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    glunn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    Narvaez is also my first choice but Vazquez has a .682 career OPS against RHP. That's not terrible and about .070 higher than Jeffers' career number.
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    glunn reacted to DocBauer in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    Initially, I felt Narvaez was the best fit due to a solid LH bat and solid behind the plate. He and Jeffers would make a solid combination. He also would come fairly inexpensive. But I like the Vazquez move very much. He's a decent, solid hitter and has an excellent defensive reputation. I think he could bring a lot to the team as a whole, but especially behind the plate. And it doesn't hurt that he lends veteran experience to the still young Jeffers, much like Castro did with Garver a few years ago.
    At the end of the day, quality game calling and handling of the staff is still the most important aspect of a catcher. Vazquez does that. And that's more important than a LH/RH split situation.
    Now, make it happen. And then grab Leon, or someone similar, on a milb deal or split deal to be a potential 3rd catcher and work with the arms at AAA next season. St Paul could have a pretty good staff of mostly young arms and I'd sure like someone like Leon working with those arms. And it wouldn't hurt to have a "coach on the field and in the dugout" type to work with guys like Camargo behind the dish either.
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    glunn reacted to Doctor Gast in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    One of the biggest problem with Jeffers is that he can't hit RHPs, How does signing Vasquez help that? The only viable LH hitting catcher is Narvaez. Vasquez wants to be the main man, he doesn't want to share time with Jeffers. It only makes sense if you want to upgrade with Vasquez & trade Jeffers,
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    glunn reacted to tony&rodney in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    Sure hope the Twins are able to get a catcher. Last December it seemed like a possible strength or at least respectable position. Vasquez or Narvaez or trade for Murphy or a Blue Jay .... something.
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    glunn reacted to old nurse in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    Contract not signed yet. A good catcher. If the top seven hitters are back and healthy they do not need great production from the catcher. If he helps the pitchers be better that has tons more value
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    glunn reacted to DJL44 in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    Excellent. He'll make the whole pitching staff better.
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    glunn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Rumor: Twins have offered Christian Vazquez a contract   
    Doogie reported that the Twins have offered free agent catcher Christian Vazquez a contract. The long-time Red Sox player is entering his age 32 season and should come at a considerable discount over the recently signed Willson Contreras. But unlike Contreras, Vazquez is known for a steady hand behind the dish and an excellent arm. With the Twins' desire to split time with Ryan Jeffers, signing someone like Vazquez makes a lot more sense than breaking open the piggy bank for a top-flight catcher like Contreras.

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    glunn reacted to Jeremy Nygaard in Seven Hitters for the Twins #5 Pick in the 2023 MLB Draft   
    In a stroke of luck, the Twins were able to leap into the Top 5 of the 2023 MLB Draft thanks to the new lottery system that was designed to help deter tanking. While the Twins were competitive throughout most of the 2022 season, their late-season slide led them to miss the playoffs and enter the inaugural lottery.
    And it worked out for the team so far.
    We had all the lottery details for you last night. 
    Today, we're going to take a very early look at some hitters who the Twins might consider with this new Top 5 pick. Of course, these players will need to play their junior seasons. Scouts will watch more games and have more data points to assess their tools and talents. Conversations will be had. High school players may emerge. But it's never too early to put together a list of names for Twins fans to start getting excited about. 
    The name that you see at the top of almost every early prospect list is LSU outfielder Dylan Crews. It would be tough to see him falling to the Twins, and I'm sure you'll hear more about him as winter turns into spring.
    Wyatt Langford has a great bat and the Florida Gator has played all over the diamond. Fitting the Twins mold really well is Ole Miss shortstop Jacob Gonzalez. A high-contact, low-strikeout college player who is a shortstop now, but may outgrow the position. Sound familiar?
    Brock Wilken is another college bat who has impressed. Massive exit velocities and enormous power coupled with lots of swing-and-miss, the third basemen has a big season ahead of him.
    Enrique Bradfield is the most exciting player in the nation, but the Vanderbilt outfielder doesn't hit for much power.
    Max Clark and Walker Jenkins are both prep outfielders who could sneak into the top 5. 
    There are tons of other players that will enter the conversation. Who would you like to see the Twins target at 5?

