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  1. Tough to hang with this roster, however promising it may appear, with 90+ losses again.  I know it's a different group than the first 90+ losses, but at some point, you gotta be bold...standing pat, just seems, so, wrong.  No stats or anything to back it up, but I can't think patience is a good virtue here, especially when prospects can be become injured/suspects so quickly.  If anything goes wrong with the guys up here now, they could easily hit a 100 loses.

  2. Im sorry, but this makes no sense to me. Why would the twins trade Berrios after he dominated last year in rookie ball, and we need starting pitching more than anything. It would make much more sense (if we did trade for Bauer) to unload hitting prospects/MLB talent and keep a gem like Berrios. He may be a long ways from pitching in Minnesota, but he is dang good and it would be foolish to lose him while the organization is desperate for young, quality, starting pitching prospects.


    My point is the dude is 18 years old....how many 18 year old pitchers look really good, then flame out before they get close to the bigs?!?! My thinking is Bauer IS a young pitcher, who has made it to the bigs. Closer to a sure thing I guess...

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