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    Rigby reacted to h2oface in Eddie Rosario   
    Call it what you want. The Braves and Eddie did all the things the stat guys would say not to do last night, AND IT WORKED! That is what counts. Spirit wins over bookworming. I loved it. That was some exciting baseball. 
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    Rigby reacted to Crackedfungo in Eddie Rosario   
    Bad Take.  We are arguing losing a .9 WAR 2020 player (Twins average WAR 1.7) for ZERO return for redistributed salary to players that produced -.9 in the OF (Cave, Garlick, Refs), and three pitchers that produced -4.3 WAR (Happ, Shoemaker, and Colomb), which also cost almost twice as much as we could have signed Rosario for and added any replacement level players to consume these innings at much less cost than an additional $8MM.  These are the types of decisions that get a GM fired - except on the Twins (see Terry Ryan).
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    Rigby reacted to Crackedfungo in Eddie Rosario   
    With all 'due respect' to Admin, this is a 'tree vs. forest' response.  There is a negative side.  You never waste assets when you have a chance to make something out of them.  We ARE happy for Eddie.  There is also the negative Twins Mgmt. side mentioned above (lost asset for ZERO), in addition to freeing up funds to sign some incredibly crappy pitchers; Happ ($8MM), and Shoemaker ($2MM) - both FAR below replacement level.  When you add Cave at $1MM, Colomb at $5.6MM, and Refs/Garlick at a combined $1.3MM - just a poor use of salary/performance ($17.9MM) - a idiotic 'wing and a prayer' approach, versus rewarding a previously performing player in his prime vs. 'not anymore's' and 'never were's.'   If you are in a business, which the Twins are certainly run as, you do NOT piss away assets for nothing, and then redeploy this capital in some incredibly LOW PERFORMING assets.  Your comment is 'Terry Ryan-esque' - dump a known performer for multiple dumpster fires that lost games for you (which total twice as much investment).  These dregs caused the extreme ineptitude in the first two months of the season that sealed the Twins fate for the balance of the year - prove me wrong.  We will see if Gant for Happ returns enough to validate any of this idiocy.  Additionally, do NOT underestimate the bench value of Rosario.  He and Cruz seemed to bring a great vibe into the clubhouse.
    As for the NLDS OPS, the playoffs are still going on.  Rosario had a hit in every game in the NLDS - which Twin has had a hit in every game of ANY series lately?  Rosario also batted .300 in one of our playoff series, and in one qualifying game.  He did go 0-7 in the last playoff run, which meant he was hit-less in a total of TWO games, whereas he has hit in SIX straight playoff games this year, and has AT LEAST one hit in THREE OUT OF FOUR of the Twins playoff (or qualifying) games in 2017 and 2019.  In short, he has hits in NINE out of TWELVE of the last playoff (or qualifying) games.  By any measure, that is CLUTCH (particularly compared to the Twins woeful hitting performance).  Mauer (your comparison) did not fare as well - career .262 BA and .597 OPS vs, Rosario at .263 BA and .900 OPS.  Again, your summary post analysis (using stats you referenced) is WAY OFF.  Lastly, Mauer also had several more hit-less games than Rosario (and was never paid 1/2 the salary).  The truth hurts, stats bear this out, and so does 'on field performance.'
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    Rigby reacted to Crackedfungo in Eddie Rosario   
    And, Rosario wins a huge game for ATL.  Four hits.  GW RBI, and rally starting run with one of the best slides I have ever seen.  Yes, we could have used him (or got something for him).  He is what he is......a spark plug, and a WINNER.
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    Rigby reacted to tony&rodney in Eddie Rosario   
    Rodario has been so much fun today - what a day for Eddie. Elite speed to beat out a hit and the temperament to go for it.
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    Rigby reacted to AceWrigley in Eddie Rosario   
    Wouldn't mind seeing some Eddie Rosario exploits sink the Dodgers. 🙃
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    Rigby reacted to USAFChief in Eddie Rosario   
    Good for Eddie. He was always entertaining, if not always fundamentally sound. His "ankles to forehead" strike zone led to some interesting ABs, both good and bad.
    As for the Twins not signing Rosario, I think it's fair to say Falvine were correct to move on. I think it also fair to say their plan to replace him was a pretty miserable failure. 
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    Rigby got a reaction from Heiny in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Buxton could.....
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    Rigby reacted to tony&rodney in Eddie Rosario   
    No, at least we shouldn't. I'm not thinking that. I enjoy watching him hit though and Atlanta is still playing and Eddie had a nice hit for them. Maybe just some nostalgic rooting for a former Twin.
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    Rigby reacted to TheLeviathan in Buyer Beware: Flaws with the Top-5 Free Agent Shortstops   
    This team can and should be in on Correa and Seager.  Walking away with one of them makes this team a whole lot better for the next few years.
    I think 4/108 gets Seager and I make that splash in a heartbeat.  This team needs a competent shortstop that can hit his way out of a paper bag.  Right now we have one who isn't a good fielder (Polanco) and another is so bad with the bat he's barely better than an NL pitcher. (He Who Should Be Elsewhere)
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    Rigby reacted to USAFChief in Buyer Beware: Flaws with the Top-5 Free Agent Shortstops   
    The Twins aren't going to sign any of these players, but...
    The "now isn't the time" argument has always been wrong. There is never the "wrong time" to get better players, yet people make that argument all the time.
