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    nclahammer reacted to Althebum82 in Rumor: Polanco Not Ready for Season Start?   
    Uh oh:  Jorge Polanco May Begin Season On Twins' Injured List - MLB Trade Rumors
    Could this pave a pathway for Julien to open the season in one of the Twins new uniforms?
    As noted in the article, other options are available.
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    nclahammer reacted to mudcat14 in The Twins Can NOT Trade Royce Lewis!   
    No way.  No how.  No matter the potential return.  Regardless of his current knee status, he has all of the physical tools and proved in his limited AAA/MLB 2022 AB's that he is the type elite talent that contending teams need to retain.  At the end of 2019 questions regarding his swing and defensive reliability at SS began to surface.  Then between the pandemic and his 1st ACL procedure, he went two entire season's without playing in a single game.  The adjustments he made during that hiatus were enough to convince me that he has the head, heart and desire to be an All-Star at whichever position we need him to play.
    I'll be outraged if the move him in any deal.       
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    nclahammer reacted to stringer bell in A Good Day in Dunedin?   
    Since the Twins exhibition game wasn’t on TV and there wasn’t radio coverage, I checked the box score and saw a lot to like. They won 7-0 against a lot of Blue Jays’ regulars including starting pitcher Manoah. 
    Some highlights (again from the box score) 1) Ober with a strong outing (2 innings). 2) Dobnak pitched 2.1 innings of scoreless ball. 3) Bullpen candidates Megill, Santana and Alcala all pitched scoreless ball with Alcala faning all three batters he faced (I saw that he was throwing 95 according to GameDay). 4) The staff picked up 12 strikeouts. 5) Brooks Lee with two hits, Willi Castro with three (Castro has had a pretty good spring--I think he might be an Opening Day candidate if a couple of Gordon, Kirilloff and Miranda can't go). 6) To my knowledge, this was the first time that the Twins played errorless ball in the field. 7) Rosario hit another homer, could he eventually be the best Rosario to play for the Twins? 
    Comments--Ober has so far done everything he can to get in the rotation. He should get enough work with Lopez at the WBC. Alcala has nice numbers, but he's pitched against minor leaguers for the most part. Could Dobnak make the club as a long reliever? Castro was pick to be the most-used player who was a non-roster invitee. With the injuries to Kirilloff, Miranda and Gordon, he has a path to make the majors, probably a more conservative choice than having Julien open the season. Lee seems unintimidated by big leaguers. 
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    nclahammer reacted to Dman in One Twins Power Prospect Still Waiting to Breakout   
    I don't know what his specific swing issues are but he has a good eye at the plate.  Generally patient hitters get good pitches to hit he just seems to have trouble barreling up balls and or missing them entirely and striking out.
    I have been negative on the pick since they took him as I didn't like the pick of a bat only player in the 1st round.  I am tired of being negative about Sabato and hoping he can find a way to better contact secondary pitches and not just need fastballs to be successful.  There are some large holes in his swing but if he can narrow those he has the other skills to be a good hitter. Hoping for a breakout year and he will be in a hitters league so no better time to get things moving in the right direction.
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    nclahammer reacted to Rik19753 in Is Spencer Steer a better prospect than Royce Lewis?   
    Fangraphs recently released its 2023 top 100 prospects list and three Twins prospects made the list.
    They were
    Brooks Lee at 19th
    Royce Lewis at 55th
    Edouard Julien at 75th
    Those rankings are similar to other prospect rankings, so no huge surprises there. One mild surprise may be E.Rod's omission. Fangraphs cited his injury concern and high K% as reasons that he didn't make the list.
    But what caught my eye was the 47th ranked prospect, former friend Spencer Steer. Yes, Steer was ranked ahead of Royce Lewis. Now, I've looked at several prospect rankings and have never seen Steer anywhere close to 47th, so it's probably safe to say that it is not the national perception. In reality, I have a hard time thinking any major league GM would choose Steer over Lewis. However, I am a big believer in Fangraphs and they seem to be right often when they are bullish on prospects that are generally not regarded that highly, so I am a little worried.
    When the Mahle trade happened last year, I think most (myself included) were pleasantly surprised that the headliner was Steer and thought that the price was cheap compared to the Montas and Luis Castillo trades. But in Fangraphs' rankings, Ken Waldichuk (the main piece in the Montas trade) and Noelvi Marte (main piece in Castillo trade) are ranked more than 40 spots lower. Were we wrong to think that the FO had gotten a good price on Mahle? I shudder to think that the Mahle trade may turn out to be even worse than it seems right now.
