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    nclahammer reacted to Nick Nelson for a guide, The Ultimate Fan Guide to Target Field   
    Every hidden nook, cranny, and secret value at the Minnesota Twins ballpark. By the fans, for the fans. (Updated annually!)
    Whether you're an out-of-towner visiting Target Field and looking for tips, or you're a local who wants to make sure you're getting the most out of your experience at this elite ballpark, we've got you covered.
    Table of Contents (click to jump to section)
    Target Field Facts and Specs Best Places to Park Around Target Field Best Seats at Target Field Best Food at Target Field Best Bars at Target Field, Ranked Secret Gems of Target Field Fan Favorites at Target Field Target Field Fan FAQs See our companion guide: Things to do around Target Field (coming soon)
    Target Field at a Glance
    Address: 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN 55403 Opened: April 12th, 2010 Capacity: 38,500 Dimensions LF:  339 feet LCF: 377 feet CF: 411 feet RCF: 367 feet RF: 328 feet Best Places to Park Around Target Field
    There are many options for parking around Target Field. Understandably, some folks traveling to downtown like to park closer to the park in order to minimize their walk. Those who are up for a Downtown Dawdle can find lower costs and other attractions to check out in the surrounding neighborhoods.
    Here we've listed some of the most popular nearby parking lots and ramps, roughly in order of proximity to the park, but note that there are tons of additional surface lots and ramps beyond these, especially if you don't mind parking a bit further away. 
    A-B-C Ramps: The closest you can get to the stadium. These ramps, which you can enter from side streets or directly from 394, are actually connected to Target Field, so you can get to the plaza or even into the stadium without actually having to step outside. Note that these ramps tend to fill up to capacity as gametime nears – and also that it will take some time to get out postgame. The A/B ramps fill up most quickly, and the C ramp is a longer walk, so arrive early if you'd like to avoid a more circuitous journey from your car.
    Address: 33 North 9th Street Cost: $12-14 Distance from Target Field: Next door Hawthorne Ramp: Another large multi-level parking ramp that is similar to the A-B-C ramps but a bit more of a walk, serving as a central hub for Target Field, Target Center, and many surrounding venues like First Avenue and the Orpheum. The interceding area between the stadium is well lit and trafficked.
    Address: 31 N 9th Street Cost: $12 Distance from Target Field: 1/4 mile 4th Street North Lot: A favorite for many Twins Daily game attendees. This sizable outdoor lot rests underneath a highway overhang, with several nearby breweries and restaurants. It's relatively cheap, quite close to Target Field's northwest end, and you can conveniently pay from your phone.
    Address: 601 N 4th Street Cost: $6 Distance from Target Field: 1/4 mile Darby's Lot on 5th Avenue: Very similar in location to the above, and offers the added benefit of indoor ramp parking, although the cost is higher. We're going to continue to call it the Darby's Lot for now even though its namesake – the neighboring Darby's Pub and Grill – closed down after the 2022 season.
    Address: 317 N 5th Avenue Distance from Target Field: 1/4 mile Park & Shop: Built to cater to downtown shoppers at Macy's and elsewhere, this lot is plenty big and almost always has capacity during Twins games. They don't charge event rates, so you'll only pay the standard $7 flat rate for night and weekend games. About a four-block walk from Target Field, this location is more convenient for those coming from the west or 35W.
    Address: 24 S 8th Street Cost: $7 (hourly rate for weekday games) Distance from Target Field: 1/2 mile Street Meters: Street meters are available everywhere in the areas surrounding Target Field. Event rates usually check in around $2.50/hour. Although they tend to have time limits shorter than a baseball game, you can download an app and add more money mid-game as a workaround. Be warned that finding open meters can be challenging, especially during weekday games.

