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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to tony&rodney in State of the Twins Farm System - 6 Years Into Falvey's Reign.   
    This is a critical yet fair synopsis of the Twins farm system under the current front office. It seems there are frequent comments that the Twins didn't have any good players or prospects when the change was made that brought in Falvey and Levine. The Twins had prospects then and they do now and it is relatively the same. 
    The players on the MLB roster and those on the milb rosters need to step forward or we might have some real doubt emerge from the Pohlad family about the present regime. That said, the Pohlads are mostly hands off, supportive, and somewhat disinterested as long as budgets are met (they are always in line). 
    This coming offseason will be interesting and depend heavily on how the remainder of 2022 plays out.
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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to weitz41 in An Unconventional Trade Target   
    Hmm interesting trade target. A few seasons ago we did a trade with them  Romo and Vallimont for Lewin Diaz. There's plenty of possible bull pen arms on their big league club that may help the Twins and add Nardi to. Miami could use bats and we certainly have a few of those we could part with to make something work. 
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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to bean5302 in Twins prospects that I was wrong on   
    Hahaha, I'm wrong on prospects all the time. Sometimes I think they'll be great, sometimes I think they'll flop.
    The truth is, you never really know if their game plays until they start playing at the MLB level. My biggest mistake recently is I didn't have high hopes for Jhoan Duran. I felt like if MiLB hitters could lay off his stuff and take walks, MLB hitters would for sure have him figured out. Seems like Duran's struggles with walks last year might just have been the UCL or maybe he's just gotten better with control considering he's never been this good at controlling the free pass at any level.

    In any case, he's walking almost nobody this year and still striking everybody out.
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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to Greglw3 in Which Pitching Prospect Will Help Twins Next?   
    I'm all for it. We’re going nowhere with Happ and possibly Pineda. I think you’re right in that we can’t know who the pitching equivalents of Larnach and Kirilloff are unless we give them a chance. Some really intriguing relievers too! 
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    IndyTwinsFan reacted to twinsajsf in What Must Happen For Twins In Florida?   
    On Sano in RF:  "less than large defensive shoes to fill".  I've been waiting for someone to acknowledge this.  Lost in all of the angst about whether Sano can be at least an adequate (not embarrassing) right fielder is that we employed arguably the worst right fielder in MLB last year.  Even if Sano is well below average at the position, that might still be an upgrade over last season.
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