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    mplsman reacted to h2oface in Twins Trade Mitch Garver to Rangers for Shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa   
    I now officially hate this FO. First Berrios, now Garver. And still no pitching.
    Get rid of Escobar, Get rid of Pressly. Anderson. Littell. Graterol. May. Rosario. Wade. Baddoo. 
    Sign Happ, Shoemaker, Colome, Rodney, Robles, Dobnak, Bailey, Perez, Parker, Dyson, Reed, Barraclough, Belisle, Cave.
    And that is just off the top of my head.
    I hate this Front Office. Visitors. I hate them.
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    mplsman reacted to 4twinsJA in FO's tentativeness is killing the team   
    FO has been busy negotiating with Jack Cave.
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    mplsman reacted to LastOnePicked in Am I wrong? I'd rather the Twins have Martin, Woods Richardson, and $20M per year to spend than Jose Berrios?   
    Martin and Woods-Richardson are fairly decent prospects. That said, Martin is likely no better than Akil Baddoo and Woods-Richardson is likely no better than Luis Gil. In short, with a better FO, we could have had our cake and eaten it, too. I don't see this FO spending $20M more wisely than a Berrios contract.
    So it's a tough question to answer. With a top-tier FO staff, then I might grudgingly accept that you're right. With the FO we have? No, this move is not likely to pan out for the Twins nearly as well as it will for the Jays.
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    mplsman reacted to mk in Am I wrong? I'd rather the Twins have Martin, Woods Richardson, and $20M per year to spend than Jose Berrios?   
    Getting Woods-Richardson and Martin is great. The $20MM is only an asset if you can sign the players you want. What pitchers have the Twins been able to entice to sign with $20MM? Wheeler, Ryu, Baumgarner, Stroman - nope. What good is the money if you can't get the top players to come here anyway?
    I'd rather the Twins spent $20MM on Berrios if that was even an option.
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    mplsman reacted to BrooklynBrent in BREAKING: Almost Half a Season Left   
    Hey! What if we’re going about this all wrong? What if we went the other way with the season? 
    What if we intentionally LENGTHENED it? 
    just imagine for a moment: pitchers hemming and hawing on the mound; batters calling endless timeouts to take their gloves off and put them on again. Checks to first base to hold a runner, even when there isn’t a runner there! Games might stretch into 1am with repeated calls for reviews of groundout tags and argued balls/strikes. 
    —Not too hard to imagine, is it? Games are already too long, so why not use it to our advantage? 
    What if Rocco suddenly called for a spot check of the pitcher because he “saw something fishy”? Twice. In the same inning! How would the broadcast booth react if Max Kepler trotted into the outfield wearing a diaper because “this might be awhile”? Would umpires be shocked if Jorge stepped out of the box “for a little shuteye”? Perhaps each reliever (and there’s lots of em!) could warm up on the mound, then shake their head and go back to the pen, muttering “it’s not clicking yet.” Maybe Joe Mauer returns to Target field to highlight a couple “real sweet deals” on a “barely” used 2010 Ford Taurus? 
    Even upper management could help out by changing the 7th inning stretch into the 7th inning siesta. Make all the seats reclinable? —Maybe we could offer to play everyone else’s double-headers! Bobble-head day becomes free haircut on the field day. First 10,000 fans through the door get to shake Kenta Maeda’s hand, in person and between innings (while a guy in a tux and golden microphone introduces each of them).
    Night games take a break to turn off the lights and “enjoy the night sky for awhile”. We could even use psychological warfare and shorten every game to 6 innings in an effort to speed up the game (only to introduce Cricket rules!) 
    We could have more…
    …Joe Mauer!
    —Maybe he makes a short speech everyday before the game on topics close to his heart,
    like… Fish.
    And… car.
    It’d be great! “Leadership chats” we could call them, and they’d be ghosted by Kent Hrbeck, and it’d be full of funny Greg Gagne jokes. 
    Would the White Sox eventually surrender? Probably not. But Kansas City might! And they would be annoyed. Oh, they’d be white-hot mad! And that sounds pretty good to me. And so does haircut day, that’d be better than a “gently” used 2010 Jeep Cherokee with under 200,000 miles. (Call Joe Mauer for a quote.)
