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    JLease got a reaction from Matthew Lenz in My 2019 Hall of Fame Ballot   
    I don't care one way or the other about Bonds or Clemens any longer. Both were almost certainly HoF quality before they started cheating, so whatever. I don't know whether it's better to vote 'em in to get rid of their presence on the ballot or let 'em stew. I'd hate for their entrance to be a signal that "nah, who cares about cheating and using dangerous drugs if you throw that baseball hard or hit enough dingers!", though.
    Agree on Edgar Martinez, Mariano Rivera, and Larry Walker. Easy choices to me: Edgar was an absolute machine as a hitter, wasn't as bad a 3B as his rep, and should definitely be in. Mariano might actually get 100% on his first ballot. Larry Walker wasn't just a great hitter, he was always a great fielder and baserunner. And he hit everywhere he played. Great hitter in Montreal, great hitter in Colorado, great hitter in St. Louis.
    I'm a no on Manny. Elite hitter, but awful defensive player and bad teammate. Admitted cheater, and kept cheating after an understanding had been reached on what was and wasn't ok. His PED use wasn't a mistake or part of the wild wild west, so why let him off the hook?
    Sheffield is a no as well, I think. Another disastrous defender, I think he's below the standard and he's another guy who racked up All-star appearances he probably didn't deserve. Terrific hitter when healthy, but didn't add much else and he needed to hang on for a few junky years to get over 500 HRs.
    Sosa is also a no, I think. Too much of his overall value and stat accumulation was in a pretty short period and that was also almost certainly chemically enhanced. That's a hard vote for a guy who fell apart so quickly, basically cooked at age 35.
    Scott Rolen is a guy I'd definitely vote for. Fantastic defensive player, excellent hitter, and one of the elite 3B of all time. Despite the injuries, he was still elite.
    Mike Mussina is a definite yes as well. Absolute workhorse, consistently great. During an offensive explosion he was one of the best at keeping runs off the board. He's a no doubter for me.
    Curt Schilling is one I'd consider voting for, despite the fact that he's become an increasingly reprehensible human being. Not as consistent as Mussina, but a higher peak in fact. Had some absolutely huge years and was one of the premiere strikeout artists of his time. A big game pitcher to be sure, but that's just icing on the cake. Hard to vote for him, because of all the other crap that's he's gotten into after retiring, though.
    Helton, Halladay, and Andruw Jones all deserve some consideration. I'm probably yes on Doc Halladay, need to think about Helton some more, and no on Jones. Halladay didn't have the longest career, and it took him a few years to become the monster he became but that 10 year run from 2002-2011...man, he was great.
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