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    nclahammer reacted to Mark G in As Buxton Hope Fades, Front Office Goes   
    Pretty good assessment after the first paragraph.  As for the first paragraph.......hmm, how to be polite.    As good as Buxton is, yes, when healthy, he is not on the same planet as Rod Carew if you want to go into Twins history.  Not only did Rod have the tools, he used them.  He could turn a walk into a run better than anyone in the game.  Buxton refuses to use his speed to the degree he not only could, but should, anywhere but in the field.  He will not bunt, and steals sparingly (as in he could steal 3rd and even home far more often).  In his own words, he is "looking to drive the ball", not worry about his average, even though a higher average would put him on base more, putting him in a position to do more with his speed.  His athleticism may or may not be unmatched, but his production is far from unparalleled (no, production is not on a per game basis, it is season to season).  You have to be on the field to produce; no one has yet to produce from the trainers room.  
    Don't get me wrong; as I said, a good assessment from the 2nd paragraph down, but he has started more than 88 games only once in his career and until he does consistently, year in and year out, the jury will remain out.  Doesn't mean I wouldn't sign him, but not for the money he thinks he is worth.  Not yet, anyway.
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    nclahammer reacted to mnfireman in Ten Moments that shook the sports world   
    '87 was a great a series as was '91, which is when Hrbek lifted Gant of off 1B
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    nclahammer got a reaction from mikelink45 in Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max? You choose   
    A very good read that presents some very intriguing perspectives.   I'm an Eddie Rosario fan, always have been, I would like to see the Twins sign him to a 1 year deal.   He's on the field so much more than any other Twins outfielder and he has been consistently productive.   I too have patches of hair that I've pulled out in frustration over his base-running miscues and errant throws when he missed the cutoff.  Overall, I like his passion for the game and the way he produces.
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    nclahammer reacted to DocBauer in Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max? You choose   
    Mike, tremendous post! And really, despite endless OP's before on the front page, I'd like to see this one moved there.
    I LOVE Eddie, even though he has made me pull my hair out many times or made me take an extra sip or two from my beverage of choice at times. I absolutely think he is a better player than given credit for at times. Like you, I've always chafed when some argue his RBI production and dismiss it as being in a good lineup and in a good spot. You still have to produce, right? And Eddie has, no doubt!
    The problem is, with all due respect and love for Eddie, is there someone knocking on the door who could do it as well or better who is younger and cheaper?
    We can compare Eddie and Max all day. Max is better defensively overall, younger, might have a higher ceiling, and might be better and more productive than he has been lower in the order instead of hitting #1. Also, it's really, really hard to look at the potential of Kirilloff, maybe Larnach, and NOT see better overall hitters who might not have the same "flair" but who are better overall "hitters". Power is awesome. Production is most important. Defense is really nice. But sometimes a younger player has as much or more ability to do all of that and maybe more.
    We can't lose Eddie and Cruz in the same year. But we have, I think, at least one ready replacement for Eddie. And I think we are going to be very OK with our #1 option there. We might even be better, overall, very soon.
    Kirilloff is going to be a stud!
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    nclahammer reacted to Danchat in Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max? You choose   
    Adding on to the comparisons:
    Rosario 6 games, .217/.250/.522 (.772 OPS)
    Buxton 3 games, .167/.167/.167 (.333 OPS)
    Sano 5 games, .105/.150/.263 (.413 OPS)
    Kepler 6 games, .056/.320/.375 (.431 OPS)
    Yuck. And Eddie's is with 0/7 vs the Astros!
    I'm not all aboard the Rosario train, but he's certainly not a bad player. He should be a 1.5-3 WAR player again in 2021. I wouldn't give him a multi-year extension, but I wouldn't hate it if he was tendered. I would like to get him back if we lose Cruz, but I'm also comfortable with the future of the LF spot with Kiriloff and Larnach close to being ready.
