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    dbminn reacted to dxpavelka in Trade Deadline Preview: The Toronto Blue Jays   
    If the offer does not include TWO of those top three it's not a godfather offer and no further discussion is needed.
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    dbminn got a reaction from Melissa in 3 Twins Second Half Storylines to Follow   
    I will:
    Appreciate every Cruz PA while he's a Twin. Enjoy watching Buxton play again, no matter how many or few games.  Follow the young OF, Kirilloff and Larnach, as they continue to improve. Hope Gordon can develop into a solid MI/CF. I'm pulling for the young man after what he went through the past two years. Monitor the trade wire for an answer to the big question... retool or rebuild? Be surprised if Balazovic pitches for the Twins in 2021.   
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    dbminn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Avoiding disaster   
    "Languished" is an overstatement. Lewis was quite good overall in 2018, scuffled in 2019 MiLB, had a very good AFL in 2019, didn't play in 2020, and is now injured from a freak falling accident during a Texas ice storm (seriously, can't make this stuff up).
    At this point, I don't think anyone has any idea what kind of baseball player Royce Lewis is or will be. No one has seen him play a baseball game since the Arizona Fall League in 2019 where he performed well in a small sample size.
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    dbminn reacted to Vanimal46 in Avoiding disaster   
    This. 100% this. 
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    dbminn reacted to Otto von Ballpark in Avoiding disaster   
    I think aiming for a higher draft pick is a challenging needle to thread.
    In 2018, we went 78-84 and got the 12th overall pick. It would have taken a 65-97 record for us to get the 6th pick that year. That's a huge gap! The gap could be narrower this year, but it will likely still be at least 7-8 wins. And for the Twins, it will mean playing even worse the rest of the way than we have so far.
    That's not just shifting wins to losses on a spreadsheet, or simply swapping out a couple expiring contracts for rookies - there would likely be very tangible, real-world health and performance issues among 2022 assets and beyond. Does Berrios fade out again? Does Maeda fail to rebound? Health and performance of Garver, Buxton, and Dobnak? Progress of Larnach, Kirilloff, and Ober? Does anybody step forward in the pen? What can our coaching staff do?
    Not to mention, how does our finish position us in the FA market this winter? Nelson Cruz signed with us after that 78-84 season. Does he sign with us if we were below 70 wins? His previous FA deals were with 85 and 87 win teams. It's not impossible for worse record teams to sign FA, but I think it clearly puts them at a disadvantage in a competitive market.
    Unless you're punting 2022 too, I don't think we want any of that.
    Now, that doesn't mean bury rookies who deserve a chance, but I don't see/project much of that happening anyway. We can still sell a few expiring contracts, and look at younger players over the last 2 months. But there's already enough opportunity on our roster that I think we can accomplish that in the context of trying to finish strong too.
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    dbminn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Avoiding disaster   
    His value is absolutely maxed out right now. He's putting together a season to rival 2019 - his best season to date - and he has 1.5 seasons of reasonable cost before free agency. If Berríos is going to be traded at all, it should be in the next two weeks. His value one year from now will be considerably lower.
    On the other hand, I won't be heart-broken if they keep Jose and try to compete in 2022 if they feel that is possible.
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    dbminn reacted to Seth Stohs in Twins Minor League Report (7/13): Rooker Smashes! And a Rookie League No-Hitter*   
    Well, if we're going to count Rooker and Astudillo for the Twins, we should probably count Columbus's Yu Chang, Owen Miller and Wilson Ramos, right? And their starter, JC Mejia, started against the big-league Twins a couple of weeks ago, and Brad Peacock has a couple of years of service time under his best too. 
    Sam Hentges looked pretty good for them though! 
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    dbminn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Nick Gordon   
    I understand the desire to see Gordon play more but we aren't within a country mile of "ridiculous", in my opinion.
    The trade deadline is in less than three weeks and the Twins are pretty obviously showcasing pretty much their entire roster for possible trade candidates. In the here and now, that is the right decision. Nick Gordon should not be playing over the likes of Arraez, Kirilloff, Larnach, et al for obvious reasons. They're all better players and building blocks to the next good Twins team. Gordon also shouldn't be playing over the likes of Sano, Cruz, Simmons, Donaldson, et al because if the Twins can trade those guys in the next three weeks, they will eagerly do so. Teams don't maximize trade value of a player by not playing them in the lead-up to the deadline.
    Be patient. There is a full two months of baseball after the deadline. If Gordon isn't receiving significant playing time in those two months, I'll likely be standing right next to you in the "ridiculous" camp of arguments.
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    dbminn reacted to roger in 2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread   
    Perkins was BIG 10, and that turned out good.  
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    dbminn reacted to FLTwinsGuy in 2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread   
    Max Mayer might eventually have something to say
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    dbminn reacted to Seth Stohs in 2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread   
    Oh, I'm sure he'll get $2.5 million or more. The Twins selected Enlow with that same pick (1st pick, third round) in 2017 and got him to not go to LSU for $2 million. They were able to do it because Lewis took quite a bit underslot at 1-1. My guess is Davis agreed to a low deal so that they could take Bubba Chandler.
