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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to tony&rodney in 2022 AL Central Division Projection   
    "If there’s a team that could go up or down more than almost any other in baseball it could be Minnesota."
    Agree wholeheartedly with this. The Twins could be pretty good or pretty bad.
    I'm feeling that the other teams in the AL Central will be better than they have been in the past. Chicago will be healthier and have a strong bullpen. Detroit picked up some solid experience to go with their youth and their young pitchers are getting ready to win. Kansas City has youth and a few vets. Greinke in 2022 profiles as better than any Twin starting pitcher and his choice and enthusiasm to return to KC brings excitement and experience to the team. Finally, the Guardians have a top 10 farm system of players who have plenty of minor league experience and will now get their chance. The Guardians with their pitching and Terry Francona could really surprise a bunch of people. It is a sorry situation where the owner won't spend just $20-30 million more to buttress this young team. The Twins need to click in order to win enough to make the playoffs and this AL Central has zero resemblance to those weak teams from 2019-2021. I believe the division will be much better.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to roger in 2022 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects   
    Agree with everything you said, Doc.  Would add that after seeing lots of his starts at Wichita, I would rank Winder as the top pitching prospect.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to tony&rodney in 2022 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects   
    Jose Berrios, Tyler Jay, Stephen Gonsalves, Taylor Rogers, Nick Burdi, Kohl Stewart, Alex Meyer, J. T.  Chargois, Lewis Thorpe, Jake Reed. This is the list from 2016. Rogers and Thorpe are still on the roster.
    It was impressive to read about and see all of those top flight prospects in 2016. I wonder who will still be on a Twins roster from the current group in 2027. Prospects are fun to ponder.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to DocBauer in 2022 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects   
    I know it's really easy to get carried away with prospect rankings and optimism of the players listed there. Look no further than the recent OP about the top 2018 list which contains a few who didn't make it, some with questions, at least one traded, etc. But each "list" should be addressed of its own accord. And I'm really excited about this list, despite some usual caveats. Because this is fun, and because I'm optimistic, and because we don't have anything ML related to talk about, we'll, here I go.
    SANDS is sort of a "poster child" for how this FO sees a path to pitching development. Right or wrong only time will tell, but they believe that unless a pitcher lands in your lap right off the top, there are a lot of guys with real potential to be developed past the first couple of picks. Sands seems to make their ideas valid, as have a couple lower selections thus far. I think he's close and is forgotten about by some. I might have ranked him higher. 
    WALLNER is a better version of Rooker, IMO. Reportedly, he's already a better OF defensively. That's not a knock on Rooker who still has a chance, I just think he's a better, more well rounded version. I don't expect a big BA, but time will tell. I liked what he did in his limited AFL.
    MILLER, fair or not, reminds me of JJ Hardy. A guy who may not have any single skill that is outstanding, but the ability to do everything well. He's a LONG WAY away, but can't wait to see what he does. Draft status and potential, I'm OK with him here.
    ENLOW shouldn't be penalized for his surgery. The ceiling remains high and he's still young. Hopefully he gets a few IP at the end of 2022 to get ready.
    WINDER should be a couple spots higher, IMO, but it's a testament to current depth that he's here. Decades of watching the draft, prospect lists, and MLB in general has taught me that unless you have the #1 pick in a year where a Clemmons or a Strasburg falls in your lucky lap, you NEVER draft an ACE. You draft and develop arms and their potential. And despite all the coaching you can give, an ACE is someone who also learns and develops on their own. Winder has front of the rotation potential. It may take a couple of years to reach his potential, but I think he pitches for the Twins in 2022. I think he has a good ceiling.
    CAVACO wasn't a mistake pick, but I wouldn't rank him this high. He is young, a late bloomer with trajectory when drafted, and has all the tools in the world. And like everyone else, he missed a full season. But I still need to see a little more from him to rank him this high. BUT, I would remind readers that he got off to a solid start in 2021 and was amongst the best bats/producers for a poor offensive Ft Myers team before an injury slowed him down. It's all up to him. The talent is there. I would be surprised if he doesn't start 2022 in low A despite some young options behind him. But would be pleased and not surprised if his talent took over and he hit A+ quickly.
    PETTY, to me, was an absolute gift. I know HS arms are the biggest guess/risk/reward possibilities for a 1st round selection. But I don't recall many times when I've seen a HS pitcher with an arm who throws high 90's consistently and touches 100 with a quality slider and a change that needs work but was still ranked a 50 on the scout scale. Hey, he's young and has a lot to show and work on and improve. He's a long way away. But to slide to the 20's confuses me unless it's because he's not 6' 2"+ and already over 200lbs and played in a northern climate for the most part. LMAO when I read a comment elsewhere that he projects as a BP arm when he's only 18yo and has so much ahead of him.
