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    dbminn reacted to SwainZag in The Elephant in the Room: Joe Mauer   
    I'm guessing it wasn't a typo.  People want to hold Mauer to unrealistic expectations and then completely bash him when he comes up short of them.  It's nothing new.
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    dbminn reacted to KGB in The Elephant in the Room: Joe Mauer   
    Runs per  RBI per
    Age     BA          OBP     SLG    OPS    year      year
    22-27   0.328   0.411   0.477   0.887     82       76
    28-31   0.304   0.389   0.421   0.810     60       54
    Maybe 2013 is possible, but the it sure looks unlikely based on the trends. 
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    dbminn reacted to D. Hocking in The Elephant in the Room: Joe Mauer   
    "dbminn, on 11 Dec 2014 - 07:55 AM, said:
    To those that say he's been on a rather dramatic decline, here's his 2013 stat line:
    Only Mauer's 2006 and 2009 seasons were better. It's not crazy to believe he could have an upside that looks similar to 2013."
    Plus wasn't he on pace to hit 10 to 15 home runs in 2013 before losing the last six weeks to the concussion? I know people want more than that, but I think it shows that there is a good chance only hitting four home runs might have been due more to health than that is what he is going to hit from here on out.  There is a chance that last year was due more to age and the body breaking down and not due to other issues, but we really won't know until we see how this year plays out.
    I think you need to consider he might be breaking down, but I don't think you can just throw out his 2014 stats and assume this is who he is now - at least not yet.
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    dbminn got a reaction from 70charger in The Elephant in the Room: Joe Mauer   
    According to Baseball Reference, Mauer after the DL (Post-August 10) had a line of .289/.397/.408. BR has Mauer's OPS+ vs. splits at 137 and 134 for August and September.
    I expect he'll have a better average and slugging percentage if he can stay healthy. 
    To those that say he's been on a rather dramatic decline, here's his 2013 stat line:
    Only Mauer's 2006 and 2009 seasons were better. It's not crazy to believe he could have an upside that looks similar to 2013.
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    dbminn reacted to stringer bell in The Elephant in the Room: Joe Mauer   
    By the conclusion of the season, Mauer was pretty good at first base.  He's got a longer reach than most and probably more athleticism than most first basemen.  As I said earlier, every first baseman is hit-first and defense isn't the most crucial at first base, but I think Mauer held his own or more defensively.
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    dbminn reacted to Squirrel in Die Hard losing faith   
    Like last year, the games will be on ... in the background ... but they'll be on.  And they'll be turned off when the score becomes lopsided.  That's about all I can manage at this point.  And when they come to town, I'll decide then whether or not I'll put my money into it.  Part of being fans is enduring the ups and downs ... we've had some pretty high peaks and some exceptional valleys.  The earliest games I remember were in '65 ... so I've experienced some pretty exceptional ups and downs.  Good thing I like the roller coaster.  It's frustrating, especially when we have thoughts and ideas that seem better than the decisions that are being made.  But I just can't get too down or 'pulling-my-hair-out' frustrated about it all.  I still love baseball, and I still love the Twins, and I'll keep on watching, even when it hurts.  The decisions are not mine to make and it's just hard for me to get worked up about something so out of my control.  Yes, I occasionally yell at the TV and curse at the FO, but then I move on, because it's out of my control.  It's also just a game.  One I love and enjoy, but it's just a game.  There are truly more important things in life.  I guess that's how I view it and how I handle the valleys.  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  Remember the good times when the bad gets overwhelming.  But lose faith?  Hmmm ... not sure I quite go that far because I still hope, but with perspective.
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    dbminn reacted to nicksaviking in Die Hard losing faith   
    I survived with the team during the lean years of 1993-2000 which saw lots of losing, a strike and a threat of contraction. 
    I'm pretty sure I can weather the current tsunami of sadness.
    My son is four and when sports appear on the TV instead of cartoons he thinks it's the end of the world.  I'll complain and critique in the meantime, but ultimately, the team needs to be good when he finally starts to take notice, so they have a couple years before the losing impacts my long term goals to perpetuate the sport within my family.
