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    dbminn got a reaction from Mike Sixel in One Trade the Twins Can Make With Each Contending NL Team   
    Thanks for the writeups, Cody. Of your options, I think Berrios to LAD is the best bet. They can't count on Bauer the rest of the season, while Kershaw is on the IL and scheduled for an MRI. They certainly have the money and the prospects to make a deal. ATL should be a market for Berrios too. I'm not sure their corporate ownership cares enough to invest the prospects and money.
    I think the Reds are the least likely to trade at this point. They're too far behind and already have a big payroll for their market.
    IMO, the Twins have a chance to get more (lose less) for Donaldson at the end of the season. He just needs to show he can stay healthy. If not, they can still make a lousy deal during the Winter. 
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    dbminn got a reaction from Mark G in One Trade the Twins Can Make With Each Contending AL Team   
    All of the trades look reasonable as far as need. 
    Out of the trades listed, I think Cruz to Oakland has the best chance of happening. The A's are 10 games over .500 but aren't getting anything out of the DH spot. Moreland has faded. As mentioned, Toronto is another good landing spot for Cruz.
    I'm not sure Kepler will be traded. If he is, I think the Yankees are the best fit. They have only one LHH in the lineup and their OF is really thin. They're playing Tim Locastro and Miguel Andujar in LF right now. 
    Rogers and Berrios will be in big demand if they're available. IMO, uncertainty around the collective bargaining agreement isn't going to stop teams like the NYY, NYM, TOR, SDP, HOU or SFG from making a trade.
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    dbminn reacted to Alex Schieferdecker in Minor League Report (7/8): Wander Walks it Off   
    I asked Aaron Gleeman about this on Twitter a week ago and he pointed out to me that Hamilton was averaging almost a walk an inning. Since that conversation, he's thrown four and a third walkless innings, so if he keeps that up, a promotion will follow quickly.
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    dbminn reacted to Mike Sixel in One Trade the Twins Can Make With Each Contending AL Team   
    It will be a mistake to deal Kepler.
    I bet they deal 2 - 3 expiring deals for not much obvious return. Certainly not near ready players. 
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    dbminn reacted to Nick Nelson in TD Midseason Top 20 Twins Prospect Rankings: 1-5   
    I haven't heard anything specifically worrisome. My guess is they're just giving him a little extra time to manage his workload.
    In fact, there's a part of me that wonders if the litany of injuries and IL stints throughout the system are due in some part to an extremely conservative approach because the Twins are trying to be super careful easing guys in after the lost year. Maybe that's just hopeful thinking.
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    dbminn reacted to Otto von Ballpark in One Trade the Twins Can Make With Each Contending AL Team   
    FWIW. Boston has a top LHB CF prospect who is dominating AAA and is a likely call-up very soon -- Jarren Duran.
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    dbminn reacted to Dodecahedron in Kernels' Backstop Alex Isola is Catching On   
    Good for him.  It doesn't matter that he was drafted in the 29th round.  Now he is in the same room as everybody else, it's OK that he was one of the last in the door.  It's on him now to sweep aside the competition.
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    dbminn reacted to Seth Stohs in Kernels' Backstop Alex Isola is Catching On   
    As he was talking, it really reminded me of Garver and Jeffers. Smart. Great perspective. Understands his role well. Not the hitting chops as those two, but the approach and thoughtful approach are similar. He's pretty impressive. 
    He's not married. I believe he has a girlfriend. 
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    dbminn reacted to roger in Kernels' Backstop Alex Isola is Catching On   
    Love these pieces on some of the players we read about in a box score but don't know anything about.  Sure seems like another top notch young man.  Hopefully, his journey will lead him all the way to his ultimate goal.
    Always curious also about who he is personally.  Is he married?  Has he started his family?  If so, how do they handle his spending four months in Northeast Iowa?  
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    dbminn got a reaction from Dodecahedron in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    I can't imagine walking away from last night's Twins game thinking, "They lost because of Jose Berrios". 
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    dbminn got a reaction from chpettit19 in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    I can't imagine walking away from last night's Twins game thinking, "They lost because of Jose Berrios". 
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    dbminn reacted to MABB1959 in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    Why the Berrios hate?  I love to watching his intensity and how much more it gets when he is in a jam.  He is awesome and we will all be sad to see him go and some of us happy for him to go to a better organization.  If he spends his prime years here it would be sad to not see him get the accolades he would get and deserves on a better team.  He is the only reason I watch now.  I love Buxton but he is out.  Ober and Majeda are worth a watch and some of the new kids are at least making it interesting.  
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    dbminn got a reaction from MABB1959 in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    I can't imagine walking away from last night's Twins game thinking, "They lost because of Jose Berrios". 
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    dbminn got a reaction from bighat in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    I can't imagine walking away from last night's Twins game thinking, "They lost because of Jose Berrios". 
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    dbminn reacted to bighat in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    I love how the Twins score 1 run  and the first comment here is complaining about Berrios. Twins fans, we're an ungrateful bunch when it comes to the few guys that can play. From Buxton, Berrios, Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer, the list goes on.....
    Anyhoo, I watched one inning only, where the Twins had runners on 2nd and 3rd, and just 1 out. With the Sox defense back and essentially GIVING UP THE RUN, Sano grounded out weakly to the pitcher, and Celestino flew out to right.  Instead of answering and cutting the lead to 2-1, the lead stayed 2-0 and it was downhill from there. The Twins fail to capitalize, fail again later in the game, end up with 1 run and lose the game....stop me if you've seen this movie before.
