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    glunn reacted to Brandon in Ranking Twins Top Trade Pieces - Part 3   
    I can see us trading Cruz, Simmons, maybe Happ if he prefers a trade, and Alex Colome. I think Robles is a possibility now that I see he will be a free agent after the season.  But with the way he is pitching he might be extended on a 2 year 5 or 6 million deal or traded all the same.  On Pineda I can see us keeping him and resigning him to another 2 year deal.  Do you think he will be able to get 3 years at his age and injury history?  Could Sano be traded? (I doubt it but....)
    I still have hope we can turn this season around.  we really just need 1 more bat to come alive and about 4 or 5 relievers.  We could trade for a reliever, bring up a reliever and have someone snap out of their slump and have a workable pen too.  and make a comeback.....
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    glunn reacted to Mill1634 in Ranking Twins Top Trade Pieces - Part 3   
    I disagree on Simmons not being overly valuable. He’s not going to get a top 5 prospect from a good system, but he’s going to get a top 10 prospect or two. He doesn’t hit a ton, but like I said he doesn’t have to to have a winning impact on a team. That’s more valuable than most fans realize, I think. After what you and Brock have said on Cruz, I think it may be likely to see him traded, but I seriously doubt it’s to an NL team. There aren’t many NL teams rostering a man who’s hasn’t played in the field in years. I just don’t see it. I could see it to an AL team like I said, but I still lean no. 
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    glunn reacted to Dman in Ranking Twins Top Trade Pieces - Part 3   
    That is a pretty solid list. I guess I don't see them getting rid of Garver just yet as he is only two years removed from a silver slugger there and catchers that can hit are very difficult to find.  Even if his D is sub par his bat can still be potent.  Too many years of cheap control and just too much value to give up on him IMO.  If you want to see a really bad hitting catcher watch Rortvedt at the plate.  I think Mitch is a long shot to get traded at this point.
    Also not sure on Duffey.  He might come around yet.  He seems a little out of shape and missing his spots to start the year.  If he gains a little more gas on the ball and sharpens things up I think he could rebound but we will see.
    Everyone else is on one year deals so moving them would be prudent if they are out of it which seems like a near certainty right now.  Robles and Colome would be addition by subtraction IMO.  Yes they have been that bad.  But those guys and Happ won't fetch much on the market.  I would hate to see Pineda go but he is the one guy they could maybe get a good return on.
    Like Brock I think they would find a team maybe even a National league team that would be interested in Cruz.  Probably a team that would want the inside track to sign him next year.  I don't think he would be in the Twins plans for next year given the price he is likely to command so getting something would be better than nothing and if multiple teams are interested they could get a good player in return.
    Simmons won't have much value either so even if the Twins trade everyone of these guys the return likely won't move the needle much.  If they traded Rogers, Buxton or Berrios then they could net a good return but hard to say if they are willing to take a risk like that or not.
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    glunn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Ranking Twins Top Trade Pieces - Part 3   
    I agree with most of this, except that I believe the chance of Cruz being traded is close to 100%. No matter if the return is good or not, he'll almost surely be moved. There aren't many teams that need a DH but literally every single playoff team wants Cruz on their roster, if only for pinch-hitting duty.
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    glunn reacted to woolywoolhouse in What's wrong with Nick's column   
    "We live in the greatest country on earth."
    I love my country, but statistics just say that isn't true and in many cases it is not close. Here are some rankings to check out from a 2019 study/ranking published in US News & World Report that ranked 80 countries in 75 different metrics (from a survey of 20,000 across the globe) https://www.newsweek.com/worlds-best-countries-us-not-top-five-1300813:
    Perceptions of Trustworthiness by other countries - 27
    Healthcare - 10
    Food - 11
    Wine - 7
    Citizenship - 16
    Quality of Life - 17
    Ranked outside of top 20 in: Heritage; Best Countries for Solo Travel; Best Countries to Invest in; Best Countries for a comfortable retirement; Best Countries to start a career.
    The only things the USA ranked one in are military strength (of course, when your military budget equals that of the next seven total, it should probably be good); and number of citizens in prison. 
    It's important to have pride in your country, but the statistics show the United States of America has a lot of room for improvement.
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    glunn reacted to Hosken Bombo Disco in What's wrong with Nick's column   
    I have not read the above commentary yet, but I will. And I will probably disagree with a lot of it. I just want to say I appreciate coming to the blog and willing to speak your mind and think out your thoughts without resorting to quick and easy mud slinging in the other thread.
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    glunn got a reaction from Heezy1323 in Rich Hill Elbow Surgery Discussion   
    I love these articles. Thanks, Heezy.
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    glunn reacted to Heezy1323 in Rich Hill Elbow Surgery Discussion   
    I haven't done 100, but I've done a fair number on appropriate candidates. I see many more teenagers than I do professional athletes in my practice, so it is definitely a good tool to have in the toolbox for this age group. Most don't have the cumulative damage to their ligament that someone who is older might.
    Good luck to your son! Sounds like he is progressing very well. Being diligent about the rehab is also critical, and it sounds like he has done his part. Nice job!
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    glunn reacted to diehardbsblfan in Rich Hill Elbow Surgery Discussion   
    Great insight on a topic not covered by very many. For the right scenario, this surgery is a game changer. Our 17 y/o had UCL internal brace repair surgery in late September performed by an MLB team doctor who has done well over one hundred of this type of procedure. My son had a clean tear on the distal side of his elbow. For 6 months he has rehabbed like crazy to prepare for the end of his HS season and then college. Six months post surgery he is already throwing 5-6 mph harder than before (and we were concerned he might not ever pitch at a high level again). The UCL injury has to be a clean tear to be a good candidate for the surgery and it will take a full year for everything to heal is my understanding. Good luck to those who face this option - there is real hope.