    Is it possible that Steer is a better prospect than Royce Lewis? And did the FO get fleeced in the Mahle trade? Let me know what you think.
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    nclahammer reacted to Heistyman in Is Spencer Steer a better prospect than Royce Lewis?   
    Boy I do not see the ceiling in Steer that I do with Lewis.  Steer seems like a utility infielder with a solid hit tool with mediocre power and solid fielding. Lewis may not have quite the hit tool of Steer but the athleticism and power are much better.  I would still put Royce ahead of Steer but the injury concerns may be dragging Lewis' down at Fangraphs.
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    nclahammer reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Twins Add Infield Depth, Sign Veteran Donovan Solano   
    We do have nice depth.  But maybe  the FO should sign one more left-handed hitting corner OF. LOL.
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    nclahammer reacted to KirbyHawk75 in Twins Add Infield Depth, Sign Veteran Donovan Solano   
    We do have nice depth.  
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    nclahammer reacted to Doctor Gast in Twins Add Infield Depth, Sign Veteran Donovan Solano   
    I guess I'm all for caution. It sure beats put them out there until they drop philosophy.
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    nclahammer reacted to Danchat in Twins Add Infield Depth, Sign Veteran Donovan Solano   
    I said at the start of free agency that it feels like our FA money is always spent on hitters... and here we are, they've spent 100% of their FA money on hitters, only adding Lopez's salary via a trade. I'm not complaining, just pointing it out.
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    nclahammer reacted to Cory Engelhardt in Twins Add Infield Depth, Sign Veteran Donovan Solano   
    My guess; Paddack to the 60 day, and it gives insurance for Polanco (like you mentioned) and a right handed compliment to Kirilloff at 1b. He does make lots of contact, which is certainly good. If everyone is healthy, maybe Larnach starts the year at aaa? Or a trade is always possible. 
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    nclahammer reacted to sun in Rocco says that he will "manage differently"   
    Rocco hinted that the managing changes will be more than simply due to the new pace of play.
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    nclahammer reacted to Cody Christie in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #1 Brooks Lee, SS   
    Brooks Lee has only been in the Twins organization since the middle of July, but he has already made his mark. His breakout professional debut has him as a consensus Top 100 prospect while earning the top spot on Twins Daily's prospect rankings.
    Image courtesy of Steve Buhr, Twins Daily Age: 22 (DOB: 2/14/01)
    2022 Stats (RK/A+/AA): 139 PA, .303/.389/.451, 4 HR, 6 2B, 15 RBI, 17 R
    ETA: 2024
    2021 Ranking: NA

    National Top 100 Rankings
    BA: 45 | MLB: 31 | ATH: 51 | BP: 37
    What's To Like
    Brooks Lee has grown up around baseball. His father is the head coach at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Entering the 2019 MLB Draft, Lee was committed to playing for his dad, which is the biggest reason he dropped to the 35th round. For anyone that has watched the switch-hitter, his bat-to-ball skills are his calling card. In his final collegiate season, he hit .357/.462/.664 (1.125) with 25 doubles, 15 home runs, and more walks (46) than strikeouts (28). Some college players struggle when shifting from metal to wood bats, but Lee impressed in wood-bat summer leagues prior to the draft. In one 21-game stretch on the Cape, he hit .405/.432/.667 (1.099) with six home runs. It was clear that Lee separated himself from other college hitters leading into the draft. 
    Based on the performance mentioned above, Lee was in the conversation for the first overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, so the Twins were ecstatic that he was available with the eighth overall pick. Many scouts considered him the best college hitter in this year's draft, and that's why Minnesota was aggressive with him during his professional debut. Lee played in the Double-A playoffs just two months after being drafted while being over three years younger than the average age of the competition at that level. He had no trouble adjusting to the start of his pro career, as he posted an .839 OPS before helping Wichita to the Texas League Championship Series. 
    What's Left to Work On
    Since being drafted by the Twins, Lee has only played shortstop and designated hitter. Many expect him to eventually move off shortstop, with third base being his eventual landing spot. His arm is very strong, which should play well at the hot corner. Lee is already known for his tremendous work ethic, so he will put in plenty of time as he switches to a new defensive home. The Twins also have Carlos Correa signed for a minimum of six seasons. It's intriguing to think about Correa, Lee, and Royce Lewis eventually slotted in the same big-league infield. Both top prospects are excited about working with Correa in the years ahead. 