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    mplsman reacted to mikelink45 in Game Recap: Rangers 4, Twins 3   
    I agree with everything but Astudillo.  All year writers seem to want to say something derogatory about him.   But he is a bench player and a utility man.  If we want to jump on a bench player - take Cave.  Astudillo has 0.4 WAR as a bench player. He is 288 with a 758 OPS.  As a bench player who is number 6 in WAR on the team he is contributing and has spirit.  When someone is better they can take his place, but I am happy to have him on the team. 
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    mplsman reacted to cHawk in Game Recap: Rangers 6, Twins 3   
    Waddell needs to be gone. He is not a major league pitcher.
    And Rocco deserves that “ovation” given to him. His managerial decisions have contributed to an 11-17 start to what should’ve been a series we were supposed to compete for a world championship. He needs to right the ship, and now. Not convinced he’s capable of doing it.
    From the game thread, any sort of relief help is a must. Shane Greene and Oliver Perez might be able to help. Call up Derek Law and NO. MORE. WADDELL.
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    mplsman reacted to jkcarew in Game Recap: Athletics 13, Twins 12   
    Right. It served no strategic purpose. Donaldson is not known for being particularly slow, and Blankenhorn is not known for being particularly fast. Baldelli simply didn’t want Donaldson in a situation where he would be forced to kick it into the highest gear to win the game. He’s nothing if not consistent in his perpetual concern for tomorrow’s game and next month’s games. And maybe that’s smart...even though it’s extremely frustrating in the moment....especially when trying to snap out of a losing skid.
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    mplsman reacted to Dr. Evil in Game Recap: Athletics 13, Twins 12   
    Pulling Donaldson for a pinch runner when you have shown you are not thinking small ball in extra innings was and turned out to be a poor decision. If Donaldson is available to play, play your top assets until they show otherwise.
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    mplsman reacted to Aggies7 in Game Recap: Athletics 13, Twins 12   
    My short list of worst regular season losses
    2009 @ Oakland, blew 12-2 lead
    2002 @ Yankees, walkoff grand slam by giambi down by 3
    1984 @ Indians, blew ten run lead with playoffs on the line
    honorable mention, the 2019 loss to the Yankees where Aaron hicks made that wild catch
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    mplsman reacted to mefoolonhill in Game Recap: Athletics 13, Twins 12   
    It's not just the losses.  It's the astounding, jaw-dropping WAY the Twins manage to lose.  It's soul-crushing.
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    mplsman reacted to Cody30 in Game Recap: Athletics 13, Twins 12   
    Honestly, cave needs to be DFA, Kiriloff needs to come up, stop using Rogers in the middle innings. This team is a dumpster fire
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    mplsman reacted to lecroy24fan in Did Baseball miss a slam dunk?   
    They should have a noon game, and a 3:10 game every day. Not a bunch, but at least 1. My bigger beef is that on Saturday there was only 1 scheduled day game and it was rained out.ON Saturday they should schedule at least 2 noon games and 2 3:10 games so that if the national game is rained out they can air the other game. 
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    mplsman reacted to Brock Beauchamp in MLB expands the postseason to 16 teams with three game playoffs   
    This is ****ing embarrassing. They have taken a season that already has questions, but had a postseason that would at least give it some merit of legitimacy, and blown it all into a complete bastardization of what baseball is supposed to be.
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    mplsman reacted to Squirrel in Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change   
    I’m with Brock here. Nothing is being changed for the sake of change (if Cleveland even goes through with it). And this is not knee jerk because these discussions have been ongoing for as long as I can remember. And Cleveland’s announcement was that they will be discussing it, so it’s not exactly this out of the blue ‘We’re changing it.’ And, remember, they phased out the Chief Wahoo logo a couple years ago, so this change is already underway incrementally. This just isn’t a new thing. And there are a lot of people on this site who refuse to say ‘Indians’ or ‘Redskins’ when discussing these teams; they say Cleveland or Washington to avoid it. Perhaps these names are meaningless to you and to many, maybe some are just ambivalent or don’t care, but it does mean something to many. Do you recall the protests at the Dome in ‘91 over the chop? (And please, everyone, let’s not sidetrack down that discussion wormhole.) And what exactly is being rewritten by changing a name? Lots of teams through the years have changed their names, usually when a franchise moves, but still, sports team names have changed. A rose will still smell as sweet ... Perhaps think of it as re-righting things vs rewriting.
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    mplsman reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change   
    Instead of thinking about whether your mascot, name, or whatever, is defensible, think about why you need to defend it and why.
    Why would I defend a name like the Twins? What emotional investment do I have in that name beyond its literal name?

