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    Clare reacted to Dave The Dastardly in The Lockout Diaries: Week 2   
    I rescued my 33-year old son's baseball card collection from the Whirling Dervish who was bound and determined to clean out his former closet for things like... Christmas decorations, and maybe out-of-season coats. Short on baseball news, I have now vowed I will traipse through his collection, reminiscing through those glorious years of yesterday while simultaneously guarding it from the Whirling Dervish and preserving it for posterity. One small step for man, one temporary setback for womanhood.
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    Clare reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Offseason Status Update: Buxton Locked Up, MLB Locked Out   
    The Twins signed Buck, What a great relief to thousands of Twins fans. It simply had to be done. Tony O. and Kitty and Buck O'Neil are going to the Hall of Fame, "The snail's on the thorn;  God's in His heaven - All's right with the world.!" Thank you FO and Hall of Fame Early Baseball and Golden Days Committees and Robert Browning.
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    Clare reacted to Murph in Local Man Angrier at Millionaires than Billionaires   
    The media and MLB want to make this about the 50 players making an exorbitant amount of money.  There are 30 teams with 40-man rosters.  We can pick nits with that number, but 1200 is a big number!  Only the few big-market owners can pay those 50 in an attempt to fill the seats and "buy" championships.  MLB is putting a put a few multi-millionaires on the fields, but for years, younger and younger players are being brought up, not ready for the bigs (not trained in the minors) and the owners pay them less over time. There's an incredible amount of greed in today's game - and in the end, it's the FANS who bear the brunt at the ticket office.  
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    Clare reacted to 2wins87 in Local Man Angrier at Millionaires than Billionaires   
    Haha no of course not.
    Billionaires borrow against their massive equity holdings in order to pay 0% tax.  Meanwhile their holdings increase in value drastically, and eventually they hand them down to their children without anyone ever paying taxes on the gains.
    What kind of silly billionaire would take a salary and have to pay taxes like the rest of us rubes?
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    Clare reacted to Seth Stohs in Local Man Angrier at Millionaires than Billionaires   
    Probably not since they were young. 
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    Clare reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in VIDEO: José Berríos Extension Reaction   
    I agree Tom. I am so frustrated that I am considering not going to Spring Training and not renewing mlb/tv. and simply going on strike against the Twins. My frustration is that from the time the Twins signed Buck/Berrios/Rosario/Hendricks, etc.,, we have been watching their every move in the minors and majors, pulling for them, cheering for them, reading about them, speaking to them in Spring Training, whatever we fans do...only to have them be released or traded or whatever. This is not working for me and I've pulled for this same "Senators-Twins" franchise for 67 years. TD and MLB.com and the ability to afford to go to spring training each March  and to afford trips to Minneapolis have caused me to become more emotionally invested in being a fan of the Twins than ever before.  And I am very frustrated right now. Why am I wasting my time typing this right now. I truly do not know. However I do know this is not healthy. I believe it is time for some space. between the Twins and me. Right now I have had it.  That 7 year Berrios extension with our competition, the Blue Jays,  has been the straw that has broken my back.
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    Clare reacted to Dman in How Does the 2021 Eddie Rosario Experience End?   
    No way to know how things will end with Eddie but if the tiger doesn't change his stripes then I have to believe it ends with a massive Eddie mistake at some point and slump to follow.  I wish him nothing but the best but I think his flaws are his flaws and strengths are his strengths.  The past two years he hasn't been that good so it seems like the shooting star that he is, is likely to fade out at any point now.  Hopefully he keeps his hot streak going through the WS.
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    Clare reacted to mikelink45 in Twins Fans Living Vicariously Through Rosario   
    I posted most of my thoughts in the next Eddie article, but enjoyed your write up Ted.  Eddie has always been fun and fun is something baseball needs.  We keep waiting for Byron to break loose on the bases, but not get hurt and I love the Buxton reactions (let's not lose him), but Eddie was a joy to watch, even if he screwed up and made me laugh.  When people say he hit 215 for us in the playoffs I have to ask what the others hit.  Because I still remember some key hits.