    The FO and coaching staff have stopped teaching fundamentals. They've done the math. With a man on 3rd base and less than two outs, the computers say it's better for a batter hit a HR (or at least try) as opposed to hitting a groundout or sac fly to score a run. It's ruined many players on this team.  Unwatchable baseball.
    Sad for Berrios, and sad for Twins fans who likely won't get to watch this guy pitch much longer. No way he stays here, he's leaving on his own next year or via trade this year. The Twins will be lucky to ever have a guy like that come through their own system again, it may be 20 years before the next La Makina shows up.
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    dbminn reacted to bean5302 in Game Recap: White Sox 4, Twins 1   
    You're quite right. Berrios didn't pitch 9 full innings and strike out all 27 batters on 81 pitches while also batting instead of a DH and hitting 4 solo homers to score the only runs during the game. Clearly, lots of blame for Berrios here as any Twins pitcher would know the defense behind him all wear concrete mittens in the field. He should probably just retire if the Twins don't DFA the bum by tomorrow. It's not like anybody would give the guy even an MiLB contract when he's pitching 7 inning games with 1.29 ERAs and 1.59 FIPs.
    Honestly... starts like Berrios' effort today win Cy Young awards. Do you think maybe you're just a little annoyed with the Twins and taking it out on a guy? LOL
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    dbminn reacted to PDX Twin in Are most pitchers cheating/post-crackdown analysis   
    They used to allow a limited number of articles each month for free. Have they stopped doing that?
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    dbminn reacted to Dman in TD Midseason Top 20 Twins Prospect Rankings: 6-10   
    I would have Winder right behind Balazovich in the rankings if it were me.  Granted Winder is a couple of years older but his stuff seems to play as well if not better than Jordan's.  At the very least I think 8 is too low.
    The Wallner assessment is way to Rosie.  You left out the near 40% K-rate and 500 BABIP.  He was due for some major regression he just got hurt before it happened.  I am not saying Matt is a bad prospect but he has some serious flaws to overcome yet IMO.
    I am excited about Keoni.  Mainly excited about his speed.  The bat has looked solid.  He is not hitting for much power yet but the K rate is under 30%.  He could stand to walk more but he hasn't had much time in pro ball so I am betting he will improve all the way around.  I am hoping the bat will be for real and that he comes into his power as then he will be a true 5 tool player.
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    dbminn reacted to twinstalker in Josh Donaldson Trade Rumor: Twins, Mets In “Very Preliminary Talks”   
    I think this implies:  Can we get Twins talent cheap?  If so, we'll make a play for it.  If not, we'll move on.  Why the Twins?  Most non-contenders don't have talent they're willing to get rid of, except the occasional Freddy Galvis type.  (Better than Simmons, though)
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    dbminn reacted to roger in Minor League Report (7/1): Amarillo by Morning, Fun is Good   
    Thanks for the report, David.  If you click on the Wichita box score it takes you to Wednesday's game.
    Yes, Fort Myers lost, but that pitching staff just keeps getting it done nearly every night.  Gonna have to get to know some of those guys better, a lot better.
    Nice move up to AA for Steer, eh?  And Palacios and Whitefield also keep getting their names in these daily reports.
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    dbminn got a reaction from Dman in Twins Daily Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month - June 2021   
    Thanks, Lucas. I have one quibble - I think Winder is a top-10 Twins prospect right now. He doesn't seem to have any holes in his repertoire. He has multiple pitches with command/control. Like you said, a high floor... with upside.
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    dbminn reacted to darwin22 in Twins Minor League Report (6/30): Balazovic Blows Them Away   
    Absolutely agree with your comment, but I'd suggest that until Duran can prove he can stay healthy--that Josh Winder and Balazovic are the "top 2 SPs" in this organization.  Considering that Falvey/Levine have yet to produce 1 SP during their tenure that has contributed in a positive fashion at the major league level-----these 2 with Duran really need to our hope for the immediate (2022) future.
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    dbminn reacted to lukeduke1980 in Do the Twins Have a Self-Scouting Issue?   
    I've wondered if the constant train of 4A arms seemingly signed to 'see what they've got' shouldn't be better vetted by scouts.  Maybe our scouts are optimistic, maybe the organization is only playing the numbers game and hopes 10% can be coached up.  
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    dbminn reacted to jorgenswest in Twins Minor League Week in Review: Promotions and FCL Opening Day   
    Happy Birthday Jose Miranda!
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    dbminn reacted to jorgenswest in Name your favorite lesser-known Twins players   
    Tom Hall
    He looked so promising ages 20-23. I was so disappointed when they traded him for Wayne Granger. The Twins trade Granger to a year later for What looked to be nothing,
    They received back a 26 year old outfielder who a year earlier wasn’t good enough to crack the historically bad (with the exception of Carlton) Phillies roster. The Phillies traded him to the Dodgers for Tom Hutton who then traded him to the Cardinals for Greg Millikan. 
    Larry Hisle made up for the loss of Tom Hall but they could have had both.
    … and two for Seth that never got the chance. Chuck Weatherspoon  and Ollie Brantley were cited by Rod Carew in his book as being a great help getting through the minors. Both started out in the negro leagues in the 50s. Both were in the Twins system from years playing and mentoring several future Twins including Rod Carew, Jim Kaat, Zoilo Versailles, Tony Oliva, Cesar Tovar, Bert Blyleven and Tom Hall.

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