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    dbminn reacted to Seth Stohs in 2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread   
    I would guess every front office and scouting group ever likes these types of picks. There are so few elite prospects. I think getting these two fairly polished college lefties is a good thing. They took their high-upside risk with Petty and Miller... at this point, they have now taken two guys who have pretty high floors with health.
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    dbminn reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Kirilloff and Larnach   
    Yeah, he'd have to OPS .400 for a month before I'd even *consider* sending him back to St Paul.
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    dbminn reacted to darwin22 in Minor League Report (7/11): A Mixed Bag   
    Nash:  Appreciate the updates for our affiliates today, despite a rough day for the Saints in Des Moines against the I-Cubs.
    Attended the Kernels game today (our 3rd road trip after seeing Surge in Springfield and Wichita) and came away with a few observations.
    1. Although battling some early command issues, Tyler Watson pitched effectively completing 4 shutout IP.  Came away wondering if FO plan is to keep Watson as a SP as it appears he pitched exclusively out of the bullpen earlier this year,
    2. Nice day by Wander Javier with 2 hits..1 being a missile line drive triple to left center in the 4th inning.  Javier also had a nice game defensively with 5 assists at SS.
    3.  Came away impressed with DaShawn Kiersey.  Despite a low average he has a strong OBP (.365). Kiersey hit the ball hard in each AB and also stole a base.
    4. Beyond the performance of Watson I was very impressed with the performance of RP Derek Molina. He was lights out in his 2+ IP this afternoon.  Great command with a quality fastball, but even better was his offspeed pitches.  Although Molina's overall season numbers might not look that great-----since June 17th-----8 games (all in relief) he's pitched 17.33 innings allowing only 2 ER (1.04 ERA).  Moreover, his dominance over the last 3 weeks can be proved with a miniscule 0.40 WHIP.......6 hits with only 1 walk over those 17.1 IP.  Molina has also registered 24 K's over that span.  14th round pick from 2017 draft---keep an eye on this kid!
    5.  Great to see Kernels finish off the sweep vs. Peoria despite the bats having an overall down day.  Some of that may have been attributed to Julien and Camargo both getting the day off.
    and finally
    Having never attended a game in Cedar Rapids despite growing up in the area (Cedar Falls) many years ago when they were a Giants, Cincy and Angels affiliate---I was blown away by the game day experience. Had 2 box seats behind Kernels dugout for a total of $26.00.  Parking was free!  Stadium is easy to find in Cedar Rapids.  Concessions are extremely affordable with a great variety of options.  As great as all that was, the Kernels game day staff was extremely friendly not only to my spouse and I, but to fans in every part of the park.  Also, on Sundays--all kids 12 and under eat FREE!!   If anyone is looking for a fun road trip with a quality team to root for------get to a Kernels game this season.  You will not leave disappointed.
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    dbminn reacted to MN_ExPat in 2021 MLB Draft Day 1 Thread   
    Well, my son just went "Whoa! Chase Petty?! The Twins actually just got Chase Petty?"
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    dbminn reacted to Seth Stohs in 2021 MLB Draft Day 1 Thread   
    Hearing that money is very much playing a big role in many of these top picks. That strategy certainly isn't new. 
    Also, the Mozzicato pick is loved by people with the Twins. Love his curveball. 
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    dbminn reacted to Game7-91 in Game Recap: Twins 12, Tigers 9   
    So true, if Buck is back this season would like to see that lineup every day for whatever is left of season.
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    dbminn reacted to yeahyabetcha in Game Recap: Twins 12, Tigers 9   
    Yes.  And even better with Buxton between Kepler and Larnach
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    dbminn reacted to Tom Froemming in Minor League Report (7/10): Jordy Blaze Does it Again   
    Here's Balazovic's entire start crammed into less than 10 minutes:
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    dbminn reacted to Lucas Seehafer PT in Twins Minor League Pitching Report: Jordan Balazovic   
    If 2021 is the year of Josh Winder’s breakout, then 2019 was the year of Jordan Balazovic. The Minnesota Twins’ 2016 fifth-round pick out of Canada shot up the internet’s various prospect ranking systems thanks to an electric fastball and the projectability of his 6-foot-5-inch, 215 pound frame. There are arguably no more important attributes a pitcher can possess in the modern iteration of major league baseball than heat and projectability and Balazovic has both in spades.
    After missing the first couple months of the season thanks to an ailing back, Balazovic has made six starts for the Double-A Wichita Wind Surge, hurling a total of 24 ⅓ innings with his last start on June 30 (5 ⅔ innings) being his longest of the season. He currently owns an uninspiring 4.44 ERA, though 10 of the 12 runs he has surrendered came during two of his first four starts. Over his last 10 ⅓ innings, Balazovic has allowed two earned runs while striking out 14 batters and walking only two.
