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    mplsman reacted to LastOnePicked in How Can You be Romantic About Baseball?   
    Imagine two people (X and Y) agree to sit at a table. Person X tells Person Y that when Y sits at the table, X is going to beat him over the head. Person Y understandably doesn't like this idea, and they fail to reach an agreement to sit down together. That doesn't mean "both sides are to blame." It's the quality of the interaction and the details of the offers that matter more than the fact that an agreement wasn't reached, isn't it?
    The players have been locked out by the owners, and yet the owners wouldn't negotiate in the months before the lockout or the weeks after the lockout. The players financials are transparent: we know exactly what they earn from the sport and why. The owners financials are never shared unless required by law (in the case of GA). The players have repeatedly adjusted their offers in meaningful ways on multiple issues to find common ground. The owners didn't. There just is no reason that I can see to "both sides" this one.
    Do I always agree with the players, or the MLBPA? Nope. But in this particular case, this mess is the clear responsibility of the owners. They think they can break the union. I hope they're dead wrong.
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    mplsman reacted to Old Twins Cap in Bundy Signing Isn’t from the Same Old Twins   
    Better than bringing on Ammon Bundy, I guess, but otherwise, I'm going back to deep hibernation at this point.
    There will be no news about baseball or signings or trades or anything for many months.
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    mplsman reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Payroll Problems Biting Baseball   
    Mookie Betts, right now today, is worth more than $20MM a year. Harper and Machado are infiinitely more valuable than Heyward has ever been.
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    mplsman reacted to Ted Schwerzler in So...This IS How We Baseball?   
    So the logical response would be to get him as many MLB ABs as possible...
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    mplsman reacted to Platoon in Robbie Grossman and the Twins’ lefty problem   
    RG has often been a puzzle to me. For this reason. Mauer knows a strike from a ball, but you still have to work the plate very carefully or he will do damage to you. RG will also take the walk, gladly! But you can expand the size of the corners to him since he isn't much of a threat even if he hits the ball. So I never understood why he got so many off the corner pitches, like they were pitching to a Mauer. Then there is this thought. If Robbie Grossman is your 3-4 hitter for two games in a row, are you really a contending team?
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    mplsman reacted to mikelink45 in Robbie Grossman and the Twins’ lefty problem   
    It might not be a surprise, but that does not make it a good idea.  Grossman has done well for us, but perhaps the league has figured out that if they throw strikes they remove his best offense - the walk.  We need someone better. 
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    mplsman reacted to jorgenswest in Twins: Why We Should Say Goodbye to Mauer   
    Mauer was underpaid the first half of his career and overpaid the second. In the end he will have been worth more to the Twins than they spent.
    The money is committed and they have to pay him. They don't need to roster him though. He should be expected to earn that spot based on his performance. If the Twins can improve the team by replacing him, they must do so.
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