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Posts posted by glunn

  1. 9 hours ago, Brock Beauchamp said:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a fluke. Lewis injured himself by failing to jump into the wall, and he likely failed because no one has asked him to jump into a wall before so he didn’t know how to do it.

    With that said, Farmer has all of spring to get up to speed on playing OF, he won’t be thrust into it basically overnight. 

    I would allocate some of the blame to inadequate wall padding.  


  2. 3 hours ago, QuinnSwanny said:

    Well as a Twins fan it’s always hard to hold out hope they will sign big names or make big trades. However this time we offered him big money. Giants just came out with a ridiculous contract which will come back to haunt them… I do like how he held out however as that money we could have spent on him can now be used on a much needed position. Starting Pitching… Carlos Rodon to the Twins???

    Welcome to TD.

  3. 2 hours ago, Riverbrian said:


    It ended a 9 year playoff drought for the Twins 

    We lost to the Angels who had ended a 14 year playoff drought and the Angels went on to win the World Series. 

    Adam Kennedy who hit 7 home runs in 474 AB's during the regular season hit 3 Home runs during the ALCS. @glunn

    In 2002 the Angels were 15th in payroll at 62M... The Twins were 27th in payroll at 40M,

    What does this have to do with the 2023 Padres payroll? ?


    That *%&$ hit 3 home runs in the deciding game against the Twins.  One of the more sickening days in my life, sitting in the left field bleachers while the Twins got blown away.  Thanks for reminding me.  ?


  4. 9 hours ago, Riverbrian said:

    Oh Yeah... I learned a lot while learning absolutely nothing at the same time. If I had it all to do it again... I'm still going to Tijuana... Just more prepared, eyes a little more open and not quite so fearless. 

    Oddly, I have always had an appreciation for things going wrong because that is the stuff that you retain. Part of the reason, why I'm working hard putting these notes together is because I know that over time, the details of this trip will fade. In a couple of years, the memories that remain strong will be the situations that occurred in Tijuana.  

    Imperfections are the good stuff in life. I never try to hide the stupid things that I've done, I tell my kids everything stupid I've ever done. When you sit around with your loved ones at Thanksgiving and you are laughing and talking about the old days, you never say "Remember that time when everything went perfect"... You talk about the time you drove the car through the garage door and everybody has a good time laughing with you. I don't embarrass easy. Tiny tragedies are just that... tiny. Tomorrow is a new day.  

    Yes it was tense, Yes it was stupid but it's mine now and I'll gladly take ownership. It didn't ruin my day or trip one bit. It cost me a Zoo. ?    

    At least you avoided the Salton Sea, which makes Tijuana seem like paradise in comparison.  And the drive to Dodger Stadium was faster than usual -- LA afternoon traffic is usually worse than what we experienced and like Rain Man I am a very good driver.  ?

    It was great spending time with you --  a highlight of my summer.  I wish that you had spent the entire 18 days here.  Joey and Rosie miss you.


  5. 8 hours ago, Heezy1323 said:

    I'd be speaking out of turn if I said I am intimately familiar with the rehab of this surgery, but February puts us about 7 months from surgery. I think that's a very reasonable time frame for something like this. It's possible I'm wrong here, and there's more to it than I know, but I feel comfortable with that timeline. 

    Thanks for your very educational posts.

    Do you think that it could be helpful if he could find a batting glove that absorbs more of the energy when he makes hard contact?


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