    I'm invested in the Minnesota team that plays baseball. 
    Now change that name "Twins" to "Redskins" or "Indians".

    My investment is not in the name, it's in the city, the franchise, and the history.

    Change the ****ing name of these teams because they're ****ing racist. I'm a grown ass adult and can deal with it. 
    Instead of thinking about how much a name change might insult your weird historical investment in a team, think instead of how much it sucks for everyone who isn't you to see a team name and feel ridiculed every time you see it.
    Inclusion over "history".
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    mplsman reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change   
    Good god. Do any of you seriously think names are being changed just the sake of change?

    Doc, pick a side here. You literally wrote a dozen paragraphs, said little, but then basically declared your position that you think people are possibly changing a name in a knee-jerk reaction.
    Think about that for a second. People have been calling for a name change in Cleveland for two decades but it's a knee-jerk reaction?
    Where is the knee jerk reaction?
    (it's not them, it's you, and you should probably think about why)
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    mplsman reacted to Squirrel in Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change   
    Cleveland should go back to being the Spiders!
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    mplsman reacted to biggentleben in Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change   
    Dale Murphy suggested that the Braves change to the Hammers in honor of Hank Aaron. I'd be all in favor of that.
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    mplsman reacted to Trov in Take Landis Name off the MVP Award   
    Barry Larkin, former MVP, has been calling for removing the Kenesaw Mountain Landis name from MVP awards.  Personally, until I read the article about this, I did not know the name was on there, actually larger than the person who won the award.  
    For those who do not know, Landis was first commissioner of baseball, and a well known racist that helped keep baseball white.  It was not until after his death that baseball was integrated.  Yes, he is historical in baseball, for both good, cleaning up the gambling that was going on, and bad the segregation of it.  However, his name does not need to be on, and especially larger than the person who won the award, trophy.  It is a constant reminder of the dark days of baseball, or should I say the white days of baseball.    
    The only point of having his name on the award is to honor him.  To honor him is to honor what he stood for, racism.  This is just another example of the roots racism has in our society.  The best players in baseball have to be reminded of the days when black players could not play in the majors every time they look at what should be a great achievement. Sad that this is still going on.  Glad it is coming to light, and I hope MLB makes the change. 
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    mplsman reacted to Twinsrule1991 in Trading for Price and Betts   
    I fully admit we won't be able to resign Betts, but the Twins have a deep enough farm system to survive the loss of Royce Lewis. I think this could be the type of deal that greatly increases our odds of winning now, without hemorrhaging the future in any long-lasting way. I think you are right on keeping the vision long-term, but at some point, you need to win championships and take risks. Otherwise, what's the point?
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    mplsman reacted to Darius in Front Page: Josh Donaldson, Bringer of Rings   
    I was wrong. They FO did it. Nothing but credit. I don’t care if Donaldson suffers a career ending injury this year. They made the attempt, and that’s all I was asking for.
    What a freaking lineup this team will have (especially against lefties). I’m imagining:
    Polanco, SS
    Donaldson, 3B
    Cruz, DH
    Sano, 1B
    Garver, C
    Kepler, RF
    Rosario, LF
    Arraez, 2B
    Buxton, CF
    Pretty incredible. Now, everyone make their sacrifice/offering to the injury gods.
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    mplsman reacted to Monkeypaws in Don't sign Josh Donaldson   
    Signing premium players is a good thing. We don't want to overthink this.
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    mplsman reacted to howeda7 in Front Page: The Royals Problem: Just How Much Are You Willing to Give Up to Win a World Series?   
    It's a false choice, MSP is not KC. But even if this was the choice, give me the WS every time.
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    mplsman reacted to Brandon in Front Page: The Royals Problem: Just How Much Are You Willing to Give Up to Win a World Series?   
    I don't think signing those veterans I FA kept the Royals from resigning their core at free agency. The 5 year 80 million from the Brewers go Cain to leave, didn't Moustakas resign then get traded? They resigned Gordon and tried to resign their 1B to sizable contracts. Also you only name two prospects the Royals traded that won't make a team either. They went over 140 million in payroll to win. Shields also got a lot of money as a free agent.
    If the Twins max out their payroll this year, cruz and Gonzales comes off the books freeing up 22 million. We also can trade or nontender Rosario. And Odorizzi 17.8 million is also off the books. And we have multiple prospects ready to step in. So signing an aging free agent can hurt, it shouldn't criple us from making moves and shortening our competitive window.
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