    I do not like the Dodgers (Yankees West), but I also do not like the Braves and my focus has instead been on Eddie and his historical heroics.  I do enjoy seeing Graterol and Pressly too.  And seeing Jason Castro get a key hit was fun.  But it is Eddie who has us on a joy ride. 
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    Clare reacted to ToddlerHarmon in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Getting more than a wild card bid in 2022 is a long shot, even with trade and free agent acquisitions, mostly because the starters that would put us in the World Series aren't available at a price we can pay. Hopefully the young pitchers develop enough to make 2023 more realistic.
    That says to me:
    - *don't* trade Arraez, he's just 24. If this had been his rookie season performance at age 24, we'd be moving pieces all over to find a place for him to play. He can be a huge part of the next group if this group doesn't perform. Start him at 3B as often as you can. Donaldson will need the rest anyway.
    - Sano and Kepler are tradeable as underperformers, and have candidates for their position (Kiriloff, Larnach) waiting to prove themselves
    - don't trade for rentals
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    Clare reacted to ashbury in One Season-Defining Moment from Each Month of 2021   
    The rubric of one game for each month imposes some difficulty, but if the focus is on season-defining moments, for me the April category has to at least consider the April Fools Day game where Josh Donaldson hits a double in his very first plate appearance and then has to come out due to a leg injury.  "Season Over," we joked.  Yeah, kinda was.  Could have said, "Season Defined."
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    Clare reacted to Otwins in Week in Review: Winning Out   
    This is my favorite article each week.  Thanks for the recaps
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    Clare reacted to LastOnePicked in Week in Review: Winning Out   
    I greatly appreciate all your work on these recaps, Nick. Excellent write-ups. Well done. Yes, let's hope they're more fun to write in 2022.
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    Clare reacted to DocBauer in Game Score: Blue Jays 6, Twins 1   
    Justin is a class act. Always has been. He was a TREMDOUS player and representative of the team and still is, He deserved better than a bad loss, but life is what it is. What could have been without serious injuries to he and Mauer? NOT life, but professional life cut short too soon.
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    Clare reacted to AceWrigley in Game Score: Twins 5, Cubs 4   
    If I go to the doctor next week and he prescribes heart medicine, I'm sending the bill directly to the Twins front office.
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    Clare reacted to bean5302 in Sano Sets Strikeout Record   
    Sano has never hit 40 in his career. He'll likely just baaaaaarely get to 30 for the second time this year and I'd say he has an pretty outside shot at 40 once in his career. Kepler has a higher career best home run total than Sano at 36 vs 34.
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    Clare reacted to waltomeal in Sano Sets Strikeout Record   
    Don't believe the hype.  I hit 1000 strikeouts at the Fall social my Junior year of college, when I was much younger than Sano.  Watch me build on the real record at the tavern this weekend. 
    Seriously though, nice write-up Seth.
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    Clare reacted to Mark G in Game Score: Rays 11, Twins 4   
    With all due respect, the Rays didn't beat up the Twins pitching staff, they beat up Albers.  And why he was left in as long as he was to take said beating is not only confusing, it is distasteful.  I could write a short story right now on Baldelli and some of the things he does with the pitching and the lineups, but I don't think I want the carpel tunnel that would go with it, so I will pass and leave it to cooler heads than mine right now.  Looking forward to reading you all instead.
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    Clare reacted to Rosterman in Envisioning a Good Twins Rotation in 2022 (For Real!)   
    Ober is it, for now. Which is WHY is is important that the Twins also let Strotman and Balazovic also get starts at the major league level in 2021. Gives them a good idea of what to work with over the winter (perhaps in Winetr Ball). And those two are on the 40-man.
    The killer was that going in 2021 we had Dobnak, Thorpe and Smeltzer as the reserves. Dobnak has a lot to prove this final month. But he is also in the position of being removed from the 40-man, but still kept in the organization and come back in the spring (shades of Perkins, maybe Balckburn and Mays of old). Both Smeltzer and Thorpe could be claimed, or just walk away if moved from the 40-man (unless the Twins care enough to do a Dobnak contract with either of them, too).
    We have seen Barnes, who is in the mix and a lefty. We have seen Jax and Ryan, both in the mix. We know we can find guys like Albers (and maybe even retain Albers on a minor league contract (you pay them more than  40-man roster contracts, who knows if they will stay). The Twins want to think of Gant as a starter.