    Like many prospects in their early 20s, Lee has the potential to add more muscle to his frame, especially if he's moved off of shortstop in the future. He can drive the ball from both sides of the plate, so adding more muscle can help improve his power output. Scouting reports already have his power as above-average, and his patience at the plate will help him become a complete offensive player. He's a tremendous offensive talent, but strong players can always strive to improve. 
    What's Next
    Lee likely starts the season at Double-A, the level he finished at in 2022 (for Wichita in the playoffs). Fans may be excited about what Lee can mean for the team's future, but there is no reason to rush him in 2023. When he is ready, he is ready. The Twins have assembled depth at multiple positions, but Lee's performance may dictate the team continuing to be aggressive with him. His big-league debut is not out of the question in the upcoming campaign. 
    Royce Lewis or Brooks Lee? Over the past couple of days, we have laid out our thoughts on both future stars. Did we get it right? The vote was very close. What are your expectations for Lee in 2023? Will he debut for the Twins this season? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion. 

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    nclahammer reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #2 Royce Lewis, SS   
    Now having made his Major League debut and looking to get back in 2023, the expectations for the former top pick have never been higher. If we’ve seen anything to this point, it’s that counting him out isn’t a great idea.
    Image courtesy of Rob Thompson, St. Paul Saints Age: 23 (DOB: 6/5/1999)
    2022 Stats: 12 G, .300/.317/.550, 4 2B, 2 HR, 2.4% BB, 12.2% K

    National Top 100 Rankings:
    BA: 82 | MLB: 46 | BP: 40
    What's To Like
    After not playing in professional baseball since the 2019 season, 2022 represented an opportunity to see Royce Lewis back in game action. He had nowhere to play outside of St. Paul for alternate site action in 2020, and then he suffered a fluke knee injury after tearing his ACL in Texas before the 2021 season.
    There was plenty of reason to be uncertain about what Lewis would bring to the table given his time off, but he picked right back up where things ended during 2019 Arizona Fall League action. Although his swing left plenty to be desired during the regular season in 2019, his .975 OPS across 22 games for Salt River was plenty exciting.
    Lewis began the 2022 season with Triple-A St. Paul. It was a substantial leap given he played just 33 games at Double-A two years prior, but he looked every bit like he belonged. In 24 games to start the season, Lewis owned a .993 OPS and had an even more impressive 20/17 K/BB ratio. His plate discipline translated to a .430 OBP, and he blasted a trio of home runs alongside 11 doubles.
    After an injury to starting shortstop Carlos Correa, Lewis found himself making his major-league debut at a position some wondered whether he could hold down. The bat played in the big leagues, and although the plate discipline slid some, he more than held his own offensively. In the field, Lewis looked the part of a natural shortstop and made plenty of throws that suggested he could stick at the position. Even after Correa returned from injury, Lewis still found a way to force his way onto Rocco Baldelli’s 26-man roster. What’s Left to Work On
    Similar to the situation entering 2022, Lewis will again need to prove he’s healthy and ready for the next challenge. After making a brief cameo in centerfield filling in for Byron Buxton, Lewis tore his ACL again in a fluke collision with the wall. He has every idea how to rehab the injury a second time around, and it’s clear he came back strong, but the proof will need to be there again. This time around Lewis will also be returning to a new position. He played third base in high school and could factor there with Jose Miranda, or he could play second base with Jorge Polanco. There will be opportunities at shortstop, but the bulk of that time is going to go to Correa in the foreseeable future. Getting Lewis reps around the diamond at St. Paul will be a must early on this summer. When it comes to production at the plate, Lewis will also need to work on consistency. His 12 game sample size was great, but indicative of very little. He struck out just five times in 41 plate appearances, but he also only drew one walk. Bringing the plate discipline and on-base prowess from Triple-A in 2022 is something that Minnesota would love to see. His swing has calmed down quite a bit, and working to make that habit needs to continue as well. What’s Next
    For Lewis, it’s going to be continued rehab the rest of the spring and into the early summer. He has indicated feeling better, sooner than he did last time around. Recovering from his previous ACL injury, Lewis came back a bit stronger and was clocked running record speeds down the first base line. It remains to be seen how that will go after a second procedure, but his body continues to be something that matures.
    Minnesota fans can expect to see Lewis play for the Saints again at some point this summer, but betting on it being a long-term thing seems relatively foolish considering how quickly he worked through the level a year ago. Character has long been off the charts for Lewis, and expecting another setback to hold him down for long doesn’t seem wise. There isn’t much left for Lewis to prove on the farm, so as soon as he’s health and producing, he’ll be donning the Twins new threads at Target Field. Feel free to discuss Royce Lewis as a prospect and ask as many questions as you like in the COMMENTS below.
