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  1. Major league average for saves converted is 61%, and inherited runners scoring is 35%, 5 years ago those numbers were 66% and 30%, so I think bad relief pitching is MLB wide. I think part of the problem is the three batter rule, though this years and last years numbers for those two stats are on par with 2019, the last year of the specialist. I think this rule puts pitchers in a position to fail because they are either brought in one batter too soon or left in for too long. I'm not saying this is the Twins problem, but it seems the relievers give up a big hit to the first or second batter they face then settle in, or get the first two batters out then fall apart as the manager tries to get said pitcher to finish the inning. Just my $.02 worth.

  2. I think they need to get their minor league rotations lined up with the big clubs. Jax, Ober, Pineda and Maeda need to stay in order and the upper minors need to line up for the 5th spot. Bring them up two at a time and let them know that they are getting about 60 pitches to show what they got, then the other guy is coming in for about 60 pitches. These two pitchers would also be eligible to pitch an inning or so on the day of their scheduled BP session. Don't bring them in in the middle of an inning, simulate a start as much as possible. The current bullpen could handle 2 of its current members being demoted to AAA or DFA'd. There are enough guys needing to be looked at to do this until the end of the season. We as fans just need to be more understanding and accept that this will be a necessary evil. 

  3. I am very optimistic about the talent on the field, both at the MLB level and in the minors. My biggest area of concern is the manager. Baldelli has made far too many head scratching in-game decisions and his lack of a consistent line-up is hard to take. 

  4. I would go after Syndergaard, but I think the Mets will re-sign him. The other 4 are going to be out of the teams price range, but offers should still be extended. The only guys signing for two years are older vets, and they would more than likely look at a team that is for sure contending over those two years. I see the Twins signing the likes of Steven Matz, Zach Davies, Alex Cobb, Brett Anderson or Tyler Anderson.

  5. So let me get this right. No fire sale needed but you want to get rid of Pineda, Happ, Colome, Robles, Simmons and Donaldson? On top of already trading Cruz. That's 2/5 of the rotation, 1/4 of the BP, and the left side of the infield. Whether the players are effective or not, that is a lot of holes to fill. I am all about improving the team and getting return on expiring contracts, but that looks, sounds and smells like a fire sale.

  6. How about something outside the box, maybe 3/$66M with performance incentives to trigger each successive year. They just have to agree on the number of years. And maybe after year 5 there could be an opt-out so he can try FA again at age 34. He gets paid handsomely and if he manages to stay healthy and/or perform on the field gets long-term security ($$$). Don't know if the MLBPA would go for a deal like this but I think it could work well for both sides.

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