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    glunn got a reaction from Hosken Bombo Disco in Ronny Henriquez Has Earned a Shot   
    Great article. Great responses.
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    glunn reacted to nicksaviking in Will the Twins Regret Leaving Steven Cruz Unprotected?   
    This is the first I’ve heard concerns about losing him.
    The Twins have never had luck fixing guys with this level of control issues, I think it would be a long shot the Twins would ever call him up. So if he does get picked, added to a MLB roster and paid a MLB wage, good for him.
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    glunn reacted to PDX Twin in Will the Twins Regret Leaving Steven Cruz Unprotected?   
    Walking about 5 per 9 innings? I doubt anyone would take a chance on him.
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    glunn reacted to Cody Christie in Will the Twins Regret Leaving Steven Cruz Unprotected?   
    Minnesota protected multiple players before the Rule 5 deadline, but only some players can make the cut. Would losing Steven Cruz come back to haunt the Twins?
    Image courtesy of Ed Bailey, Wichita Wind Surge The 2022 Rule 5 Draft will take place on Wednesday, December 7, as part of the Winter Meetings in San Diego. It will be the first Rule 5 Draft in two years since last year's draft was canceled due to lockout. It also marks the first Rule 5 Draft since rosters expanded to 26 players. This may allow teams the roster flexibility to carry an extra player for the entire season, especially a relief pitcher that has traditionally been easier to hide.  

    In the last Rule 5 Draft, the Twins lost Akil Baddoo and Tyler Wells, who have each had promising starts to their big-league careers. Baddoo posted a 2.0 WAR season as a rookie before struggling in his sophomore campaign. Wells shifted to a starting role for an improving Orioles squad looking to get back into contention. Will Steven Cruz follow a similar path as Baddoo and Wells?

    Minnesota initially signed Cruz as an international free agent in March 2017 for $30,000. His professional debut came in the Dominican Summer League, where he posted a 3.68 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP in 16 appearances. He moved stateside in 2018 and saw his strikeout rate jump from 8.0 K/9 to 11.4 K/9 with the GCL Twins. In 2019, he improved with a sub-3.00 ERA and 48 strikeouts across 31 innings for Elizabethton. His walk rate continued to be higher than teams want from a reliever, but he was showcasing some strong strikeout ability. 
    Cruz's first taste of full-season affiliates had to wait until 2021 after the 2020 season was canceled. All but three of his appearances came at Low-A, where he was slightly older than the average age of the competition. In 50 innings, he posted a 4.32 ERA with a 1.36 WHIP and 80 strikeouts. His 14.4 K/9 was a career-high, and his walk rate dropped from 6.7 BB/9 to 5.9 BB/9. He was making improvements, and his stuff was becoming hard to ignore. 
    Minnesota was aggressive with Cruz in 2022 by sending him to Double-A with only two appearances above Low-A on his resume. He pitched the entire season out of Wichita's bullpen with 46 appearances. In 56 innings, he compiled a 5.14 ERA with a 1.59 WHIP and a 72-to-35 strikeout-to-walk ratio. His walk rate dropped for the second consecutive season, and he has a 12.1 K/9 for his professional career. 
    He proved he could routinely hit triple-digits with his fastball, and his slider is a solid secondary offering. MLB.com ranks Cruz as the organization's 27th-best prospect with a 75-grade fastball and a 50-grade slider. Even though he is a righty, he held lefties to a .640 OPS with 30 strikeouts in 89 at-bats. Nearly 85% of his plate appearances came against older batters because it was the first time in his career that he was significantly younger than the average age of the competition. 

    There are no guarantees that Cruz will be selected in next week's Rule 5 Draft, but elite fastball and strikeout totals give him a chance. Plenty of non-contending teams across baseball can take flyers on relievers like Cruz that can pay big dividends down the road. Do you think the Twins will regret leaving Cruz unprotected? What can his ceiling be at the big-league level? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion. 

