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  1. But but but there was just an article on TwinsDaily talking about how Baldelli’s back and managing the bullpen so well!
  2. Really good perspective I hadn’t thought about. Thanks. I had initially thought: he looks like he belongs up here- they can’t send him down, but after reading this, I’d be totally fine if they send him to AAA in the interests of the future of SS for the Twins
  3. Interesting angle to highlight one game where his managing decisions paid off. I’d agree that after Duffey and Thielbar performed poorly, Rocco effectively changed how he uses them. I appreciate that, but overall I don’t get the sense that he’s doing markedly better this year.
  4. I get that he’s a first overall pick, but for a rookie who didn’t play the last two years, Royce Lewis sure looks comfortable. I’d imagine they’ll shift him to 3rd and Urshela to first when Correa comes back? They wouldn’t send him down, right?
  5. Good thread and it’s interesting to think about. What I’ve gotten from Buxton and Baldelli’s quotes is that there’s a plan. And it’s to get him to 100 games and they’re sticking to the plan. I guessssss I’m ok with that though it really, really stung not to have him pinch hit in Saturday night’s game especially in the 10th inning when one hit would’ve either tied or won it. Just feel like you gotta throw anything at it you can to try to win in a situation like that.
  6. Yep. And to repeat what’s being said on Twitter a lot: why in God’s name was Buxton unavailable to pinch hit at all. So weird- the playoffs are not a given so why do they act like they need to keep everyone healthy for it?
  7. Ooooh. Excited for Balazovic, SWR and Povich tomorrow. Thanks for this write up!
  8. And I love how Morneau just casually says “fastest pitch ever for a Twins pitcher”
  9. Nice work, Griffin Jax! All the pitchers actually. Duffy really needed that clean, high leverage inning and Pagan batted.
  10. Get Miranda (1B) and Lewis (CF for a while) up here. They can’t do any worse than what’s currently on the field
  11. Nice post. I also thought Sanchez missed the home run by a “couple feet” though an earlier poster said a couple of inches. A buddy of mine said it “was very close” but I didn’t think so. Regardless, not enough to merit a bat flip in my opinion. He was getting roasted on Twitter saying he thinks he’s still in Yankee stadium. Great insight on Duran and the question of what he is: an inning 5-7 fireman or the closer? Like you said: “good problem to have” and I enjoy it, but if he’s got the intestinal fortitude for it, I’d say just make him the closer. Not sure who else could do it.
  12. Nice. Well-written and moving. Thank you.
  13. A lot to like! Opening Day for a number of teams. A well-written article (thanks Seth). Royce Lewis 3-3 on steals in 3 games- I guess I didn’t realize he had THAT kind of speed. Those LEDs in Cedar Rapids were wild- makes me want to take in a game there even more! ENCARNACION-STRAND! Wow. What an opener for him. Will be fun to follow him on these pages this season. Can’t wait!
  14. Ooo Landon Leach is back. There’s a name I had basically forgotten about. Hope he can find something
  15. Yeah this season has been a dud, but I took my wife and five year old tonight. Great weather and we got fired up during the offense’s outburst. Kepler’s triple was awesome. Fun to enjoy some outdoor, winning baseball on a beautiful evening. Wish we could have more of this.
  16. Games like this from Sano give me fleeting hope. Now I’m buckled up for him to stink for a week. Some consistency would be great from him. Limit the strikeouts, please! I like how his plays 1st base too.
  17. Great write up. I was laughing enough to take the sting out of a loss. Just wish a highlight of Turtle’s route had been included.
  18. I really like this group. Thanks for the write up! Where can I read more about Beck’s circuitous route to MILB?
  19. No way they will trade him, but they absolutely should.
  20. Holy smokes. How soon can that Yennier Cano guy get to Minneapolis?
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