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    dbminn reacted to LJHoes in Die Hard losing faith   
    Baseball is a game. It might feel like more, but it's just not. If your local team is causing you angst, just step away. 
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    dbminn reacted to beckmt in Article: Twins Preparing To Make Their Pitch   
    Would rather see the Twins buy Anderson than spend big money on a new starter who will block the kids coming from the minors.  Next year if things go right would be the time to fill holes, not before you know what you have
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    dbminn reacted to tobi0040 in Article: Twins Preparing To Make Their Pitch   
    None of these guys are a lock to put up better numbers than May or Meyer.  And they are not consistent and/or healthy to hand a long term contract if they have a good year.
    I see a lose-lose.  Get a clear upgrade or let the young kids play.
    Sure, it is possible that we could get a good outcome.  The guys pitch well and are flipped, or we get a pick when they leave.  But that potential outcome is not worth seeing May or Meyer in AAA.  They are 25 now.
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    dbminn reacted to beckmt in Article: Twins Taking A Close Look At Justin Masterson   
    Not interested unless the price really drops or several option years are included in the make good.  Not that many good seasons and will only block pitchers the Twins need to find out about this year(May, Meyer, Berrios, Milone, Plefrey).  Some of the above may not be here, but Twins already have 3 filled spots(Hughes, Nolasco, Gibson). 
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    dbminn reacted to jokin in Article: Who Should the Twins Add to their 40-Man?   
    Great in-depth analysis by Seth.  Interesting to note that this year's 3 automatic roster-adds are a whole degree of magnitude more talented and "automatic" than last year's 4 add-ons.  4 questionables in 2013 vs. 3 'no-question' this year.  The top talent is very close to breaking out.
    I didn't like reading again that nagging undercurrent message about Meyer:
    Very troubling to see this lingering doubt yet again in print.  Is this opinion accelerating in baseball circles, is it coming mostly from the outside portentous "I told you so's" with ulterior motives, or, more disconcerting, from voices within the organization-
    ie, based on Meyer's shoulder health, psychological make-up, or organizational frustration over lack of response to the Twins coaching regimen with respect to acceptable progress citerion for an SP?
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    dbminn reacted to twinsajsf in If Joe Mauer was a Free Agent...   
    I realize that the point of this article is not to question the value of JM's current contract.  However, it does indirectly highlight the fact that virtually all large, long-term (5+ years) contracts in baseball end up being bad deals. This is, for better or worse, the nature of the "market".  The irony, of course, is that it is the often same fans who criticize the Twins for not opening the checkbook and going after guys like Scherzer and Lester that also harp constantly about what a huge mistake it was to give JM his big contract.  The message seems to be that the Twins need to spend the big money, BUT they better not make any mistakes in the process. Meanwhile, the reality is that anytime you sign any player to this type on contract, there is a 75% chance that you will regret it later. 
    Oh, and to take a shot at answering the actual question posed, my guess is that teams would offer  3/$45M and Shapiro would be pushing for 5/$75M, so he would end with 4 years around $60M.
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    dbminn reacted to Thrylos in If Joe Mauer was a Free Agent...   
    That is revisionist history:
    a. He is not a free agent
    b. The Twins absolutely had to sign him, otherwise there would had been a revolution (maybe with Prince) in the Twin Cities
    c. I have always thought that his contract was fair at the time, compared to then comparables.
    d. People want to have their pie and eat it too.  And they want a scapegoat for suckage.  And Mauer should be the last one.
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    dbminn reacted to Nick Nelson in Article: Who's The Next Phil Hughes?   
    There are two nice things that can come out of it: 1) Pitcher has a good year and entices needy teams at the trade deadline. The Cubs turned Scott Feldman into Jake Arrieta. 2) Pitcher has a good year, decides he likes it here and re-signs.
    I actually think it makes perfect sense for where the Twins are as a franchise.
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