    "Wait till we're one player away to sign that player" is, to put it bluntly, a stupid idea.
    You wouldnt be one player short had you signed that player when you could.  Not to mention that "one player" might not be there now. 
    Sign good players when you can. 
    Of the three, I'd take Correa, but the Twins won't sign any of these five.
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    Rigby reacted to TheLeviathan in So, the Yankees tried to acquire Simmons at the deadline   
    But then you cited Denny Hocking.  I notice you didn't use him as an example.  
    As for WAR, I'm still not much of a believer in the way defense is over-balanced in that calculation relative to offense.  Looking at Dee Gordon's career and Nick Punto's and concluding that Punto was more valuable is not an endorsement of your point as much as an indictment of WAR.
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    Rigby got a reaction from gunnarthor in Zoll a finalist for Cubs' GM Job   
    Dyslexia - The Twins best friend....
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    Rigby got a reaction from Sousy in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Buxton could.....
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    Rigby got a reaction from ashbury in Zoll a finalist for Cubs' GM Job   
    Dyslexia - The Twins best friend....
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    Rigby reacted to bean5302 in So, the Yankees tried to acquire Simmons at the deadline   
    The Yankees were eager to stay under the luxury tax threshold this year to potentially reset and they had precious little salary room to do so. Taking on Simmons' contract would probably have been a non-starter as a result.
    That puts the Twins into a situation of saying, okay, so what are you offering besides clearing a 26 man roster spot we still have to pay? Evidently, the Yankees didn't propose anything the Twins' front office viewed as legitimate talent in exchange for eating several million dollars of Simmons salary while he played in Yankee Stadium instead of Target Field.
    It's not hard to expect the Yankees to have kicked the tires on Simmons and offered nothing to the Twins as there may have been the perception the Twins would just DFA Simmons and release him for nothing after the trade deadline anyway.
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    Rigby got a reaction from Twins33 in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Buxton could.....
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    Rigby reacted to stringer bell in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    I don't think anyone is suggesting moving both Garver and Polanco, I certainly wasn't. What I did say that both players held enough value to get a good return, perhaps enough to give the chance to contend next year, if a lot of other things go right. 
    I looked back at my original post on this topic and it could be interpreted that " a couple of players" were both Polanco and Garver. I didn't intend to infer that. To me, trading a replaceable regular coming off a good year and signing the right free agents along with a lot of other things going right might be enough to get back to contention. 
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    Rigby reacted to TheLeviathan in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Garver is fairly old and has a troubling durability history.  His bat is good enough that I think he's the prize piece to move.  You'll get a really good arm for him IMO and that's worth more than being three deep at catcher.  Toss a contract at a career backup instead.
    If you want to get something you've got to give something.  This team won't reverse fortunes on free agency alone.
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    Rigby got a reaction from glunn in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Buxton could.....
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    Rigby reacted to roger in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When I read your comment about “roster scraps,” it pained my heart.  These are all fantastic baseball players, just not among the best 780 in the world.
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    Rigby reacted to Platoon in Grading Rocco Baldelli’s First Losing Season   
    I am not going to grade him. But I will make two comments.
    1.    This team plays fundamentally poor baseball. Some is mental from a seeming disregard for basics, ie, cutoff men and throwing to the correct base. Some seems a lack of focus, lollygagging throws in the infield.
    2.    Analytics? Analytics have their place, and yes everyone uses them. But, and there is always a but, turning the game over to your BP in the  6th is fine, if you have 4 capable RP available and healthy.  Just turning it over on some days when your already suspect pen is deleted by usage or injury isn’t managing, it’s reading a spreadsheet. I did see that later in the year he opened the playbook up and bunted and ran on occasion trying to generate some scoring opportunities. Yes, the book says a 3 run homer or two run double is more productive. But someone better be hitting them in that case.
    I thought Rocco got dealt a poor hand this season due to injuries, FO mistakes, and subpar years by some players, possibly due to some of those players being over hyped? So there were limits to what he could do. No matter the cause, he didn’t exceed expectations. 
    BTW, any conversation that Rocco is a players manager has to take into consideration the Maggi situation. Absolutely bush league!! It would make me hesitant to buy a used car from him! 
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    Rigby reacted to ashbury in Grading Rocco Baldelli’s First Losing Season   
    I can't separate Baldelli to any meaningful degree from the front office. With regard to pitch counts, for example, it seems plain he implemented the front office's vision. I give them all a D.  Maybe it should be an F, but I'll regrade it to that retroactively if 2022 gives further evidence they're running this franchise into the ground. And conversely maybe this should be a C grade if next year reveals 2021 to be just a blip toward their own benchmark of sustainable success.
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    Rigby reacted to chpettit19 in Making Sense of the Edwar Colina Decision   
    Agree with first 2 commenters. It's the timing that I don't get at all. Just feels like a completely unnecessary move to make right now. There are a ton of guys on the 40 man who the Twins have to have 0 plans to have there for the long-haul. Why not waive them right now and wait til other teams have their 40 mans more set and have harder decisions to make about if a post-surgery Colina is worth cutting somebody else for? Just seems like an unforced error here.
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    Rigby reacted to Nine of twelve in Byron Buxton Isn’t the Next David Ortiz   
    Well, I don't know if the Metrodome turf would have been a major issue. He would have spent the bulk of his time DH'ing so it would only have been while baserunning that it would have come into play.
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