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  1. You would have sons of coaches excluded instead? Your post assumes the applicants are all equally qualified, and that sons are chosen due to family connections. Isn't it possible that these sons have been immersed in the game as a result of being around their manager/coach father, and as a result, are more qualified than other applicants?
  2. I wonder if the still unnamed lower-level prospect is on the Dodger 40-man roster, just like Raley was on ours. Santana would be nice. Dodgers had a full 40-man roster. They brought in 2 from Boston (Betts/Price) and removed only one (Verdugo). They also bring in 2 from us (Graterol/Raley) and removed only one (Maeda). Understand the trade with LAA is off, so something has to give with the Dodger roster.
  3. The title of the article has just changed from Twins Back Out to Twins Willing to Back Out. Very dynamic situation, and maybe an indicator that Twins are using media as a negotiating gambit with BOS just as PseudoSABR commented above.
  4. Vanimal, where are you seeing that the Red Sox/Dodgers portion is official? Interesting. So, Verdugo and Maeda would be currently Red Sox. In that case, Twins leverage is lower than some might have perceived, as Boston could just plug Maeda into their rotation.
  5. Wonder whether the Twins will now try to re-work his contract? If he thought the Dodgers were unfairly affecting his paycheck, he probably should be equally or more concerned that the lower-payroll Twins may find ways to do the same. Consider structuring it to incentivize appearances and IP rather than starts and IP. At least from the Maeda's perspective, if he is forced to come out of the pen then, he would get a pay bump to compensate for the impact to his ego. Either way, it is clear the Twins are receiving a disgruntled pitcher. Let's hope Maeda is happier in MN!
  6. Should have looked it up before posting...yes, Alcala needs to be added to the 40-man to be protected from the Dec 2019 rule 5 draft. Surprised then, that they didn't make this move earlier.
  7. Would Alcala have to be added to the 40-man this fall to avoid being rule V eligible? If so, this is an easy decision.
  8. Just 3 of the top 20 prospects were in action. So many of them (9) are at the AA level that a rainout there, along with injuries and a FTM rainout, meant that just a couple were playing ball yesterday.
  9. Did Stashak even get his name on the top of the test yet?
  10. I think that he does. He signed with the Astros after he had turned 19. This will be his fourth season in the minors. As such, I think he is Rule 5 eligible if not added to the 40-man.
  11. My prediction - when pitchers and catchers report on Tuesday, Pineda is moved to the 60-day DL. Twins will use the 40-man roster spot for Napoli. Unfortunately, they cannot do the same for Santana, because they would lose him through May (60 days from start of regular season). Signing Darvish likely means Kinley is offered back to Miami.
  12. I really don't like how Berardino communicated his speculative prediction. Setting aside the head-scratching logic, why state only that the odd man out could be Moya? He should have at least provide the bizarre reasoning...or stated Moya's absence as an independent fact for readers to draw their own conclusions.
  13. Thank you, Brandon, for this article. You were on the mark with the due process matter. I found some of the other portions to be a bit less fair. First, while you are right that Bitsy's testimony would be the strongest evidence against Sano at a trial, the questions posted on twitter about the enormous size of Sano (and whether someone his size/strength would "struggle" for 10 minutes to get her into a bathroom) would definitely be asked on cross examination. It is a fair question; people aren't wrong to question accusations, and should not be condemned for doing so. There are a number
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