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  1. 5 minutes ago, h2oface said:

    Fortunate for fan moral that Correa came back with a fine game after the demotion of Lewis........

    Great to see Jeffers get a couple hits. He is starting to be a lot like Drew Butera regarding production.


    Sorted by fWAR on FanGraphs. Fun fact, 14 catchers are hitting above .250 and only 1 hitting above .300 this season. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, nicksaviking said:

    Alright, I might need to go the radio route if Dick is going to justify Urshela's job security with the comment that he's been every bit as good as Nolan Arrenado.

    I tried finding even a single statistic where Urshela is better than Arenado. The only thing I found is Urshela has 2 errors and Arenado has 3 errors.

  3. 43 minutes ago, Number3 said:

    The whole thing is a result of the boneheaded budget busting, locker room destroying totally jackass signing of Carlos Correa for $105,000,000.00 to play the position of the number 1 overall pick in the entire draft. And now its even more asinine if neither Correa nor Lewis can play any other position besides shortstop. Like another poster said, its almost like intentional moves to run whats left of the fan base off. Don't tell me about master plans. So if they do bring Lewis back on May 30 is he then going to able to play multiple positions when he is evidently unable to on May 18? Also agree about the pitching last night. How do you remove a pitcher after giving up no runs and 2 hits in 3 innings and then watch a pitcher give up 5 runs and 9 hits in 3.2 innings? Was that the master plan for that game? Hey Rocco, you can't plan a baseball game. That is why you play the game.

    Warm Heat Wave GIF by Barstool Sports

    Congratulations! This is the hottest take of all! 

  4. 1) Where do you follow the Twins from? St Louis Park - Austin, TX the previous 8 years

    2) What's your jobby job? Software sales - stuck on Zoom meetings these days 🥱

    3) How 'bout hobbies? Golf, gardening, watching the local sports teams, breweries, grilling, video games, the latest and greatest fads from my 2 year old niece (currently Go Dogs Go and Frozen)

    4) How long have you followed the Twins? First got into baseball in 1998 thanks to the McGwire/Sosa HR race. Attended some games early on but the 2001 team caught my attention. 

    5) How many games do you attend a season? None but looking forward to going back to Target Field for a game this summer. I’d go to 2-3 AAA games in Austin every year. 

    6) Who is your favorite all-time Twin? Gonna cheat and say 2 players. Johan Santana is the most dominant pitcher I’ve seen in a Twins uniform. Joe Mauer for his longevity with the team.

    7) Who is your current favorite Twin? Byron Buxton, but Carlos Correa is a close 2nd… Nothing would make me happier to see them both locked up long term. 

    8 )What is the coolest/craziest/most absurd/etc thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? Not sure… It’s been too long since I’ve been in-state to see them in person. Last time I was, we were in the dark ages of Vance ‘Vanimal’ Worley and Sam Deduno leading the rotation. 

    9) What is the most memorable thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? Francisco Liriano’s wipeout 91 MPH slider when he was first called up. 

    10) What is your favorite all-time Twins moment? The incredible 2nd half comeback in 2006 to win the division. 

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