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  1. With how Kiki Hernandez eased into the everyday CF spot in Boston, I would be very open to signing Taylor as they are very similar players. I do agree that he would be starting at SS for the first month or so and I don't know if that would be a good thing.  That being said, I don't know if 2 years $14M will get it done though, his 3 HR playoff game is fresher in teams minds than Hernandez's was when he hit FA and middle defense fielders get paid more $$$. His signing however makes Arraez, Astudillo, and Cave expendable, so maybe the team pulls the trigger and signs him, 

  2. 1 hour ago, Nine of twelve said:

    I already forget if it was Dick or Justin (or both) who said they've never seen a double play like that. Nor have I. That's one of the great things about baseball--you can have seen thousands of games but still see something new.

    Oh, and winnah!

    I was at one of the games against the Angels when Simmons threw behind the runner on a similar play, no out at second and Sano let the throw to first get by him. Glad to see it only took 161 games to get the infielders on the same page....

  3. 23 hours ago, Dennesey55347 said:

    Buxton has 221 AB's this year. 18 Hr's (12 solos and six 2-run shots) for a total of 24 RBI's from HR's. His other 6 RBI's came in the remaining 203 "non-HR" AB's. You read that right. That level of production outside of the long ball has to be the lowest in MLB.


    Of those 203 "non-HR" AB's, 82 have come with runners on base (91 PA's); he is 30-82 with 18 RBI in those AB's. With RISP he is 11-46 (50 PA's) with 11 RBI. Not a lot of chances to drive in runs....

  4. 22 minutes ago, Danchat said:

    It's Excel's Conditional Coloring, which simply highlights the higher numbers in green and the low numbers in red. It's just an easy visual representation of who is good at what.

    Yes, AA is faster than A, but you make a good point. I was just looking at steals, but I should consider how often the player was actually caught. 

    According to Baseball Savant, Buxton's sprint speed is 30.0 ft/sec, Gordon and Polanco 27.9 ft/sec; Merrifield is 28.6 ft/sec, Lopez, Dozier and Taylor are 28.2 ft/sec and Mondesi 28.1 ft/sec. 

  5. Sign a SS, start Larnach at AAA again to gain some confidence, trade Sano if possible and Arraez and Miranda can be Utility guys rotating through1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF and DH. Play match-ups as much as possible to help. Much more flexibility than Cave and Astudillo give, though I can see the team somehow trying to keep both on the roster.

  6. 16 minutes ago, RonCoomersOPS said:

    That's probably fine. We could just as easily give his roster spot to Cruz or keep Astudillo, then.

    Astudillo and Cruz (if they signed him) would be in the way of getting the younger guys up. Cabbage, Miranda, Lewis, and Martin should all be up at some point next year. Kirilloff, Larnach and Buxton should all be healthy (hopefully) and need to play regularly. Astudillo could place hold, but Cruz would be a luxury, a nice luxury, but still a luxury.

  7. I would be happy never seeing Arraez play 3B again. He has a hard time making the throw and he should have more fielding errors as he has had a lot of balls hit off his glove. If they could package Kepler and Arraez for starting pitcher that would be a plus. 

    C - Garver

    1B - Kirilloff

    2B - Polanco

    SS - FA (Galvis, J. Iglesias)?

    3B - Donaldson

    LF - Larnach

    CF - Buxton

    RF - Kepler

    Bench/DH - Sano, Gordon, Miranda, Jeffers, Rooker/Refsnyder/Garlick/Cave(pick 1, 2 if Kepler is traded)

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