    CANTERINO just needs the baseball gods to give him health for 2022. So much for the Twins not drafting a pitcher high. They babied him his 1st season because of his IP in college. Makes sense. He was as advertised in his brief 2019. And he was again in his short 2021 after missing 2020. I believe his plan was to jump to AA quickly before injury happened. A curse for many arms, not just the Twins. His stuff is electric,though needing refinement. Some say his delivery screams BP. He says he's had the same delivery for years and feels comfortable with it. IDK! But if he's healthy and ready to go, he needs to be at Wichita from day one. He could be anywhere from a #1-2 SP to the next Nathan if starting just doesn't work out. 
    SWR has been regarded as a top 100 prospect for a couple of years now. He was not only young for AA but had his whole season disrupted by the Olympic experience. Just give the kid a chance to settle in. The stuff plays. I wouldn't be surprised if he appears in 2022 at some point.
    DURAN.......just be healthy. STOP the "let's just put him in the pen" conversation. I don't care if he sits in ST Paul for the whole year! Just let him stretch out, build innings, work on his stuff, and let him develop. Don't waste an opportunity to develop a potentially great arm.
    RYAN...just keep doing what you're doing kid. Keep the bulldog in you but don't be stubborn. Keep listening and learning.
    MIRANDA just needs opportunity. He is not a flash. He is a high draft choice who everyone has just been waiting to put it together. He has now. He was a high pick with potential, not some flier. Either make room for him or make him the 1st guy up when there is an opening. And depending on trades  or injury, he could make the opening day roster. Like I said in another OP, he COULD see time at LF or 1B depending on final roster construction. 
    BALAZOVIC is everything I said about Winder. The stuff and the build and everything you want. But what you want is just a little more time to put it together. 
    MARTIN is PROBABLY a stud LF/CF who can also play in the infield to follow the example the versatility of the Dogers that I feel the FO is looking at. But I'd keep playing him at SS for as long as I can. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? He suddenly turns out to be an optio there or he can at least cover that spot in addition to maye 2B/3B. 
    LEWIS IS  a lightening rod of sorts.  He has EERYTHING athletically to be a decent to good SS. When you watch him, you see great plays that few can make and you see smoothness, and his potential. We just need to see it daily. But it takes time. He's lost a lot of time, unfortunately. And he's NOT going to jump to the ML level without a little time to get his legs underneath him, literally, for defense AND offense,  despite his AFL MVP and reports about his 2020 play at the alternative site. This kid just might have the IT factor. Let's allow a tiny bit of time, OK?
    Pissed about the FO and things we don't have a clue about for2022 yet, just look at this list and get excited. 
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to Minny505 in 2022 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects   
    It's certainly impressive to see the Twins with all this top-end SP in the high minors. They will likely have 4 SP in the BA Top 100.
    That's roughly 10% of the top SP prospects in MLB play for a Twins affiliate.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to Mark G in Did the Twins Fleece Tampa Twice?   
    A pitcher whose sinker and changeup breaks down makes hitters swing and miss even at slower speeds.  A pitcher whose fastball rises as it comes into the zone may make a hitter miss in the same fashion, even at modest speeds for a fastball.  He will, though, need another pitch or two that makes hitters nervous so they can't sit on the fastball (which would make it even sneakier fast).  In my day, that is what they paid pitching coaches for.  We are supposed to have a good one; time for him to earn his money.  
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to 4twinsJA in Believing in Ober   
    I really like Ober, not that he is a future CY Young candidate or even top of the rotation pitcher, but a solid starting pitcher for Twins. Ober's case is a good argument against needing X amount of time or innings at each level before someone can advance. 
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    Ted Schwerzler got a reaction from Danchat in Making the Most of Miguel   
    I couldn't disagree more with this. His issue has never been his weight. It's always been about his work ethic. His weight was a byproduct of a lack of work ethic, and him being trim had to do with a heightened level of working out. They go hand in hand.
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    Ted Schwerzler got a reaction from RpR in Making the Most of Miguel   
    I couldn't disagree more with this. His issue has never been his weight. It's always been about his work ethic. His weight was a byproduct of a lack of work ethic, and him being trim had to do with a heightened level of working out. They go hand in hand.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to gunnarthor in Making the Most of Miguel   
    Sano's an impact bat who, I think, will age surprisingly well but I think he presses really hard and affects him. Once he gets going, he's ok but you got to let him go through his valleys. One of the dumber things Rocco did this year was bench him for Astuddio (sp). He should be penciled in at 1b/DH all the time. I'd be ok with Kiriloff in the OF with a healthy Buxton.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to beterday in As Buxton Hope Fades, Front Office Goes   
    Agreed, on all counts.  I think these guys - Falvey, Levine, and Baldelli - are all smart, knowledgeable baseball minds.  Yet they make an offer to Buxton that is, even with a "don't take it personally" attitude, close to, if not over the line, insulting.  Of course we don't know the incentives, but still, $80  million (11 mil/year) guaranteed is insufficient.  Make a reasonable offer and then let the chips fall where they may, but don't lose Buxton without even entering the sweepstakes.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to Minny505 in Trading Rogers is Risky for Twins   
    This is a feature, not a bug. This is how most of the top bullpens work these days. The best pitcher is the 7/8 inning guy who faces the highest leverage or best hitters in the lineup, while the second best pitcher is generally put in for a clean 9th when the 6, 7, 8 batters are due up and ahead by 2 runs. 

