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Blog Comments posted by glunn

  1. On 1/14/2023 at 6:27 PM, John Bonnes said:

    I find it kind of amazing this hasn't happened yet. It feels like it could almost be a liability issue. 

    It's been a long time since I went to law school, but my sense is that with adequate testing (that establishes that the new wall is safer than the old wall), this should not be a liability issue, because an injured player would not be able to establish negligence.  Part of my suggested R&D budget of $500,000 would be devoted to extensive testing, first using crash dummies then using paid stunt people from Hollywood.

  2. 18 hours ago, In My La Z boy said:

    I am interested in the limited no trade he has for 2022. Say Correa is fantastic, but we stink - seems we stand to gain a major haul for him at the trade deadline. Heaven forbid we have a first 3 months like we did last year, but we did just swerve into perhaps the greatest trade chip in baseball in case we do. 

    I agree that there is a lot of potential trade value if the Twins are far from contending before the trade deadline.

  3. 6 hours ago, Mark G said:

    Wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Twins do exactly what you are advocating.  It is what they did with Pineda; signed him to two years knowing he wouldn't pitch right away and wanting the 2nd year to be good.  This is exactly the type of pitcher the Twins have been picking up for awhile now.  I can see them signing Duffy, Pineda, and maybe one other short termer and calling it an off season.  A trade is looking less and less likely, unless this lockout ends soon.  

    Hopefully they can be negotiating trades during the lockout, then pull the trigger when the lockout ends.

  4. 2 hours ago, RpR said:

    That team is on the level of Minor League baseball, no matter how one wants to glorify women's sports.

    Women's golf is still second string and it has been around a long, long time with a Minnesotan Woman, Patty Berg who was one of the best.

    I nearly bought a set of her golf clubs at a large flea market at the Minn. State Fair Grounds, twenty years ago, as they were long enough for me, I am six feet tall,  but while  I have never broken, or bent a golf club, at that,  they looked a bit fragile;  I was curios what it would be like, playing with the golf club heads she had.

    Is the lightweight boxing champion less an athlete than the heavyweight champion?


  5. There are some interesting and creative ideas here.  My main quibble would be Santana in AAA.  Odds seem high that Santana may need more time in AAA, but it seems to me that he should continue in the majors until he fails, at which point he can go to AAA to work on whatever flaws made him fail.  I also think that Santana's defense in CF could improve with practice and if Molly can figure out that Santana needs to play about 10 feet deeper.

  6. Cardinals fan, Bark? Really? I love you like a brother my friend, and Veronica is like a sister to me, and it hurts me to think that you could root for a team that has a red bird on their jersey. Surely you realize that cardinals are the flying rats of the bird kingdom and have been known to eat worms after a rainstorm.


    As for John's head versus heart dilemma, I feel your pain. Justin has long been one of my favorite players and I share your feeling that this seems like a move that was designed mainly to put $2.6 million into the Pohlad coffers. Then I wonder if maybe that $2.6 million may eventually go towards a free agent or something else that will help going forward. Like many issues that we are seeing, it may take months to make an accurate assessment. If the PTBNL turns out well and/or the Twins sign Morneau next year then my heart will feel better. Otherwise, I will feel that this was a cheesy move to save money by disrespecting a player who has made huge contributions and disrespecting the fans by dishonoring a player who has earned their appreciation.

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