    Going into 2022 they have Strotman on the rise (again, pitch him a few games in September). Balazovic and Duran are on the horizon, but for how many innings. Is Colina a starter or bullpen arm. They elevated Bryan Sammons to AAA to see what he can do as he is Rule 5 eligible and a lefty. Winder is a prospect on the rise. From AA they have Sands (Rule 5 eligible), the recovering Enlow, Simeon, and due for AA ball to start 2022 Canterino.
    Yes, they need a free agent ace, and another good innings eater. Pineda is a choice? Well the good news is no one kicked in the door to obtain him at the trading deadline, so his stock may have fallen. Cheap is a happy word in front office land.
    On a side note, on a post about Twins finding too many band-aids for their rotation, I did a quick look at 20 years of top of the rotation (innings) starters, and the 50+ games names of bullpen arms. You gotta love the memories of the name, but you see the same mistakes made over and over and that the Twins develop arms, but since Santana - no to Supermen.
    We just aren't getting innings, from developed pitcher or high-end rentals.
    Motivated me to look back at 20 years of Twins pitching.
    2020: Berrios (53), Dobnak (45), Maeda (66), Hill (38) and our main arms in the pen: Clippard, Duffey, May, Romo, Rogers and Wisler squeaks in.
    Before this, let's look at 100+ inning for starters and 50+ games for bullpen.
    2019: Berrios (200), Gibson (160), Perez (165), Odorizzi (159), Pineda (146). Bullpen: Duffey, Harper, Rogers, May.
    2018: Berrios (192), Gibson (196), Lynn (102), Odorizzi (164). Bullpen: Rogers, Pressly, Addison Reed, Hildenberger. 34 pitchers used in the season.
    2017: Berrios (145), Gibson (158), E. Santana (211). Bullpen: Belisle, Duffey, Pressly, Rogers. Team high 36 pitchers on the club that year
    2016: Duffey (133), Gibson (147), Nolasco (124), E. Santana (181). Bullpen: Kintzler, Tonkin, Rogers, Pressly.
    2015: Gibson (194), Hughes (155), May (114), Milone (126), Pelfrey (164), E. Santana (108). Bullpen: Boyer, Duensing, Fien, Perkins.
    2014: Correia (129), Gibson (179), Hughes (209), Milone (118), Nolasco (159). Bullpen: Burton, Fien, Duensing, Perkins, Swarzak, Thielbar.
    2013: Correia (185), Deduno (108), Diamond (131). Pelfrey (156). Bullpen: Burton, Fien, Duensing, Roenicke, Thielbar in at 49.
    2012: Diamond (173), Liriano (100), Blackburn (98). Swarzak and Duensing (109) both started and relieved. Bullpen: Bennett, Burton, Perkins. A season that might rival 2021...25 arms used of little memory.
    2011: Baker (134), Blackburn (148), Duensing (161), Liriano (134), Swarzak (102), Pavano (222). Bullpen: Perkins, Capps, Burnett, Mijares.
    2010: Baker (175), Blackburn (161), Liriano (191), Pavano (222), Slowey (155). Bullpen: Crain, Duensing, Guerrier, Rauch.
    2009: Baker (200), Blackburn (205), Liriano (136). Bullpen: Crain, Guerrier, Mijares, Nathan.
    2008: Baker (172), Blackburn (193), Bonser (118), Perkins (151), Slowey (160), Hernandez (139). Bullpen: Crain, Guerrier, Nathan, Reyes.
    2007: Baker (143), Silva (202), Santana (219). Bullpen: Guerrier, Nathan, Neshek, Reyes, Rincon.
    2006: Bonser (100), Liriano (121), Radke (152), Santana (233), SIlva (184). Bullpen: Crain, Nathan, Reyes, Rincon.
    2005: Lohse (178), Mays (156), Radke (200), Santana (231), Silva (188). Bullpen: Crain, Nathan, Rincon, Romero.
    2004: Lohse (194), Silva (203), Mulholland (123), Radke (219), Santana (228). Bullpen: Fultz, Rincon, Nathan, Romero.
