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Posts posted by mnfireman

  1. TD is a bunch of GM-wannabes who think they know everything about Player A, B or C. They do not. Especially if numbers can used to prove that their opinion is wrong. Gallo is who he is. He is going to strike out, he is going to walk and he is going to hit HR's. He is also going to play above average defense and fans are going to not like him. 3 true outcomes suck and I do not think they are good for the game, but here we are.

    He has a reasonable 1 year contract and the team can release him and walk away at any time. I do not see a losing side to this contract. 

  2. Barring signings, trades and injuries, I feel that this should be the "regular" line-up:

    LF - Gallo (L)

    SS - Correa (R)

    2B - Polanco (S)

    CF - Buxton (R)

    DH - Larnach (L)

    3B - Miranda (R)

    RF - Kepler (L)

    C - Vazquez (R)

    1B - Kirilloff (L)

    Bench - Gordon (L), Jeffers (R), Farmer (R), Taylor (R).

    Waiting in the wings - Garlick (R), Julien (S), Lewis (R), Celestino (R), Wallner (L), Lee (S) & Martin (R).

    The top 3 see a lot of pitches (4.26, 4.09, & 4.27 p/pa), the top 6 all have good power potential, and there is decent speed mixed in there, 7 of 9 starting batters are league-average or better.

    The defense should be better, 2 GG OF's and another who should have one, a GG SS and an above average C. The right side may be bleed some hits, but I think Kirilloff will be better at 1B than Arraez was.

    Kirilloff's wrist is slightly protected by batting lower in the line-up, meaning fewer plate appearances, plus he can be scheduled days off, putting Gallo or Miranda there and subbing in Gordon or Farmer.

    The tough decisions will come if Joulien starts out hot at AAA and what to do in July when Lewis comes back. Injuries or performance will probably influence these decisions.

    IF the young players can learn to hit same-handed pitching the alternating line-up can go away

  3. 22 minutes ago, NotAboutWinning said:

    The broadcast team (camera operators, producers, announcers) migrated from Fox Sports to Bally. I expect they will go to MLB or the next broadcasting company... whomever decides to pick it up.

    Yeah, I figured that.

    I think they'll review the local teams and keep/replace as they deem necessary. Bremer has done national games with FS1 and maybe Fox.

  4. 3 hours ago, JD-TWINS said:

    Not sure why Gordon can’t play 135 games in OF in ‘23? He gained 25lb from January - June and played whenever needed & wherever needed last year. Much stronger & more stamina.

    85 starts in LF - 50 starts in CF in ‘23.

    .272 BA in ‘22

    28 doubles - 9 HR - 98 OF starts in ‘22 - 405 AB’s 

    Why wouldn’t he hit 38 doubles & 12 HR in 575 AB’s in ‘23?? I think he’s gotta play daily & deserves to play daily after last season.

    He played nearly every day in Sep/Oct and slashed .252/.298/.396 (.694 OPS) compared to .279/.323/.439 (.762 OPS) through August 31 as a part time/utility player. He also slashed .200/.298/.275 (.542 OPS) vs LHP compared to .289/.329/.465 (.793 OPS) vs RHP. He is best suited to a utility/platoon role.

  5. 2 hours ago, tarheeltwinsfan said:

    Unfortunately this was a good article about Kep's limitations. What struck me was the ridiculous number of times Kep batted in the 1-4 spots in the batting order in 2022. This fact does not speak well for Rocco, who kept putting Kep in those spots in the batting order.  " The left side of the infield is wide open. And Kepler swings and hits a two-hopper to the second baseman, who throws him out at first."

    Would you be surprised to know that Kepler's slash line in the 3-4 spots was .262/.352/.372 for a .724 OPS in 2022? And the Twins 3-4 hitters slashed .254/.333/.389 for a .722 OPS overall.

  6. 5 minutes ago, In My La Z boy said:

    I was hoping Gordon would get a shot at left.

    I believe Gordon will get plenty of playing time in 2023, but I don't think he is an everyday player at any position. He played almost everyday in Sep & Oct last year and his numbers, when compared to his overall numbers, were way down. For the season he finished with a slash line of .272/.316/.427, but his Sep/Oct slash line was .252/.298/.396. There are many reasons for numbers falling off, and over-exposure is one of them. He will be better suited to 2 or 3 starts a week and some late inning PH/defensive replacement appearances, about 100 games overall.

  7. 37 minutes ago, I wish the twins were good said:

    HIPPA applies to medical professionals and other related entities. Employers - including sports teams - aren't covered under the law. Athletes consent to share their medicals with their employer/team when they sign their contracts, and the employer/team is free share that information with the media. 

    MLB could just do what the NHL does - (insert player name) is out with a lower-body injury.

  8. The Twins were in 1st place as late as September 4 when the injuries finally put the finishing touches on the season, 11-22 record after Sept 1, a .333 winning pct. that would be 54-108 over a full season. This years team is definitely better than that, as was last years. At the same time, Cleveland got unbelievably hot, finishing 24-10, a .706 winning pct. that would be 114-48 over a full season, Cleveland is not that good.

    I believe that the injuries have to level off compared to last year and this team will be competitive, as I feel somewhere between 88 & 92 wins will win the division again. 

    As far as who takes his place as the lead-off hitter, Philadelphia made it to WS with Kyle Schwarber, let's put Gallo there (only half kidding actually)'

  9. 5 minutes ago, rwilfong86 said:

    His defense is actually not terrible, for a player who has played multiple positions. He didn't commit a single error at 1st last season and was a Gold Glove finalist. I find the defensive liability argument to be weak.

    Arraez's play at 1B is the perfect example of the metrics or stats making a player out to be better than he was. I saw too many times where he went after a ball to his right that he should not have and too many times where he did not leave the base to save a bad throw, resulting in extra bases for the runner. To me, the eye test wins out over the metrics concerning his defensive play at 1B, and he did not pass.

  10. 15 minutes ago, rwilfong86 said:

    Salas in AA by the end of 2023 would be a reasonable goal. I live 2.5 hours from Wichita so that would be a fun "scouting trip" to make.

    Salas has played at 2 levels so far every year as a pro, and I would expect him to do so again this year. He played 48 games at High A last year and the Marlins High A team is in the same league as the Twins High A team, so he's seen a lot of the competition already. The development/advancement of Lee, Julien, Lewis, & Martin may hinder his advancement though.

    1 hour ago, rwilfong86 said:

    At the end of the day, Miami is a better team, the Twins really aren't. 

    Miami is talking about moving Chisholm to CF and playing Arraez at 2B, I don't think that makes them a better team. Also, they traded a starter who gave them 32 starts and 180 innings and are moving forward based on health and potential. If we are going to go forward based on health and potential, I like Kirilloff, Joulien, Lewis, Larnach and Polanco, teamed with Farmer and Miranda over Arraez to cover the UT/DH role.

  11. MLBTR has reported the Minnesota Twins may be in on aging slugger Yuli Gurriel. The former Astro slumped in his age 34 season, dropping to an 84 OPS+ after posting an impressive 131 mark in 2021. To the Twins, Gurriel likely looks like a rebound candidate but even despite his bad overall offensive performance last season, he posted a slightly above average .740 OPS against left-handed pitching.

    Though he can slot into the short side of a platoon with Alex Kirilloff, Gurriel is not an outfielder, which would help his playing time on the Twins roster. With right-handed Jose Miranda already roaming the infield and able to play third base, the most natural fit is for Minnesota to pursue a righty outfielder to complement Max Kepler, Trevor Larnach, Nick Gordon, and Matt Wallner.

    View full rumor

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