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  1. I’m actually at peace, perhaps over confident, that Zimmer is gone after this season minus a Super Bowl win. This organization desperately needs to be updated to a modern day offensive philosophy, and I hope the Wilf’s have recognized this. 

    In the meantime, might as well try to back into the #7 seed and see if we can luck our way to a win in the playoffs. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, nicksaviking said:

    My only problem with this thought is that if either the manager or front office start feeling like they're on the hot seat, we can about guarantee that the rookies get pushed aside for veterans regardless of how poor the veterans are.

    The only people that think the FO or manager is on the hot seat is fans. How quickly we forget, Jim Pohlad gave the FO an A+ grade heading into the offseason. Their jobs are secure. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, John Bonnes said:

    Fool  me once, shame on you. Fool me a half dozen teams, shame on me.

    How many times now since 2019 have we watched premier starting pitcher free agents sign for reasonable contracts like this one? In 2019 the narrative was just that they couldn't convince them to take their money. Are we going to hear that again with Gausman and Ray? They just couldn't stomach the opt-out, like they hesitated on Buxton's no-trade? 

    Perhaps we just need to accept that this front office doesn't believe in paying for pitching, no matter what they might say about pursuing high-end talent. 

    Bingo. Unless the top end pitcher accepts a 1 year deal, or well below market value, we’re wasting our time and energy thinking it might happen. It’s crystal clear there is an organizational philosophy in place to not spend top dollar for pitching. 

    There are still some open avenues to explore… We’ll see who is non-tendered tomorrow (Matthew Boyd is already named as a non-tender) and the trade market. 

  4. 1 hour ago, KirbyDome89 said:

    It's also a pretty significant step down from those first 3-4 names to the Pineda ect. A trade might've been their best shot at acquiring front end talent regardless but I doubt that price will be any easier to stomach. 

    That is for sure. I’m just trying to stay realistic. How many more examples do we need to see that we are never playing in the top echelon of free agent pitching? 

  5. Universal DH and electronic strike zone are my top answers. It’s kind of insane that we’re heading into 2022 and still solely rely on the eye sight and judgment of a middle aged man calling balls and strikes. 

    Everything mentioned so far gets a thumbs up from me. The runner on 2nd base starting in the 10th is the dumbest rule implemented in sports since the shootout rule in hockey. 

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