    Previous Installments
    Honorable Mention
    Prospects 21-30
    Prospects 16-20
    Prospects 11-15
    Prospect #10: Austin Martin, SS
    Prospect #9: Louie Varland, RHP
    Prospect #8: Jose Salas, INF
    Prospect #7: Connor Prielipp, LHP
    Prospect #6: Simeon Woods Richardson, RHP
    Prospect #5: Edouard Julien, 2B
    Prospect #4: Marco Raya, RHP
    Prospect #3: Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF
    Prospect #2: Royce Lewis, SS
    Prospect #1: Coming Tomorrow!

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    nclahammer reacted to Cody Christie in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #4 Marco Raya, RHP   
    Marco Raya might be the most exciting pitching prospect to come through the Twins organization since Jose Berrios. His stock is significantly rising after a tremendous professional debut.
    Image courtesy of William Parmeter, Fort Myers Miracle Age: 20 (DOB: 8/7/02)
    2022 Stats (Low-A): 65 IP, 3.05 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 76 K, 23 BB
    ETA: 2025
    2021 Ranking: Honorable Mention

    National Top 100 Rankings
    BA: NR | MLB: NR | ATH: NR | BP: 53
    What’s To Like
    The Twins have been high on Marco Raya since they drafted the teenager in the fourth round of the 2020 draft out of high school. Raya was one of the club’s biggest risers in 2022 after not being among Twins Daily’s top-20 prospects entering last season. It was easy to see why he was left off the list since he didn’t pitch at all in 2021 and was looking to make his professional debut in 2022. Since joining the organization, his projection has improved from a mid-rotation starter to a potential ace. 
    Minnesota had Raya spend the 2022 season in Fort Myers where he was three years younger than the average age of the competition. He only faced younger batters in 46 plate appearances, and he held older batters to a .571 OPS. Raya posted a 10.5 K/9 and a 3.2 BB/9 while batters hit less than .200 against him. His fastball has increased by multiple miles per hour since being drafted. He compliments his fastball with three offspeed offerings that MLB.com already grades as being 50s on the 20-80 scouting scale. 
    What’s Left to Work On
    Shoulder soreness caused Raya to miss the 2021 campaign and his innings were limited in 2022. His frame is built similarly to former Twin Jose Berrios, so there can be questions about long-term durability with pitchers that size. Raya is listed at 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds so there is room to add more muscle to his frame as he enters his 20s. Marcus Stroman is another similar sized pitcher that has found success at the big-league level, but Raya has a better fastball that is paired with very projectable secondary pitches. He is already considered extremely athletic so it will be interesting to see how his off-season regime added to his frame. 
    Raya has been limited to 19 appearances in his professional career, so the 2023 season is critical for building innings. He pitched fewer than five innings in all but four starts last season and he never threw more than 80 pitches. Minnesota will continue to monitor his innings during his young career, and it seems like 100 innings would be a good goal in 2023. His appearances will continue to come against younger hitters and he can continue to refine his secondary pitch offerings. 
    What’s Next
    During the season’s early weeks, Raya should stay in Fort Myers where the weather will be warmer. His previous shoulder injury is no longer a concern, but there’s no reason to rush him into pitching in colder weather if the team can avoid it. As temperatures improve, Raya can move to Cedar Rapids to accumulate the bulk of his innings. He is already on the national prospect radar after a tremendous debut. By this time next season, he has a chance to be Minnesota’s top prospect and a global top-100 prospect. 
    What are your expectations for Raya in 2023? Can he be the team’s top prospect for 2024? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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    nclahammer reacted to Seth Stohs in Neal: Twins and Scott Boras   
    I truly have about 2 pages of an article on the Twins and their evolving relationship with Scott Boras... I've been sitting on it for a couple of weeks, wanting to find time to finish it. Uggh!
    Well, in Sunday's Star-Tribune, columnist LaVelle E Neal has a long-form article on the Twins and their relationship with Scott Boras. 
    The concept I was going for was that they used to talk about avoiding Boras clients, except in certain situations (like Kenny Rogers being available late in the offseason, or Kendrys Morales still being available after the draft). 