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    glunn reacted to cheeseheadgophfan in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    If you have a delivery that isn't easily replicated in the first place........and then you add in a knee issue and back pain (first i've heard that with him), it's no wonder he struggled.  You start to over-compensate to alleviate pain in one place and it causes another.  Step one in "fixing" him would be to try to quiet his motion to lessen all of the moving parts.  His windup is all over the place and it's not hard to see that he's not consistent.   
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    glunn reacted to Rosterman in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    He was still young. Probably should've been sent down to AA for awhile, sooner rather than not at all.
    And basically has trolled in the Twins system long-enough that he would become a minor league free agent if waived off the roster and someone would openly grab him. For the promise alone.
    But 2023 is his final year to put something together for the Twins. A fast start with decent numbers could make him part of a trade package. But right now, even as a throw-in, he doesn't have much value.
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    glunn reacted to saviking in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    It just seemed that Blaza never got off on the right foot after being injured at the beginning of the season. Just never found his stride. But if I remember correctly I believe he started to figure it our over the last 4 games or so.
    Right now I'd just like to see him healthy in camp. If he can't progress healthy then maybe we give him a shot at the bullpen. 
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    glunn reacted to DJL44 in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    My question is whether he had good mechanics that deteriorated or he's always had bad mechanics and it's just catching up to him now.
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    glunn reacted to RJA in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    Great article, Lucas.  I will just add my eyeball observations as I have seen him pitch 4 or 5 times over the past couple of years.  Clearly, his mechanics were messed up this year, and sometimes I think having pitchers continue to pitch if they have a knee or leg issue is the worst thing you can do as they tend to fall into bad habits and have difficulty repeating their delivery.  Whatever the case, he wasn't right this year at all.  I have seen him at his best, and his stuff is super when he is on.  So, first, I hope they are making sure his knee strain is ok and having him build strength and flexibility in PT.  Second, if his knee is fine, I hope they can work on his mechanics in the ways you suggest (you know WAY more about that than I do), and get him back on track.  If they can get him "right", I still believe he can be a big league pitcher, and a good one.
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    glunn reacted to milkytoast in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    Wow. I don't understand this article, but I am happy that it exists.
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    glunn reacted to adorduan in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    I know nothing about pitching mechanics. What i can tell you is the game I watched him pitch in August, he couldn't throw his secondary pitches for strikes. The batters sat on his fast ball and it wasn't pretty.
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    glunn reacted to AceWrigley in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    So, fix the ass angle, knee extension and make straight the hips, then its balaz to the walaz.
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    glunn reacted to Lucas Seehafer PT in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    Agreed and then he should give me a contract as well :)  
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    glunn reacted to ashbury in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    Year 6 of this FO's tenure, and "poor mechanics" is still in our vocabulary?  Quick, better hire an Assistant Director of Elbow Flexion!
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    glunn reacted to Blyleven2011 in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    This write up should be sent to all our top professional coaches that falvey has hired ... 
    Let's hope his injuries were the cause of his poor season and he bounces back this season and possibly can help the twins or at least increase his trade value  ...
    Balazovic and enlow need to improve this season  for a chance at a twins career  ...
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    glunn reacted to Doctor Gast in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    Thanks Lucas for your enlightening article. We all knew Balazovik had problems with his poor mechanic due to past injuries but you explained them very well. There's a lot he can work on, hopefully he'll stay healthy & they are able to fix him.
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    glunn reacted to roger in Fixing Jordan Balazovic   
    His results have been puzzling.  There was a stretch at Wichita two summers ago when he was as good as anyone could be.  Then he wasn't.  Won't even attempt to understand everything written above.  But I expect the truth is that he needs to fix whatever was wrong, maybe it was health, or he will not be part of the Twins organization come next December.  Hope like heck he does, because he could be a good one.  At least I always thought he could.
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