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    Lonestar got a reaction from TopGunn#22 in Just Dreamin'   
    I think Falvine could have taken names and kicked butt if you would have given them $10M more to spend in 2021 (with Berrios, Maeda, and Pineda in place).
    I love the Rodon signing, but I suspect your salary is low.
    I would sign Alex Wood instead of Pineda. 
    Have you noticed how much Kimbrel inhales for the ChiSox. My point is: You have too much tied up in a closer not name Liam Hendrick. Sign Andrew Chafin and save $6M+. Use the money for a real shortstop, like Freddie Galvis. And a real MIF like Endire Adrianza.
    Hand, Rosenthal, and Yates are past their Use By dates. Rosenthal will still  belong to the .Athletics and is coming of TJS. Yates is also coming off TJS.  For the same or less money, sign 2 semi-proven relievers like Tepera and McHugh.
    The question is: Does all of this put the Twins in position to justify Jeffers and Larnach for 3 years of Alcantara?
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    Lonestar got a reaction from nmjohn4 in 2020 Offseason Blueprint   
    According to MLB Trade Rumors, your payroll would be more like $149M.
    The Padres are all in this year to save Pellers' job. Yates isn't going anywhere -- until they crash and burn.
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    Lonestar got a reaction from ChrisKnutson in Bullpen BS   
    I didn't look closely because he isn't averaging 1 IP per game. He's had success this year. Not so much in 2017 and his splits held down his trade value in 2016.
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    Lonestar got a reaction from ChrisKnutson in Bullpen BS   
    Ottavino would be worth it for the professionalism he would bring.
    Watson is a LOOGY and I'm not interested in that, let alone giving up talent for it at this time.
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    Lonestar got a reaction from Twins Fan From Afar in 2015 Twins offseason top 40 prospects list: 1-5   
    Buxton's 2014 was injury riddled. That doesn't mean he is injury prone. His injuries were on the field of play. It's not like his knees are going out or his ankles or his hamstrings. A broken finger or sprained wrist on a diving play don't make him injury prone. One concussion does not make him injury prone. And reinjuring a mending wrist doesn't make him injury prone necessarily.
    Buxton's wrist and concussion did affect his offense in 2014 including when he repeated A+ ball and AFL on what were essentially rehab assignments. Will the wrist or concussion or plateauing affect him in 2015? He does need to regain command and control of the strike zone.
    Thrylos, Buxton did put up stellar numbers in above the MWL in 2013. Other than that, I understand you and where you are coming from.  You do like to be bleeding edge: witness your rankings of Diaz (#9) and Minier (#6).
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