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  1. Possibly. But considering the recent run of pitcher acquisitions, there is probably 100% chance the Ty is gonna need shoulder surgery come early May. Feels like the new Twins Way.
  2. You know this is a banger when comments are questioning if it is a parody. Well done sir
  3. Whitey Ford - they should at least pursue a chance at acquiring the Whitey Ford song by Everlast. It's a nostalgic banger.
  4. He is super valuable, and has a great contract. Probably their best trade candidate. As long as they don't trade him for another pitcher that "has had arm troubles in the past, but we checked him out and he is all good", they should flip him.
  5. This whole list has a feeling of "ugh" sadly, for those hoping for a massive upgrade.
  6. The decision to man the rotation with Archer and Bundy, and NOT invest heavily in known commodities in the bullpen is just a lack of poor planning. Even if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it'll hold up....the lack of course correction sucked. The Twins are in an imminently winnable division every year. And to not go all in when Correa falls into their lap is so sad.
  7. I mean, the real answer, if you sign any of these dudes long term, is Carlos. He is the youngest, so it lessens the long term risk, of all the "top" SS. Plus, he LIKES it here. They literally just have to offer the most. Instead of the most, plus plus, like they normally do. Sign the man
  8. Rocco, to me, is such a small part of the problem. The problem is with roster construction, ability to develop consistently, and deviate from a plan if it isn't working. You could say Rocco has a hand in all of them...but it feels like it's an org philosophy, not just a manager's
  9. If Gardy would have been forward thinking, ( bat Mauer leadoff instead of 3rd for most of his career), the numbskulls would be far less. Dude was elite hitter. Just not elite power hitter.
  10. I'm ready for some baseball. I think the roster is "fine" for now. Obviously adding more pitching would have been awesome, but they are where they are at. Let's see how it goes the first couple months.
  11. I'd highly encourage to expand beyond the scope of just "D1".....there is awesome and talented baseball players to watch everywhere.
  12. I mean, I get your point, but dude is only 44....could be just to keep mind busy and having something to do. Being retired that early in life, you have to do something to stay busy
  13. I demand we name Bundy after Andover. It fits. No one is quite sure where Andover is, and no one is quite sure what kind of pitcher Bundy is. It is a match made in heaven.
  14. Pampered crybabies....you mean the owners, right? The ones who had $10B in revenue....The ones who get tax payer funded/tax breaks/assistance for stadiums to that continue to build their investment. Like the Pohlads, who bought the Twins for $40M, and are valued at $1.3B. Yeah, the players definitely are the crybabies.
  15. Oh, I guess I should have stated, yeah, I think they all should be in.....because of the very reason you stated.
  16. With the DH now open, they can even rest him in the field on cold days (that's why they got Caveman, right? ARG!!!). I have never been more on a side of a player than Buxton...especially if the $70M extension plus incentives, was true. If a team isn't going to pay for elite home grown talent, board em up.
  17. Between steroids, greenies, spit balls, scuffing the ball, corked bats, etc....they are all forms of "cheating". There are a plenty of players in the Hall for all of those but steroids. I think the steroids crew absolutely deserves to be in the Hall....unless we are going to kick out all the HOF'ers who did other forms of "cheating"
  18. This is so depressing :(. I mean, good article, but man I just feel the Twins are gonna end up doing nothing of any consequence.
  19. I am legit the biggest Eddie supporter ever. He has "juice". Totally unquantifiable, and nothing you should really base your analysis on, but as a fan, I loved him. He is going to win the NLCS MVP, then the World Series MVP. But, the Twins were right to let him go. I still wear my Super Rosario hat and hoodie, and continue to love watching the whole Eddie Rosario Experience.
  20. So....I know it's scouting stat line, but Keoni looks like he is having issues. #10 - Keoni Cavaco (Ft. Myers) – 54 games, .247/.305/.321 (.626) with 6 doubles, 2 triples, 2 homers, 23 RBI, 17 BB, 78 K, 5 SB 78K's in 54 games?!? With basically no power. Zoinks!
  21. Yup, I get it. Perhaps my frustration is more diving back in the the Shoemaker pool, then the actual Rogers usage
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