    It is interesting to see that the current roster includes many Boras clients including Carlos Correa, Royce Lewis, Austin Martin, Joey Gallo, Ryan Jeffers, Alex Kirilloff, and Chris Paddack. It was Paddack signing a team-friendly-due-to-injury deal that made me think through a potential article... Neal also notes that Nick Gordon, Kenta Maeda and newcomer Jose De Leon are all Boras clients too. 
    Anyway, interesting article from LaVelle for you to read through and discuss...
    Lesson Learned... finish the article, get it posted! 
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    nclahammer reacted to Theo Tollefson in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #8 Jose Salas, INF   
    The newest name to the Twins farm system is still a great unknown to the casual Twins fan. The secondary name to come back in the Luis Arraez for Pablo Lopez, Jose Salas, is a switch-hitting infielder with a lot of speed and a quality throwing arm that works well at any position he plays. 
    Image courtesy of Jose Salas's Instagram page There are still many questions surrounding one of the Twins' newest prospects such as what position in the infield he will eventually call home. If he can really develop himself into the power hitter many scouts believed he could be when they first discovered him in Venezuela. 
    Age: 20 (DOB: 4/26/03)
    2022 Stats (A/A+): 474 PA, .250/.339/.384, 9 HR, 41 RBI, 69 R, 33 SB
    ETA: 2024
    2022 Ranking: NR
    National Top 100 Rankings
    BA: NR | MLB: NR | ATH: NR | BP: 93
    What's to Like
    Before the Twins acquired Salas from the Marlins, he was ranked as one of their higher prospects (fifth by MLB.com) in the system. There is a lot of upside in his play regarding his running game and hit for contact. 
    Salas's speed may be his greatest asset on the field right now as he swiped 33 stolen bases in 34 attempts across the 2022 season and had five multi-steal games. His running game is his best asset according to scouts, as scouting grades, have it ranked at a score of 55 to 60 per FanGraphs and MLB.com. 
    Salas’s contact numbers did take a dip down from his potential in 2022 posting a .250 batting average between High and Low A. Still, scouting grades have his contact skills graded from the 50 to 60 range. In just his second week at High A Beloit, Salas did have his first-ever five-hit game in his professional career. The performance in that game shows there is still room for growth in his hitting that can make him a force at the plate.
    What's Left to Work On
    Salas has not had the best success on defense in his professional career so far, but 2022 was an improvement from his pro debut in 2021. His defensive game still lacks impact athleticism from each position he plays and he still needs to find a true defensive home. Salas has struggled most as a shortstop in 2021 with 17 errors in 45 games at the position. The number of errors in 2022 was cut down to four at the position in 46 games. 
    While the number of errors was cut down in 2022, the strength in his throwing arm and athleticism on defense is still his greatest need to strengthen his game on the field. The Twins will likely still shuffle him around the infield on defense to see where his best position is this year and likely keep him there as he makes his way through the Minor Leagues. 
    Salas’s power at the plate is part of his game that still needs development. At 6’2, and 191 pounds, he has a growing build that will give him more power as he ages. But he only had nine home runs with a .384 slugging percentage for the season. 
    What's Next
    The early guesses for where Salas will start his 2023 season in the Twins organization have him at High A Cedar Rapids. With a plethora of infielders in the organization at different levels of the Minor League, there is no need for the Twins to rush Salas up before he is ready for the next level. 
    As Salas continues to develop his strengths and weakness on the field, he will be making his way to Double-A Wichita at some point in the 2023 season. 
    Feel free to discuss these prospects and ask as many questions as you like in the COMMENTS below.
    For more Twins Daily content on Jose Salas, click here.
    Previous Rankings
    Honorable Mentions
    Prospects 21-30
    Prospects 16-20
    Prospects 11-15
    #10: Austin Martin, OF/SS
    #9: Louie Varland, RHP
    #8: Jose Salas, INF 
    #7: Coming Soon

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    nclahammer got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in Are Twins' Third Base Plans for Jose Miranda a Misstep?   
    I haven't seen anything in writing that says the Twins wanted to make Miranda more trim and lose weight.  I applaud Miranda for taking the intiative himself.  He's capable at 3B and has looked alright there in the minors & majors.  Give the kid a chance.
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    nclahammer reacted to Sean.h in Are Twins' Third Base Plans for Jose Miranda a Misstep?   
    Didn't he play 3B in the minors? I don't think we lose anything by having him play 3B this year.
    Hopefully AK is healthy in the lineup against RHP with Miranda at 3B. Against LHP, have Farmer and Miranda take the corners.
