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  1. This article adds to the complete failure of an off-season by the front office.  You almost couldn’t have as bad of a year if you were trying to fail.  Rule 5, free agency complete whiffs that made the team actually worse, no impactful trade, inability to sign young stars.  It couldn’t possibly be worse and historically has to be among the worst of all time.  Their ability to evaluate talent was just flat wrong on every level.

  2. Absolutely call up Arcia, but……...


    The guy is a platoon player.  He mashes right handed pitching but can't hit left handers.  Look up his splits.  He is not even close to being serviceable against lefties(not to mention factoring in his defensive ability).  In fact his OPS in triple A right now is 590 Vs lefties.  However………….he crushes righties in AAA and in the majors.  Have him play against righties only and pinch hit late in the game for Santana, Suzuki, Hicks VS right handed relief guys on days a lefty starts.  


    Its time to call a spade a spade with this guy.  His defensive liabilities are worth it vs right handed pitching only.  A platoon and pinch hitter is what we have and he could be a very productive one at that!!

  3. Here is what you do with Aaron Hicks....



                                                                                     avg - OBP - slg - OPS

    Arcia's numbers vs lefties this year and last year - .181 .252 .324 .576 - 2013 -.254 .274 .386 .659

    Hick's numbers vs lefties this year and last year  - .269 .415 .365 .781 - 2013 - 203 .273 .441 .713


    Arcias numbers vs righties this year and last year - .234 .310 .483 .793 - 2013 - 249 .318 .451 .769

    Hick's number vs righties this year and last year  - .191 .306 .234 .540 - 2013 - .189 .255 .311 .566


    Pretty obvious looking at those numbers these guys have some pretty severe splits in the opposite direction.  Why not just accept the fact that both these guys are probably not every day MLB stars and only play them when they have a chance to be successful.  


    Hicks could give CF and LF days off functioning as a 4th outfielder as well with a RH starter.  He would also be a late game defensive sub in games the twins have the lead.  Arcia is a bat off the bench against a solid RH bullpen pitcher late in the game on days with a LH starter.


    Havent heard a lot of talk about this but it makes too much sense to me.

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