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    If the Twins offer Darvish one year for $40 million, Darvish might counter with 2 years for $80 million, or 3/120. :)


    Then you say no and let Darvish figure out if he wants to accept that 3 or 4 year deal he can get right now from this depressed market.  Does he want to earn more money in 1 year than any MLB player has ever done and go to free agency in 2019 when the Yankees and Dodgers would be in the mix?  Or does he want to accept half that annual contract value and not get the 5-6 year term he wants?  


    Not a fan of a one year deal. They aren't one player away. They needed pitching for the next several years. I do think you have the start of a good idea, though, that could be used for a four year deal.


    I agree the idea could be repurposed.  A 4 year/$140 million contract with $60 million being a signing bonus using the BAMTech money might get him to agree to a reduced term from the 5-7 years he is likely looking for.  I wouldn't be opposed to Falvine putting both options on the table.

  3. We may never know, but to me, I still believe it's the concussion and what it did not only to his offseason preparation, but he may have still had some lingering affects early on. 


    Aaron Gleeman posted something to this effect as well and added the following stat:


    Joe Mauer hit .254 with a .332 on-base percentage in his first 64 games and hit .307 with a .400 on-base percentage in his last 56 games.



    When I dug into that second half performance I found that he ended the year on not that great of note.  In his final 28 games of 2014 he has an .746 OPS, .075 ISO, and a 23.6% K%.  This makes me think that the concussion is not the whole answer and Joe may just be slowing down.

  4. I would like to bold that last sentence and say: lets hope those are hard decisions. I pray that these three are worthy of big contracts and TR or whoever the next GM is has a tough decision.


    Agree, it is highly likely that at least 1 and possibly 2 of these guys will not perform at such a level where this will be a hard decision due to the nature of prospects failing.

  5. Don't know if he was ducking them, as much as playing them smart.  No reason to trade Hunter when he's affordable, you're in contention, and you can net two draft picks for him (#27 and #31 overall in 2008).


    Smith should have done the same with Santana and Nathan in 2008.  Instead, he forced a trade of Santana and extended Nathan for $14 mil per year.


    Probably should have extended Mauer earlier, although it takes two to tango, not all players want to sell their FA years at a discount, years in advance (although TR and the Twins did appear to be behind in this trend).


    I may not have been clear in my previous post but by "ducking" them I mean when he retired when decisions needed to be made and they were not the type of decisions he liked (Scouting and Player Development).  Here are a couple of quotes from the article when he retired:



    The decision came after months of self-deliberation and weeks of talks with the most trusted members of the organization. Ryan had noticed a change in how the business of baseball affected him. He felt worse after losses than usual. He was worn out after the trade deadline after working the phones to try to swing a deal. The winter meetings of recent years took a lot out of him.



    Ryan felt now was the right time for a change, pointing out that the busy season for GMs runs from Oct. 1 through spring training, when roster decisions of all kinds are required.




    Terry Ryan didn't like the big contract, free agent part of the job so when that was going to start dominating his time he took his ball and went home.  After the hard decisions were made and the team had some limited success before falling apart he suddenly wanted to GM again when the focus is prospects and player development as opposed to resigning huge free agents.  Bill Smith was a poor GM but I respect that he at least had the guts to make the hard decisions.  I fully predict that Terry Ryan will retire again in the next 4-6 years as the hard contract decisions for guys like Buxton, Sano, and Meyer come due.

  6. While I don't think Smith did that great of a job the one thing I do respect him for is actually doing the job.  When some of the toughest decisions in recent Twins history were coming due (Torii Hunter Free Agent, Johan Santana Trade, Joe Mauer Contract) Terry Ryan quit and went home.  Bill Smith stepped forward and actually had the guts to make these decisions, right or wrong.  When the tough calls were made and it was back to prospect development Terry Ryan rushes back in and takes over pushing Smith to the side.  Smith is remembered for his many failures while Terry Ryan gets almost no heat at all for ducking those big issues.

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