    Target Field transit tips
    If you're not driving to the ballpark, there are plenty of other ways to get there. Cabs, Uber, and Lyft are of course options and can drop you off right at the plaza. You can take the light rail via the METRO Blue Line and METRO Green Line with drop-offs at Target Field Station, just outside of Gate 6. There are also several bus routes that will drop you right outside the park. Learn more on the Metro Transit website.
    Best Seats at Target Field
    "Best seats" means different things to different people, based on your desired price range. So we've divided this section into three different categories:
    I'm balling out (money's not an object) I'm willing to spend for good seats I'm looking for cheap tickets and a good time Best values for Target Field tickets (by price range)
    I'm Balling Out
    These are some of the best places to sit at Target Field if budget is no issue:
    Champions Club 
    Sections 7-10
    These are the cushy (and cushiony) seats directly behind home plate. The ticket comes with complementary food and drinks, served to your seat, so you'll really be living the high life. You might even be on the TV broadcast! These seats aren't available as single-game tickets through the Twins ticket office so you'll have to go through a third-party vendor. They can run hundreds or even thousands. (Note: Netting in view.) Dugout Box
    Sections 1-6, 11-17
    Nested alongside the first and third base lines, with outstanding views at almost field-level. Sitting in these seats affords access to the exclusive 1B/3B Lounges, which offer shorter lines for concessions and restrooms. (Note: Netting in view.) Cost: ~$90 Delta SKY360 Club
    Sections A-R
    Middle-deck area offering views from behind home plate and the infield baselines. Comes with access to an exclusive indoor area with food, bars, and cool Twins history displays. These tickets aren't sold for single games so you'll need to buy a package (min. 40 games) or go through a broker. Maybe the most affordable path to a premium ballpark experience, depending on availability.  I'm Willing to Spend for Good Seats
    For those who are looking to get a good experience at the ballpark but within a more reasonable price range, there are a number of recommended options:
    Home Plate Box
    Sections 109-119
    Probably the best view you can get at Target Field. Hunker in behind home plate for a straightaway angle to the action along with a panoramic layout of the ballpark's many features, from jumbo-jumbotron to Minnie & Paul sign to skyline. There's lots of good food and drink in the concourses near these sections. (Note: Netting in view.) Cost: ~$50 Down the Baselines
    Sections 101-108, 120-127
    These seats also offer close-up views of the action at near-ground level. Both the first base line and third base line have their perks: from one side you're looking at the giant scoreboard and from the other, the open skyline. (Note: Netting in view.) Cost: ~$45 Corona Deck Patio on the Overhang
    Sections 139-140
    This is sort of a unique experience in that you get to sit in a barstool style seat with a counter in front of you, viewing the game from above right field adjacent to the foul pole. These seats also come with an included $10 voucher for concessions, and are right next to the big open plaza/lawn area, so it can be a good choice for bringing a group of friends who are seeking a bit more of a party atmosphere. The downside is you lack some visibility of game action in the right field corner. The "Overlook" sections next to these (136-138) offer a similar view at a cheaper cost ($27) without the frills.  Cost: ~$45 Left Field Bleachers
    Sections 128-131
    One of the best values in the ballpark, provided you don't mind sitting on hard metal bleachers. It's prime home run catching territory, with a good close-feeling view of the action, although you don't get to enjoy the newly giganticized jumbotron. This tends to be perhaps the rowdiest section of the stands.  Cost: ~$35 I'm Looking for Cheap Tickets and a Good Time
    Speaks for itself.
    Home Plate Terrance and View
    Sections 210-219, 310-319
    Pretty decent seats for the price if you don't mind a steep vantage point. You'll have a full perspective from behind the plate, albeit it from pretty high up in Target Field's altitudinous heights. The second deck gets you a bit closer than the third (with fewer steps to climb) for a bit more cost. You can catch some very lovely and inexpensive skyline views from sections 318-19.  Cost: ~$20 The Nosebleeds
    Sections 301-309, 320-323, 329-334
    You'll be high up and pretty far from the action, but you'll still see it all clearly, and a price that's manageable for bringing the family. Note that the wind can really whip up in these areas on breezy days. Cost: ~$15 or lower Standing Room Only (SRO)
    Honestly it's not a bad way to go. There are plenty of bars and restaurants (see below) and other places to post up and catch the action. You can usually settle into an unoccupied seat in the less expensive areas.  Cost: ~$5 Sun, shade, and weather conditions at Target Field
    If you're looking to stay out of the sun, or you're concerned about the weather forecast for a game you're planning on attending, here are some things to know:
    The sun usually shines down most fiercely onto the seats on the third base side, which can be pleasant in April or September but sometimes brutal in the heart of July. The first base line can be a little less punishing, especially for evening games as the shade creeps across the stadium starting here. If buying seats in the lower deck, aiming for the rows closer to the back can get you under the overhanging deck above, offering shade to protect you from the sun while also keeping you dry in the event of ... Rain. It's an inevitable reality of a fully outdoor ballpark. The left field bleachers and further-back rows in the lower bowl are your best bets to stay under cover, although you can always retreat to the concourse to escape a downpour. There are heaters near most of the section entrances throughout the stadium, so you can gravitate near these to stay warm during a cold early-season or late-season game. The bars are also generally good places to stay warm and dry. A quiet place at Target Field
    In 2022, the Twins partnered with UnitedHealthcare to introduce a new sensory suite at Target Field, which offers views of the field from a secluded and quiet space with diversions available, to cater to a range of fans with sensory disorders or other neuroatypical conditions. Read Twins Daily's story about the UnitedHealthcare Sensory Suite for more details.