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    glunn reacted to Heezy1323 in UCL Reconstruction Techniques   
    It got a little longer than I anticipated, but hopefully you'll find it helpful. Thanks for the question!
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    glunn reacted to Heezy1323 in UCL Reconstruction Techniques   
    It was! Quite different, in fact. Let me see what I can put together. 
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    glunn reacted to wabene in UCL Reconstruction Techniques   
    Heezy, the surgery Richard Hill had was different than these techniques, correct? I'd be interested in having that explained!
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    glunn reacted to Heezy1323 in UCL Reconstruction Techniques   
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    glunn reacted to Squirrel in UCL Reconstruction Techniques   
    Thanks, heezy ... you’ve done it again
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    glunn reacted to nicksaviking in UCL Reconstruction Techniques   
    Great education heezy.
    Anyone else in the mood for some chicken wings now?
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    glunn reacted to jkcarew in Harmon Killebrew - our classic home run hitter   
    Killebrew was hitting HRs at a rate of 7+% in an era when non-pitchers were hitting them at about a 2.3% rate. That's three times the rate of the league.
    Just for context...
    If Max Kepler was hitting HRs at 3x the league average in 2019 (non-pitchers)...his current 501 PA would give him 58 HR on the season. Needless to say, nobody hits home runs at the rate of 3x league average anymore.
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    glunn reacted to jorgenswest in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    I don’t think he was ever a poor defensive catcher. He showed a good bat with the Angels but he also had solid veteran catchers blocking him in Brian Downing, Ed Ott, Bob Boone and Tony Pena. The Angels also called him up at 19 so they had to make a decision on him and moved him off catcher. He was still blocked when traded to the Pirates by Pena and Junior Ortiz. That his defense at a young age didn’t compare to those veterans shouldn’t have given him the label of poor defensive catcher. He also was brought up to the majors so early he never really had time to develop before teams needed to make 25 and 40 man roster decisions on him. After that he was no longer seen as a catcher until the Twins signed him and gave him the opportunity
    If Astudillo’s defense is similar to Harper’s defense he should be the front runner for starting catcher next year. Harper was able to answer the question about his defense. I hope Astudillo can also.
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    glunn reacted to IaFan1 in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    Good Analogy. Brian Harper is one of my favorite Twins of all time. He should be in the team Hall of Fame. (along with Shane Mack)
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    glunn reacted to DocBauer in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    Love the love, and the write-up. Not ready to declare him the next Harper at this point, mostly because I have a lot of faith in Garver.
    Astudillo's biggest problem is he doesn't "fit" what teams expect or are looking for. And I say this with respect and love for the guy. He's not seen as a defensive whiz. He's not a power hitter, Though he flashed more power in 2018 than before at 26yo, nor is he an OB machine. I think the Twins got lucky because they found a nice "ballplayer" who other teams let go because they just didn't know what they had.
    While his SSS with the Twins is unsustainable, the guy flat out makes contact and hits. I don't care who you are, you don't hit .300+ your entire milb career if you can't plain old hit. And it appears there is now some budding power as well.
    I watched him in several games and he was solid and quiet behind the plate. I watched him play a solid 3B as well. I never got to see him at 1B/2B/OF but supposedly he's at least acceptable there.
    The ONLY reason this guy isn't on the roster for 2019 is Castro has made a full recovery and is ready to partner with Garver AND the Twins have made enough of a roster-wide depth upgrade where he is squeezed to Rochester to begin the season.
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    glunn reacted to theBOMisthebomb in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    Nice comparison. If Astudillo becomes Harper II then the Twins are in the middle of some good things.
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    glunn reacted to MN_ExPat in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    Nice write up Thrylos.
    If nothing else, La Tortuga is one of those players who makes the game "fun" to watch and he's easy to root for.   Besides that though, I hope the Twins keep him around as he (IMHO) actually brings value to the team.   He's just that type of player that every team needs to have at least one of on its roster.
    Viva La Tortuga!!
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    glunn reacted to Brandon in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    I always enjoy seeing the unheralded players make their way and be successful.  Brian Harper is one of my all time favorites as he also transformed himself from a power hitter to a Joe Mauer type of hitter without the walks.  
    other examples include Shane Mack, Jeff Reboulet, Junior Ortiz had a nice breakout season with the Twins.  I doubt Nick Punto has the career he had without being on the Twins, Carl Willis had a nice 4 or 5 year run, Juan Berenger, Matt Guerrier, Brandon Kintzler, Johan Santana wasnt supposed to be an ace either or he wouldn't be had in the rule 5.
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    glunn reacted to Einheri in Willians Astrudillo might be the second coming of an equally unheralded catcher that won the Twins a championship   
    I hope the Twins keep him and let him play.
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    glunn reacted to ashbury in The Cheapskate's Guide to Attending the World Series   
    Be aware that the Series moves to LA next. But I'm sure the taverns in Boston will be jumping - moreso than in Hartford.
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    glunn reacted to IndianaTwin in The Cheapskate's Guide to Attending the World Series   
    "...Boston isn't really laid out on a grid and you can get disoriented pretty easily,..."
    Understatement of the year. When I first took my son a few years ago, I think I crossed the Mass Turnpike about eight times trying to get there. I felt like Chevy Chase in London. 

    But thanks for this. This kind of experience is a ton of fun. I was in Kansas City while the Royals were in San Francisco for the weekend series in 2014. We went to the Power and Light District during the game, and it was the most fun non-Twins baseball experience I've ever had. I happen to have a work trip to Hartford, Conn., this weekend, so I'm suspecting something of the same if we sneak up to Boston for an evening.
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