at the end of the year when all the games have been played.
    Ideally he takes off both offensively and defensively helping us win.  If he opts out, then fine, we will manage and say thanks.  If he does not opt out we hope for the old CC4 next year.
    What if he ops out, tests the market, and then comes back to the Twins on a lesser deal of say 15-20K AAV for 2-3 more years?  That would be an interesting scenario.
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    glunn reacted to Nashvilletwin in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    Based on his play this year, the odds of him securing a truly attractive long term deal - 7-10 years at $30MM + - have diminished. So what are his logical choices?
    A. Stay with the Twins for $35MM and look to improve upon his performance so to get a better long term deal in ‘24.
    B. Opt out and get something around 5 years at $30MM.
    C. Twins add an extra year at $35MM and give him another opt out option after ‘24.
    I think the Twins maybe do C. but I don’t see them offering B.
    Having said that, $35MM buys A LOT of relief pitching and we still have Palacios and Lewis manning SS with Miller and Lee on deck.
    It very well could could just come down to Correas’s choice and the Twins accept it either way.
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    glunn reacted to mikelink45 in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    We could use a real evaluation of long-term contracts over the last 10 years.  My sense is that about half of them work out for half the term. I am never in favor of having one player have the max contract on a baseball team. Can't we learn from the California Angels that a superstar is not even me you're going to get to the playoffs. Mike trout is tilted as the best player in baseball and how many times has he got to the Big show? The player that gets you the furthest is a pitcher. Somehow want to look around the league at the Short stops I don't see any big demand right now for Correa. But it is his choice and either way I'm fine. I just want the team to continue to pursue pitcher options.
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    glunn reacted to Karbo in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    His leadership and attitude has to be considered in with stats. I would love to see the Twins offer him a contract for 5-6 years.
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    glunn reacted to roger in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    Very interesting.  Understand your point that should he continue playing as he has, the likelihood of his staying increases.  I don't know what the market is for both other free agent shortstops and teams that both have the dollars and need.  Understanding that is Boras' job, which he does better than most.  Including the fact that everything Correa says indicates he likes it here, a lot, and the possibility increases that he might stay.
    From the Twins side of the ledger, not certain if that is good or not.  Are they better off taking the $35M and spending it on pitching, and maybe catching.  When I made a comment like that the other day I got my butt kicked for being specific.  So suffice it to say they should be able to get a couple very good players at positions of need for $45M+.  That includes the savings from Sano and Sanchez, unless they bring Sanchez back for $x.  
    As for shortstop, will repeat what I have been saying for a while and that is I believe Palacios would do a fine job both defensively and offensively.  With Lewis returning mid-season, the Twins could put him at short or leave Palacios there if he is doing well and play Lewis elsewhere.
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    glunn reacted to dxpavelka in Could Carlos Correa Opt Back in for 2023?   
    I see Verlander taking a short term deal with someone but don't see the Astros allowing  that team to be anyone but the Astros.
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