    Best Food at Target Field
    Kramarczuk's: These brats and polish sausages, fried up on the grill alongside onions and kraut, are a prime attraction. #1 recommendation. Locations: 101, 112, 312 Hot Indian: Multiple saucy rice combos are available, but the Chicken Tikka is the star here – a spicy curry chicken topped with cool crunchy slaw. Location: 120  Tony O's: Delicious Cuban sandwich, with ham, cheese and pickles melted into a crispy bread panini-style. It's really good. Location: 114, Delta SKY360° Club Pizza Luce: There are several different spots you can find pizza throughout the park, but if you want the best available grab a slice at Luce, right next to Minnie & Paul's in center field. The meaty TC Bear is a fan fave.  Location: 234 Red Cow: Tasty burgers with a pink center, featuring a 60/40 makeup of beef and bacon in the patty.  Locations: 120, 233 Turkey To Go: Mounds of shredded turkey piled on a bun with all the fixings of your choosing. Location: 114 Standard Fare: At various counters and stands throughout the ballpark, you will also find all manner of typical stadium fare such as hot dogs, nachos, chicken tenders, and mini donuts.  Hot dogs at Target Field
    Here's what you need to know about this universal ballpark fixture and the options available to you at Target Field:
    The Original Twins Dog is the basic offering, and its perfectly fine if unexceptional. You can find these at concession stands near sections 124, 131, 232, 311 and they cost $5.50. The Twins Big Dog is a heftier frank in a bigger bun and it comes along with a bag of potato chips. It's found near sections 105, 109, 120, 237, 305, 319, and 323, as well as the Delta SKY360 Club and costs $7.50. Bunless hot dogs are available throughout the ballpark as a gluten-free option. At sections 124, 211, and 311, you can get a TC Kid's Meal which includes a hot dog along with applesauce/chips and choice of beverage for $8.00. New Target Field food in 2023
    Coming soon!  
    Cheapest food and drinks at Target Field
    The ballpark offers family-friendly pricing at concession stands located near sections 133 and 327. At these locations you can get the following deals to keep costs in check, although some items may be smaller portions than elsewhere:
    Hot Dog: $4.00 Soft Pretzel: $4.00 Popcorn: $3.00 Peanuts: 1$3.00 Fountain Soda: $2.00 Bud/Bud Light Can: $5.00 Where to find local beers at Target Field
    The most expansive selection of local beers and microbrews on draft is at the Twins Drafts counter next to Gate 34, alongside the right field plaza area. The walk-in cooler next to Gate 6 also has a good selection of local labels like Surly and Summit. (More locations coming soon.)
    Best Bars at Target Field, Ranked
    You can find the official list of Target Field bars and restaurants here. This is how we rank our top five favorites for 2023 and why.
    Gray Duck Deck (Gate 6): Big rectangular bar in the heart of the stadium's flow, with great sightlines from lower-deck left field corner, just beside the foul pole. Grab a Bomba Juice and post up at the railing. Minnie & Paul (CF Club Level): Unique bird's eye view from high above the field in straightaway center. The railing overlooking the field is usually packed but there are plenty of shady spots to relax and several TVs. Truly On Deck (RF Club Level): Massive indoor bar area with glass walls and good vibes. You can pull up at a stool for a sports bar-like experience, or drift toward the open field viewing area to catch game action from the right field corner. See the "Secret Gems" section below for a ballpark hack pertaining to this location. Twins Pub (Behind Home Plate Terrace Level): A fun and festive smaller bar with an unbeatable location directly behind home plate. It's also the home of another hidden gem of the ballpark (again – see below). Summit Brewing Pub (LF Club Level): Similar to the Gray Duck Deck, but one level above and with a bit less hustle and bustle. This is a good spot to sneak away for a beer and a catch up with a friend, though you can still catch live views of the game. Honorable Mentions: Hrbek's Pub, Jack Daniel's Bar, Townball Tavern & Goose Island Pub. Perfectly fine watering holes with no direct view of the field.
    Secret Gems of Target Field
    Sue the Organist: When visiting the Twins Pub at the terrace level behind home plate (first base side), you'll encounter famed ballpark organist Sue Nelson, cheerily tapping out the classics. She's very accessible and interactive, always happy to chat with the kids and pose for a photo (so long as she's not mid-tune).
    Truly on Deck Postgame: The semi-enclosed right field bar doesn't have to play by the rules of Target Field's general alcohol policy (no sales after the seventh). That means you can cruise up there late in the game for an extra beer, and then hang on the balcony while the stadium is put to rest. 