    Balazovic possesses a funky-ish delivery that isn’t so much violent as it is...flaily?
    This delivery is simultaneously one of his strengths as well as a weakness, at least potentially. The sheer volume of movement of his limbs not only serves as a peripheral distraction, but also helps hide the ball remarkably well, making it difficult for opposing batters to get a solid read on which pitch is barreling towards the plate. Combine that with his healthy wingspan and Balazovic has a natural proclivity for getting people out with his heater (more on that in a second).
    However, this extraneous movement also likely increases the amount of torque placed on his shoulder and back, in particular, potentially threatening his durability. (There’s no way to know for sure unless the Twins allow us to strap electrodes on him and register the force these structures are exposed to and I don’t think Twins Daily has either that kind of budget or access.) That said, Balazovic pushes off well with his back leg, which is the main reason why he is able to sit 93-95 mph with his fastball.
    Speaking of which, Balazovic’s fastball is, in my estimation, one of the better ones in the Twins’ system. He most frequently unloads the pitch near the top of the zone and while command can sometimes be an issue - his 7.1% BB% is tied for the second highest of his career - the fastball can touch as high as 97 mph and possesses great rising action. 
    Of course, Balazovic’s fastball doesn’t actually rise - that would either 1. defy the laws of physics or 2. suggest that he’s secretly Tyler Rogers in disguise - but rather it simply appears as though it is rising to the batter. One of the worst pitches a hurler can have is a fastball that neither sinks nor plays tricks with opponent’s mind and luckily Balazovic checks at least one of those boxes.
    As for his other pitches, Balazovic infrequently throws a changeup that sits 87-90 mph with tailing/sinking movement as well as a slider and curveball that are essentially the same pitch, though the slider is both a little faster (83-86 mph versus 81-83 mph) and has a slightly sharper break.
    The fastball and slider are the two pitches he relies on most frequently to rack up strikeouts and induce outs, in general. The curveball is most often employed in the middle of an at-bat while his changeup is very frequently an afterthought. 
    Watching Balazovic, it’s easy to get excited for what his future holds and it’s apparent why many in and around MLB think that he is perhaps the Twins’ top pitching prospect; he simply looks like a modern day pitcher and has the stuff of one, too. If he can stay healthy, keep the walks low, and keep the ball in the park, he has the potential to be a very solid pitcher with a long career. 
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    dbminn reacted to Lucas Seehafer PT in Twins Minor League Pitching Report: Jordan Balazovic   
    No, he's definitely a starter at the MLB level. His ceiling is probably something like a decent No. 2/great No. 3. His changeup is good from what I saw, he just doesn't throw it much. Could be something Wes Johnson tweaks once he makes it to the majors. Functionally, his curveball works as a third pitch because he employs it in different scenarios than the slider and it is just different enough in velo, movement, etc. to keep batters on their toes. 
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    dbminn reacted to Mark G in One Trade the Twins Can Make With Each Contending AL Team   
    Agreed, but my fear is Jim Pohlad just might try to soften the blow of a possibly expensive new CBA, along with back to back years of big losses, and start fresh with a pretty young and inexpensive (cheap?) team once the dust has settled.  No trade is going to surprise me at this point; disappoint, yes.  Surprise?  No.  Unless, that is, if there are very few or no trades at all.  That's when I would put on my shocked face. 
    Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst at this point.  
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    dbminn reacted to Tim in 7 point twins plan for 2nd half   
    1 - I don't see anyway Rocco is let go following the season. like, none.
    2 - Cruz isn't going to return nearly as much as people are hoping for, there just isn't a market. The return will be an upside lower level prospect.
    3 - Garcia would be great, but he's way to important to the Astros now. They are in the midst of making a playoff run and Verlander + Greinke are going to be 37 year old free agents 
    4 - If you have hopes of a reload for 2022, why deal Donaldson. You're eating a ton of money either way, he's playing pretty damn well, and your just creating a hole for a team that hypothetically wants to be competitive.
    5 - Kepler's value is probably as low as it will ever be. He actually has some fantastic underlying stats if you look at baseball savant, almost identical to his 2019 season. I think he'll get back on track in a matter of time.
    6 - Good call with Simmons.
    7- You can get a lot more for Berrios than what Clevinger got the Indians.
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    dbminn reacted to Mike Sixel in 6 Players the Twins May Take in the First Round of the MLB Draft   
    So, teams that take pitchers are just all wrong? I mean, other, successful, teams do draft pitchers in round 1 (like Tampa, even).
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    dbminn reacted to Mike Sixel in 6 Players the Twins May Take in the First Round of the MLB Draft   
    they really think that pitchers are just lying around in late rounds, and hitters aren't.....they've also devalued defense with their selections....how's that working?
    I guess we'll find out how right they are in the next couple years. I have my doubts it is a sustainable path.
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