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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to DocBauer in Rankings Update: 4 Twins Prospects Crack MLB's Top 100   
    You might get your wish come this time next year, if not before.
    Festa just might be on the top 100 at some point next year if he continues his amazing ride. But he has to maintain what he's doing and continue to improve.
    Raya is being brought along slowly as he's had a couple minor tweaks here and there after being drafted in covid 2020. But he appears to be the complete package, given a little time. 
    And Prielipp is also being nurtured carefully after he's thrown so little the past year and a half. But a healthy, strong 2nd half this season could see either, or both, contending for a top 100 spot fairly soon.
    Without going in to needless details at this early point, there's a handful of arms in A and low A that could surprise in the next year or two.
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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to miracleb in 4 Early Trade Targets that Can Upgrade the Twins' Offense   
    Agree with Karbo.  1st base and DH are not positions of need.......
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