    Bonus Achievement: Shut down the stadium at Truly on a fireworks night. Memorabilia Displays in the SKY360 Club: If you can get your hands on some tickets that enable access to this interior concession and commingling area, you'll definitely want to check out the displays featuring glass-encased mementos from Twins greats. The Kirby Puckett mural in this section is also a highlight.
    The Grand Old Flag: The flag pole on the plaza was from the original Metropolitan Stadium. When the Twins played at the Metrodome, it was used by a VFW in Bloomington, and they donated it back to the Twins when Target Field was created. Before each game, the US flag is raised by a veteran or active military member.
    A Bit of Hoops History: The wooden part of the bar floor in the Townball Tavern was originally used for the basketball floor at the Armory, where the Minneapolis Lakers won several championships before moving to LA. 
    Take in Minneapolis: There are multiple balconies at Target Field on the outside of the park, where you can sit or stand and look out at the city. These include Truly, Townball and Delta 360.
    Fan Favorites at Target Field
    Coming soon!
    Learn about the signature moments in Target Field's first decade of existence
    Target Field Fan FAQ
    What is Target Field's bag policy?
    Always a common question and point of frustration among fans. Here are the details, per their website.
    Single-compartment bags (maximum size of 16”x16”x8”) are allowed into Target Field. These include purses, clutch purses, single-compartment tote bags, clear bags, drawstring bags, diaper bags, single-compartment soft-sided coolers, fanny packs and bags containing medically necessary items.  Fanny packs (9”x5” or smaller) are allowed into Target Field and may be carried through express lanes Small clutch purses (9” by 5” by 2” or smaller) may be carried through the Express Lanes at each gate without divesting items at the gate. NOT ALLOWED:
    Backpacks, multi-compartment laptop bags, duffel bags or any bags over the size requirement (max 16”x16”x8”). Can I catch batting practice at the ballpark?
    It's a bit tricky. The Twins usually take batting practice about 2 ½ hour prior to game time, with their opponents starting an hour later. (Sometimes only one team takes BP, sometimes neither.) Meanwhile, the gates officially open for entry 60 minutes before weeknight games, 90 minutes before weekday games, and two hours before weekend games. On a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday right when the gates open, you might catch some of the home team's pregame swings.
    Can I bring food or drinks into Target Field?
    You can bring any food into the ballpark, so long as it's not in a tupperware or hard-sided container. The rules for beverages are a bit more restrictive: "Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less, and soft sided single juice or milk containers for children are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field."
    What can't I bring into Target Field? 
    The Twins list these as prohibited items for the ballpark: ball retrievers, balloons, bats, beach balls, boom boxes, brooms, fireworks, flasks, Frisbees, coolers, inflatables, laser pointers, lawn chairs, noise-making devices, weapons, wooden sticks, or rods. 
    Note that you can pay a fee to store any of these items, or an oversized bag, in a locker outside of Gate 6.
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    nclahammer reacted to Brock Beauchamp for a guide, The Ultimate Minnesota Twins Gift Ideas Shopping Guide   
    To start things off, we'd like you to take a look at the products from our friends at FOCO. They make a variety of novelty Twins bobbleheads along with Twins hats, apparel, and other products. Any purchase from FOCO using this link earns Twins Daily store credit, which we use exclusively for gifts for our awesome users. Please consider giving FOCO a look!
    Is someone you know a Twins Daily user? If so, consider giving them a gift card to be redeemed for either a Gold or Silver Caretaker year-long subscription! Caretakers are offered free publications, Winter Meltdown tickets, and exclusive content alongside ad-free browsing across Twins Daily if you opt for Gold Caretaking!
    Gift Ideas for Twins Fans (click to jump directly to section):
    FOCO Products
    Apparel & Gear
    Unique Gifts
    Game Tickets
    Fan Memorabilia
    FOCO Products
    Meet your best friend for binge watching this holiday season, Twins fans! FOCO is releasing this Minnesota Twins Reversible Team Color Camo Hoodeez and don’t you worry: It is super soft and the perfect companion gift for those lazy Sundays on the couch.  Go grab one for yourselves now.

