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  1. 3 hours ago, nicksaviking said:

    Ha, yeah our one away game tends to have very little to do with football and very much to do with local beer, food and entertainment.

    As it should. I enjoy football very much, but I have very little interest attending an NFL game. When you’re there, you realize just how much they stand around doing nothing for commercial breaks. 

  2. Baseball has the highest number of unique teams winning a championship in the last 15-20 years out of the 4 major sports. So overall I think they’ve been doing a good job as far as the end result is concerned. The NBA hasn’t been on my radar at all over the last 20 years (other than me hopping on the T Wolves bandwagon once the playoffs started) because it’s so dynasty driven throughout their existence. 

    MLB isn’t seeking revenue parity which I think is the crux of what @Trovis looking for. They want each individual team to negotiate the largest regional TV contract possible and continue to hide their content behind paywalls. I think they enjoy having the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, etc. as perennial contenders. 


  3. 5 minutes ago, LastOnePicked said:

    Then what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are we all arguing about here? 😃

    Based on your read of the predictions, shouldn't we all be ready for a change? I mean, if the consensus was that this team would not contend, and they are not contenders, why is the fanbase split?

    Or let me put it more honestly: I simply don't understand what happened this season that would warrant Rocco's return in 2023. Maybe that's just what I need to admit. What are some of you seeing that I can't see? What about this team seems improved? What has Rocco helped to develop here that gets us closer to a title? Or is it just fear of change that makes firing the manager seem scary?

    At the end of the day we don’t make the call so people are going to side with whatever decision is made. There’s been a lot of revisionist history being written on this site lately. The biggest culprit being Royce Lewis was projected to be a major impact player this year. 

    I don’t know if deferring back to FanGraphs projections in March is some sort of defense mechanism to make people feel better that the Twins are living up to an 82 win season? And casually ignoring that they were a 10 game over .500 team in late May, leading the division until a few weeks ago. 

  4. 23 hours ago, Doctor Gast said:

    I know that I think outside the box, and you have difficulty understanding & agreeing with what I post.

    What I mean Chief by "over extending" has nothing to do with total # of innings pitched during the season. It has to do with having them pitch too many innings in each game too soon over a period of time. I suggest that if they were kept at a 5 inning limit in the beginning, depending on how many pitches pitched, they would not have gotten injured (at least not seriously) and they could have pitched over 120 innings each.

    Look at their game logs on baseball reference. Both were reduced to less than 80 pitches throughout the season. If that is over extending them then both are bullpen arms. 

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