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    nclahammer reacted to Major League Ready in Are Twins' Third Base Plans for Jose Miranda a Misstep?   
    Why would we assume he merely lost weight.  What if he replaced fat with muscle?  Couldn't he be leaner and meaner?  
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    nclahammer reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    Now entering the top 10 and counting down the best of Minnesota’s prospects, we begin with a player that was acquired by the organization, rather than drafted.
    Image courtesy of Ed Bailey, Wichita Wind Surge Age: 23 (DOB: 3/23/1999)
    2022 Stats (AA): 406 PA, 241/.367/.316, 2 HR, 35 RBI, 35 SB
    ETA: 2023
    2022 Ranking: 1
    National Top 100 Rankings
    BA: NR | MLB: NR | ATH: NR | BP: NR
    What's To Like?
    Austin Martin was brought into the Minnesota Twins organization, along with Simeon Woods Richardson, when the front office traded Jose Berrios to the Toronto Blue Jays. It was Martin that was the headliner of that package, and that’s not a surprise given he was taken 5th overall in the 2020 Major League Baseball draft.
    Martin debuted in the Twins system last year playing just under 40 games at Double-A Wichita. He brought an .807 OPS from the Blue Jays stems, and finished the year with a .779 OPS for the Wind Surge. It was clear that Martin’s best offensive skills included a strong on-base ability, and utilizing significant speed on the basepaths.
    Sent back to Double-A in 2022, Martin struggled. His 90 games resulted in just a .683 OPS and it was clear there was an emphasis being put on tapping into power. The Twins made adjustments to Martin’s swing in hopes of recording more doubles and home runs. That didn’t work, and the results spoke for themselves.
    Martin then went to the Arizona Fall League and ended his season on a very high note. Putting together a .936 OPS across 21 games against the best prospects in baseball, there is still plenty of reason to believe he can be a big-league regular. Across the action in Arizona, he hit just one homer but racked up six doubles. The power probably isn’t ever going to come, but that could make his path to the big leagues more straightforward.
    What's Left to Work On
    It’s questionable at best as to whether Martin can remain at shortstop. He has played some second base and outfield however, and could morph into a guy that has utility all over the field. His speed plays well on the grass, and while his arm strength is nothing to write home about, it works at other positions. With Minnesota having seen so many debuts a season ago, it’s entirely possible that Martin makes it to the big leagues this year. Pushing him to Triple-A St. Paul makes a good deal of sense, and allowing him to be an on-base machine while simplifying the approach could right the course in a big way. He had almost neutral strikeout to walk numbers last season, and slotting in as a traditional leadoff hitter makes a lot of sense.
    After his 2022 Martin fell off all national prospect lists, but the year ahead could be a significant one for him. He’ll be 24-years-old in March, and going back to what made him so desirable out of Vanderbilt may be enough to trend his stock back upwards. It’s difficult to see a perennial All-Star or high ceiling type of talent with the power potential so limited, but there can be a regular in this type of profile and that should make the Twins happy.
    What's Next
    Depending on how the Twins roster shakes out with injury and performance this season, Martin could find himself contributing at second base behind Jorge Polanco. Maybe he debuts in a Nick Gordon utility type of role, and he could assume whatever playing time Kyle Farmer currently has ticketed for himself. No matter what, there is a multitude of ways in which Martin could factor into Rocco Baldelli's plans.
    The sooner Martin begins to hit for average at Triple-A, and uses his on-base skills to generate runs, he'll be seen as a potential option for promotion. He's not yet on the 40-man roster, but a little juggling could certainly take care of that. Assuming the organization has all but moved on from forcing him into power potential, Martin is very close to a finished product.
    Previous Rankings
    Honorable Mentions
    Prospects 21-30
    Prospects 16-20
    Prospects 11-15

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    nclahammer got a reaction from Dman in Forgotten Twins Greats: Dave Goltz   
    Excellent story, so well written.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and the insights I was not aware of with Dave Goltz.
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    nclahammer got a reaction from Matt Braun in Forgotten Twins Greats: Dave Goltz   
    Excellent story, so well written.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and the insights I was not aware of with Dave Goltz.
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    nclahammer got a reaction from Aerodeliria in Forgotten Twins Greats: Dave Goltz   
    Excellent story, so well written.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and the insights I was not aware of with Dave Goltz.
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    nclahammer reacted to sun in Sano   
    Sano hit amazingly well during his rehab stints in the FCGL & AAA after having surgery. But those HR's wouldn't have ever altered the decision to buy out his $14 mil contract for 2023.
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