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  1. I'd love for the Twins to sign Trevor Story, but that feels like a long shot. It helps a little that the Yankees seems to have taken themselves out of the mix with the trade for IK-F and adding the salaries of Donaldson & Rizzo. I recently talked to a family friend of Trevor. The word is that Trevor is waiting for Correa to sign. If Correa doesn't re-up with Houston, the Astros are his likely destination. If Houston signs Correa, then Story is in play for the remaining teams that have expressed interest in signing him. Similar to reports we've heard about Correa, Trevor appears open to signing a 1 or 2 year deal at a high AAV. And then looking for a long-term deal when he will be a top 2 or 3 SS available on the free agent market.
  2. Thank you for 10 years of great content. This is my first post after nearly 10 years as a lurker. When I "semi-retire" in a few months, I look forward to contributing on a little bit more frequent basis.
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