    Your hands do a lot for you during those chilly Minnesota nights. They've been there for every wave, game of catch, and celebratory high five or fist bump. This holiday season, and all winter long, let your hands know you love them by putting them in these Minnesota Twins Colored Palm Utility Gloves. What better gift for gift giving season than to keep those cheering hands warm while rooting for your Minnesota Twins at the game or those cold outdoor barbecues!

    Relax to the max this holiday season! Stay in, hit the couch, and put on the Minnesota Twins game or your favorite binge-watching show while chillaxing in these Minnesota Twins Lazy Day Team Robes!  Comfort just got ten times better for the holidays in the form of Twins fanatic fandom so go grab your pair now!

    Apparel & Gear

    If you haven't heard of Sota Stick, you're in for a treat. They create custom Minnesota-themed apparel and clothing for all Minnesota sports teams. You won't find team logo-branded merchandise here; every one of their products is lovingly crafted to capture an iconic sports moment, player, often using fun wordplay. If you want apparel with the flavor of something a little different for the Twins fan in your life, you can't go wrong starting with Sota Stick.
    NEW GEAR! The Twins Pro Shop has released loads of new apparel of all kinds. Some of these designs will be the hottest things going during the 2022 holiday season so check out the new designs by clicking here!
    If you're looking for more traditional Twins-branded hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, women's apparel, or jerseys, the MLB Pro Shop is the place to go. They offer an enormous collection of branded apparel and gear that covers the history of the Minnesota Twins.
    And finally, no list would be complete without a link to the New Era Minnesota Twins collection of hats. Over the past several years, New Era has expanded their line of caps to meet every color preference, shape, and design a Twins fans could ever want. Want to meld your love of both the Twins and Minneapolis' favorite son, Prince? Get out of here, of course you do.