    2003: Lohse (201), Mays (130), Radke (212), Reed (135), Rogers (195), Santana (158). Bullpen: Guardado, Hawkins, RIncon, Romero.
    2002: Lohse (180), Radke (118), Milton (171), Reed (188), Santana (108). Bullpen: Guardado, Hawkins, Jackson, Romero.
    2001: Milton (233), Radke (226), Mays (233). Bullpen: Carrasco, Guardado, Wells.
    2000: Mays (160), Milton (200), Radke (226), Redman (151). Bullpen: Guardado, Hawkins, Carrasco, Wells, Travis Miller.
    The days of pitchers hitting 200+ innings seems a far reach, let alone have a rotation that can each pitch 100+ innings (can't wait to see 2021 breakdowns). One more call up and the Twins break the record of number of pitchers used in a season.
    Hard to think about the early days when the whole season was handled by 1965 (15), 1967 (12), 1968 (14), 1969 (15), 1970 (13), 1971 (14), 1972 (16) pitchers. I guess people didn't get injured, and I also believe was the era of 4-man rotations, and a total staff of 9. Plus the closer pitched multiple innings. And, as Bert will tell us, more complete games!
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    Clare reacted to Ruven in Joe Ryan and Byron Buxton Highlight an Eventful Night at CHS Field   
    Berriós was 22 on arrival and went 14-8 as a 23 year old. IN ‘17. Must take that into account when considering Ryan’s preparedness for the MLB. He’s already 25. Time to move him along. Looks like he’s too good for AAA. 
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    Clare reacted to insagt1 in Game Score: Yankees 10, Twins 2   
    First time in awhile where Twins were totally out of it. We've discussed it already...Twins can't beat NY. They go into games already wondering how they will lose. Crazy you say? Not at all. Over 15 years of data indicate this is THE classic MLB mismatch, perhaps of all time.
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    Clare reacted to Aggies7 in Game Score: Yankees 10, Twins 2   
    It’s pretty funny how the twins just went toe to toe with three division leaders, winning all series and being very competitive. Now they show up in NY and are blown out early. If there was ever any doubt about the intimidation factor in NY, that should be cleared up by now.
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    Clare reacted to mikelink45 in Game Score: Twins 12, Rays 0   
    I am speechless. Let's keep celebrating 1991 the rest of the season.  
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    Clare reacted to JCinNWMN in Andrelton Simmons Isn’t Good Enough to Get Away with This   
    I clicked expecting parody.  I found an unfortunate amount of reality.
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    Clare reacted to bean5302 in Game Recap: Twins 4, Tigers 2   
    Grossman took so much flak for his defense here, yet UZR/150 shows Grossman is and has been an above average left fielder for Minnesota, Oakland and Detroit for the last several years. Kepler's triple had an expected batting average of .910. If it was a hit, it was going to score a run and put runners at the corners in the bottom of the 6th when they're already down 2-0 with no outs. Grossman came within 1 foot of making a great catch which could have saved the game for Detroit. If you're going to sell out, that's where you sell out.
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    Clare reacted to Mark G in Game Recap: Twins 7, Mariners 2   
    I guess I am showing my age again, but the kid is 25 and in the prime of his physical life, and he can't throw more than 63 pitches???  There is a reason we can't keep players on the field; they baby them so as not to get hurt, and, as such, they are not in good enough condition to not get hurt.  Sounds like a Yogi Berra commercial.  Baldelli has a managing philosophy that says Plan A is to use anywhere from 3 - 5 pitchers a game, depending on how long he allows the starter to go.  That plan is in place 162 games a year.  No such thing as a complete game, that would mean facing the lineup a 4th time and we all know what his computers say about that.  And the way he juggles the lineup, both the batting order and the positions they play, no one can get a true feel for their place.  It is like we have 4 or 5 starters and 8 utility players.  It was easy to manage when the team hits 307 home runs; when that drops, not as easy, and we are seeing that now.  Let the starters be starters, not long relievers, and use your pen when it is needed for something other than to manage pitch counts.  And let your players get comfortable in a position they excel at instead of 3 or 4 they are adequate at.  And use the computer as an aide, not a manual.  Bring back baseball.
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