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    nclahammer reacted to tony&rodney in Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max? You choose   
    Count me as an Eddie fan. Good job with the comparisons here and keeping it simple too. I would guess that a detailed look from every possible angle would return similar rankings. The one item that jumps out is games played. Rosario is almost always available. I have nothing to back this up but he seems to play through injuries better than others, and i am not advocating for playing while injured at all. Sometimes Eddie played when the other options didn't exist. I am wondering, like everyone else, how the team will handle roster decisions this winter. It does seem like one spot should be available for the youth, but any number of shifts can take place from trades to inability to resign Cruz. Eddie Rosario is an exciting ballplayer and I would love to see him rake again next summer.
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    nclahammer reacted to rdehring in Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max? You choose   
    Great read, Mike, thanks!
    As you know, I have been a huge fan of Rosario since he was at Elizabethton however many years ago. 
    Will be interesting to see what the Twins do. Have a feeling they may not think they have only two options, release him or go to arbitration. With all the unknowns in the World, they may just sit down and do a one or two year deal that both sides can live with.
    The biggest question I have from your numbers is Kepler's D. I refuse to believe that he is negative defensively. Maybe he took a hit in 2019 when he played much of the season with various injuries because most of the others outfielders weren't available. 
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    nclahammer got a reaction from TwinsFan268 in Our Voices Need To Be Heard, Part 1   
    A happy medium between what the owners and players have proposed and counter-proposed would be an 80-ish game season.  I'm a diehard baseball fan and I will survive, even if there is not a season this year.   The fans IMO that MLB has the greatest risk of losing are those fringe fans, who will look for and find another outlet for their sports needs, if one is provided.  Let's get together play ball!
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    nclahammer reacted to AceWrigley in Two Wild Cards: Luis Gil and Dakota Chalmers   
    Gil was signed as a free agent by the Twins, Chalmers was a 3rd round pick of the A's. Gil is almost 2 years younger and has performed better on the mound so far. They are the same size.
    Gil probably projects as a major league pitcher better than Chalmers, while I think Chalmers is a valid prospect with electric stuff. Gil might end up as an upper-strike zone flame thrower where Chalmers, if he can command the fastball better, can carve through a lineup all through strike zone and really gives righties a fit.
    No trade happens in a vacuum and having Cave has really helped, so I guess I'd choose Cave and Chalmers over Gil. Just don't ask me again tomorrow.
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    nclahammer reacted to DocBauer in Two Wild Cards: Luis Gil and Dakota Chalmers   
    I think I might still stick with Chalmers...leaving any contributions by Cave out of the equation...simply because gut feeling is Chalmers has the better chance to stay in the rotation. Also, despite limited IP, he's still closer to the ML level, which makes me feel he's closer to panning out.
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    nclahammer got a reaction from jjswol in Minnesota Twins: 5 reasons for caution (the hay isn't in the barn yet)   
    My Uncle Don always told us he would never feed those round bales to his cattle.   He preferred that his livestock have a square meal.  That being said, it's exciting to have the boys back, and hard not to be optomistic.
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    nclahammer got a reaction from Oldgoat_MN in Minnesota Twins: 5 reasons for caution (the hay isn't in the barn yet)   
    My Uncle Don always told us he would never feed those round bales to his cattle.   He preferred that his livestock have a square meal.  That being said, it's exciting to have the boys back, and hard not to be optomistic.
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    nclahammer reacted to Lucas Seehafer PT in Byron Buxton is right on track in his recovery from shoulder surgery   
    Once an anatomical structure is injury, it will always have an increased risk for re-injury. That said, each injury is unique; the risk increase can be wildly variable. Being that the injury was in Buxton's non-throwing shoulder I'd say the risk is less than if it was in his throwing shoulder.
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    nclahammer reacted to DocBauer in Why Collin McHugh is a Fit for the 2020 Twins   
    Wow. A very convincing arguement. Other than trade, the only guys I would consider were Wood and Walker. We lost out on Wood, a mistake IMO, but could still have a very interesting flier in Walker.
    I have never really considered McHugh. Probably was dismissive of being 32yo, so-so stat line from 2019, and not considered a true SO. But you've made me look closer to not only 2019, but to his career, and now I'm thinking he would be a cheap, 1yr late January addition that could make an awful lot of sense.
    While every addition has certainly not worked out, the FO has made it a habit the past couple of years of brining guys in late on value contracts. Could this be another one?