    If the Twins fan in your life is so hardcore that they're more likely to rock minor league baseball gear than something from the Minneapolis squad, look no further than the pro shops for the Twins minor league affiliates: AAA St Paul Saints, AA Wichita Wind Surge, High A-ball Cedar Rapids Kernels, A-ball Ft Myers Mighty Mussels.
    Unique Gifts
    When it comes to unique gifts for a Twins fan, Dugout Mugs is one of the coolest companies you'll find for any gift-giving occasion. They make a line of "glassware" built from baseball bats! They offer a variety of sizes and styles, including this extremely cool "TC"-branded mug.

    Speaking of custom baseball bat gifts, Pillbox Bat Company is another outstanding gift opportunity if your budget is on the higher side of things. They offer a range of custom carved and/or painted baseball bats, such as the beautiful Minnie & Paul bat pictured below. If you're looking for something unique and exclusive, you won't find anything better than Pillbox Bat Company.

    Game Tickets
    What's the point of being a baseball fan if you never catch a live game at lovely downtown Target Field? The 2023 Twins schedule has been released with both single-game tickets and a variety of season ticket packages available at the official Twins ticket store. And if you're up for traveling to get out of the long, dismal Minnesota winter, spring training tickets are also available!
    The Big 50: The Men and Moments that Made the Minnesota Twins by Aaron Gleeman
    Aaron is a phenomenal writer, diligent researcher, and lifelong Twins fan, making him the perfect fit to write this expansive journey through the franchise's history. With stat-centric slant, AG counts down the 50 most important players and milestones since the team moved to Minnesota.

    Minnesota Twins: The Complete Illustrated History by Dennis Brackin, Patrick Reusse 
    I received this as a gift some years ago and I love it. It's the perfect coffee table book: a big glossy hardcover full of colorful photos and nostalgic memories. If you've read his columns in the past or listened to his recent appearance on Gleeman and the Geek, you know how good a storyteller Reusse is. 
    Game Used: My Life in Stitches With the Minnesota Twins by Dick Bremer
    With help from co-author Jim Bruton, Bremer shares more than 100 anecdotes drawn from a 30-plus year run as Twins TV play-by-play announcer. Dick spoke a little bit about the book during a "Minnesota Made" interview with David Youngs for Twins Daily earlier this year. 
    Minnesota Twins Baseball: Hardball History on the Prairie by Stew Thornley
    A must-have for any baseball history buff. Thornley is an official scorekeeper for the Twins and also one of the premier Minnesota sports historians around. If your gift recipient is familiar with much of the mainstream Twins history – Killebrew, Carew, Oliva, et al – but interested in learning about some of the lesser-known wrinkles of the franchise's legacy, this is a great choice.
    Fan Memorabilia
    No one has you covered like FanHQ when it comes to Minnesota Twins memorabilia. FanHQ has been a long-time friend of Twins Daily and they're the place we go when we need one-off memorabilia you can't find elsewhere. They always have a wide variety of autographed prints, balls, bats, jerseys, and more. They have you covered for memorabilia of Twins players both past and present. Only here can you find something from a Twins Hall of Fame player alongside this lovely set of gold-and-black autographed balls from Twins rookie Jose Miranda.

    That's all we have for our ultimate Minnesota Twins gift idea guide! This list will be regularly updated and changed as we find new, exciting Twins gift ideas. Is there something missing from this list you believe should make the cut? Comment below and share some of your best Twins gift ideas with the community!
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