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  1. The issue was not related to available options. Twins needed to remove him from the 40-man roster (DFA), something that was inevitable this fall anyways. You are right, though, that it does seem unlikely the Twins will be looking to find him a roster spot in the near future.
  2. Three very good choices. I would like to suggest Jake Cave as another. After being DFAd and off of the 40-man roster, he showed grit and determination throughout 2022 to make it back. In the short time since being called up, he has provided plenty of clutch moments, as well as making several spectacular plays in the field. Reading many negative comments, I get the sense that Jake Cave is not only under appreciated, but not appreciated at all. I, for one, appreciate what he has done and how he has found a way to contribute. Could not have been easy task from a mental standpoint, given where he found himself on the Twins' deep outfield depth chart.
  3. Fantastic article, Seth! Cool addition to the player analysis to see your late fall rankings. While you would have protected Baddoo, you would have still lost Wells (and maybe Ober?). Interesting question is whether the loss of Baddoo hurts worse than what would have been lost with Ober. Close, but I say no, as the Twins need pitching. Of course, with 20/20 hindsight, the 40-man contained several players you wish would have been removed or left unprotected to make room for all three of these.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering how Sano's play wasn't an error. Passing up the sure out for a throw home that has absolutely no chance.
  5. Thanks for the great write up, David. I also appreciate your additional playoff updates for the three teams in the hunt. Noting the long-awaited Joe Ryan start for the Saints tonight, have there been any hints from the organization as to when we'll see SWR make his Wichita debut? Unlike Ryan, SWR didn't even throw in the Olympics. But he'll be the last acquisition to make a debut.
  6. Too bad Strotman last threw on Tuesday. Since he's already on the 40-man, it would have been a great opportunity to get his feet wet.
  7. MLB.com rankings agree with the ordering of our top 3 (Lewis, Martin, Balazovic), but I was surprised there weren't more Twins in the top 100 prospects. Heck, Balazovic barely made it himself as #88.
  8. Sorry to sound a false alarm. I didn't see that the Saints are playing the back half of a postponed game (from June 20) where Jax and Rooker played...
  9. Griffin Jax pitched in today's St. Paul Saints game, so we must have a different starter tonight. He didn't make it out of the 3rd inning. 3 ER, 3H, 5BB and 2K. Playing mind games with the rookies? Also, Brent Rooker is DH'ing for the Saints. So far, 2-2 with a HR. Must be a couple of transactions that haven't been announced yet.
  10. You would have sons of coaches excluded instead? Your post assumes the applicants are all equally qualified, and that sons are chosen due to family connections. Isn't it possible that these sons have been immersed in the game as a result of being around their manager/coach father, and as a result, are more qualified than other applicants?
  11. I wonder if the still unnamed lower-level prospect is on the Dodger 40-man roster, just like Raley was on ours. Santana would be nice. Dodgers had a full 40-man roster. They brought in 2 from Boston (Betts/Price) and removed only one (Verdugo). They also bring in 2 from us (Graterol/Raley) and removed only one (Maeda). Understand the trade with LAA is off, so something has to give with the Dodger roster.
  12. The title of the article has just changed from Twins Back Out to Twins Willing to Back Out. Very dynamic situation, and maybe an indicator that Twins are using media as a negotiating gambit with BOS just as PseudoSABR commented above.
  13. Vanimal, where are you seeing that the Red Sox/Dodgers portion is official? Interesting. So, Verdugo and Maeda would be currently Red Sox. In that case, Twins leverage is lower than some might have perceived, as Boston could just plug Maeda into their rotation.
  14. Wonder whether the Twins will now try to re-work his contract? If he thought the Dodgers were unfairly affecting his paycheck, he probably should be equally or more concerned that the lower-payroll Twins may find ways to do the same. Consider structuring it to incentivize appearances and IP rather than starts and IP. At least from the Maeda's perspective, if he is forced to come out of the pen then, he would get a pay bump to compensate for the impact to his ego. Either way, it is clear the Twins are receiving a disgruntled pitcher. Let's hope Maeda is happier in MN!
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