    BTW, is Rocco is nickname? That's the first time I've seen quotations used in reference to him.
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    Ted Schwerzler got a reaction from Minny505 in Trading Rogers is Risky for Twins   
    I understand where you're coming from, but disagree on the premise. Often times the highest leverage isn't in the 9th inning. That's why saves are a dumb statistic. You could be "closing" the game at any point from the 6th on. Colome has gone belly up on his career norms, and Robles has been about as expected. Duffey taking a step back has really hurt.
    More to the point, I don't care if Rogers pitches the 9th, but if you're moving him it better be for a haul because fixing the bullpen is much more difficult when also now needing to replace one of the best arms in baseball.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to jun in Trading Rogers is Risky for Twins   
    It would be great to trade for his Twin brother.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to joefish in Larnach Leading Rookie for Twins   
    They both have a fairly quiet and confident demeanor in the box.  I am optimistic about them both. 
    Go young guys. 
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to Danchat in Larnach Leading Rookie for Twins   
    Larnach never struggled at any level in the minors over a full season, which is why I thought of him as the "safest" prospect in the organization, and it looks like he's taken the promotion well, and he's here to stay. Hitting against MLB pitchers is incredibly difficult and Larnach will surely have some slumps, but I have confidence he will become a cornerstone for the Twins for several years. Here's hoping their pitching prospects can come up and show similar poise and competency that Larnach does.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to ashbury in Larnach Leading Rookie for Twins   
    Larnach exudes so much confidence.  I wouldn't say Kirilloff lacks that, exactly, but whenever I see him I feel as though he's wearing his older brother's baseball cap.  Larnach somehow fills out his own hat better.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to SomeGuy in Is Nelson Cruz Cooked?   
    His Ground ball rate has risen quite a bit in May, over 49%.  His career is 41.7%.  His line drive rate seems to be what took the hit as it dropped to 7% in May down from his usual 20-22% he has been having with the Twins.
    I believe it is the wrist more than old age.  His exit velocity and hard hit% were not off his career marks by this much for the first month.
    Injuries are way up this year, probably to be expected with the short season last year.  League wide offense is also way down this year.  I don't think he would fall off this much from old age in so short of a time.
    If you add up all the offense for all of MLB, the stat line is .236/.312/.393.  I don't think anyone would consider that when talking about the average MLB player.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to Dodecahedron in Is Nelson Cruz Cooked?   
    He doesn't look cooked to me, but he has some interesting splits.  In 2021 so far, he played better when the Twins lost.  The Twins have lost just a little more than they have won, so overall he is doing well.  
    Yes, he is down in May, but
    Who the heck wouldn't be down in May on this team? It's not like the bottom fell out and he's hitting like he is in one of Sano's dry spells or something.  He is still producing.  He had just as many multi-hit games in May as he had in April. Cruz's May looks like a standard, uninteresting slump.  Let me know if it lasts another six weeks.
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    Ted Schwerzler got a reaction from Minny505 in Tide Turning for Twins Pair   
    Stealing my thunder for tonight eh?!
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to blindeke in Tide Turning for Twins Pair   
    Good article. Seems like Kepler and Polanco are also turning it around, or is that my imagination?
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to twinbythebay in Do the Twins Have Any Arms to Trust?   
    Agreed that Rocco should try extending the starters a little more. But when the bats stop scoring in the second inning and every dang reliever comes in and gives up multiple runs, as was the case last night (and about 20 other times this season), there really is no simple solution. The starters can pitch deeper into games, but it still won't matter if the bullpen and late-game offense both continue to be this inept.
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to Steve Lein in Do the Twins Have Any Arms to Trust?   
    This is an ongoing criticism of mine for Baldelli. Absolutely has a "rule book" that he sticks too, even though it keeps failing him over and over. Playoffs last year were the prime example. The starters never should have been pulled when they were, no matter what this stupid book says. Throw it in the burning dumpster with everything else.
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    Ted Schwerzler got a reaction from mikelink45 in Kirilloff’s Confusing Decision   
    Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but there are no spring training games for minor leaguers in March, and there’s no season until May. Yes, there is spring camp in April. Vastly different
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    Ted Schwerzler reacted to tony&rodney in 2020 Was a Year, and We Had Baseball   
    To 2021. here, here.
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