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    Rigby reacted to saviking in Management Caught Looking....elsewhere...the Continued Over Look of Miguel Sano   
    129 AB .. 58 SO .. .163 BA .. Average fielder and below average speed on the base paths..
    I swear to god, if Sano shortened his swing and tried to hit line drives he would end up hitting 40 balls over the fence by accident and strike out significant less .. 
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    Rigby reacted to twinkiesfan11 in 2020 Minnesota Twins Blueprint, version 1.0   
    1. Can’t picture Arizona being interested in trading Gallen after giving up quite a bit to get him this past trade deadline. Also feel that’s way too much to give up if they were open to dealing him.
    2. Not interested in Anderson at that price at all but agree with the premise of dropping Cron, moving Sano to 1B and adding a defensive upgrade at 3B.
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    Rigby reacted to Crackedfungo in Moving Eddie Rosario, but Where?   
    This comment from your article was idiotic: "and even his “good” production in game three came through pitches he had no business generating positive results off."  What the he77 does that even mean?  Who has any business getting away with a pitch in the dirt, a grooved fastball, a snow cone catch, a batted ball off the rubber or a base, or a blooper over the shift?  Sometimes results come from just being capable.  Sorry, your article has many assumptions (that any touted minor league player can replace Eddie's production, clubhouse influence, etc), that Eddie is expendable and can create an equitable asset in a trade.  Moreover, how many .278 hitters with 30+ HRs and 100+ RBIs have we had in the past 25 years (before this year)?  That's right, one.  Justin Morneau.  This year, he is joined by only Cruz.  That makes 3 in 25 years.  Yep, really expendable.  What do you expect to get for him in terms of SP, and what will be the impact on the OF and in the clubhouse?
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