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    nclahammer reacted to High heat in We blew that   
    baseball is all about adjustments, some guys can make them and make them quickly and some are one trick ponies.  Oswaldo Arcia could crush low pitches, because he dropped his hands and hip.  There was tons of these power hitters in the league and coming up through teams systems.  Pitcher figured out high fastballs and breaking balls away and in the dirt.  Coudnt adjust his swing to catch up to the high heat so he hurried it and was susceptible to the breaking ball.  Very similar to Sano in early 2019.  Sano adjusted hand placement mid season and mashed!!!!!  Arcia never could adjust.
    Putting a 280lbs infielder who never played any OF with limited ST time to practice in RF was a terrible idea and a terrible position to put Sano in.
    Romero had a ton of late life on his fastball and a very nice slider. Control was always an issue. Not sure if he was trying something different mechanically that just didn't work or an injury or just lost his delivery.  The twins kept him on the 40 so he will have a decent shot to make the team if he has the stuff back and some control. Not completely lost yet but guys out of options with stuff like that are going to stick in your system if you cant keep them on your roster.
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    nclahammer reacted to tony&rodney in Play the rookies   
    Rooker, Raley, and even younger - let us see what they can do. Gonzalez, Garver, etc. are there to back them up. With the solid core the Twins have in their lineup it is ok to trot out a rookie.
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    nclahammer reacted to DocBauer in In Appreciation: Jake Odorizzi   
    Nice write up. And I'm in full agreement on Odorizzi. He doesn't pitch the number of innings you want, but he is borderline dominate for 5+ daily.
    While the Twins NEED another SP, and there is debate about the whole addition of adding "impact pitching", I don't see how bringing back Odorizzi and Pineda, 2 of the top 12-14 arms available on anyone's list, isn't adding impact pitching. Adding Clippard isn't adding a bum either.
    They need to add a similar pitcher to Berrios and Odorizzi. Also agree that a flier for depth and competition is an easy must.
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    nclahammer reacted to TopGunn#22 in Rule V mania   
    I'm glad we still have Wander Javier.   The Twins now have one more season to see what he could become.   Either he lights the fire that makes him a prized prospect again,  or he fizzles for many of the same reasons he's fizzled for the last couple of years and soon finds himself out of baseball.  
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    nclahammer reacted to Dman in Rule V mania   
    Yeah I have to say I was surprised.  Surprised that the other teams didn't value any of the players we had available, Ouch!  I also thought more chances might be taken with a 26 man roster but again I was wrong.  The FO did a good job of identifying who to put on the 40 man.
    Honestly I think teams have gotten smarter about the rule V draft.  Most players taken are not quite ready for MLB.  Teams are better off getting left overs from free agency and signing them to low dollar contracts.
    I mean the top half dozen teams really bad teams probably have nothing to lose in Rule V so why not pick someone anyone, but after that  most teams are better off not wasting the roster spot.
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    nclahammer reacted to Andrew Luedtke in Yet Another 2020 Blueprint: Wheeler and Ray, Let's Play!   
    This is a great blueprint. Awesome job. I would be 100% on-board if this is what our roster looked like on Opening Day 2020. I especially appreciate the jab at Toronto's front office for "not calling the Twins back" on Stroman at the deadline. 
    Wheeler. Ray. Let's. Play. 
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    nclahammer reacted to DocBauer in Everyone Wins on Odorizzi’s Payday   
    Great news, of course. Now work out an extension to keep both parties happy and add another high quality piece to the rotation.
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    nclahammer got a reaction from ewen21 in Why the Eddie Rosario hate?   
    And I think with that comment, this discussion has just "jumped the shark."   You don't just simply replace 32 HRs and 109 RBI with a rookie.  How many of those 31 other leftfielders accumulated those stats?
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    nclahammer got a reaction from wabene in Why the Eddie Rosario hate?   
    And I think with that comment, this discussion has just "jumped the shark."   You don't just simply replace 32 HRs and 109 RBI with a rookie.  How many of those 31 other leftfielders accumulated those stats?
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    nclahammer reacted to mikelink45 in Trivia   
    Good guesses - don't read the answers if you want to keep guessing.
    When Mr Harris gave me this question - he stumped me.  I missed by one.  By the way he introduced Bert Blyleven to his wife.
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