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  1. Or they could just enforce a rule already in place: Rule 8.04: “When the bases are unoccupied, the pitcher shall deliver the ball to the batter within 12 seconds after he receives the ball. Each time the pitcher delays the game by violating this rule, the umpire shall call ‘Ball.'”
  2. Here's an article that says just the opposite: https://www.mlb.com/news/how-pitch-clock-is-working-in-minor-leagues-in-2022
  3. I think (hope) the 100 game plan is just for this year and did not come into play until he hurt his knee. Going forward Buxton himself needs to figure out how to stay on the field. He has started to dial in the recklessness in the field that led to running into walls and teammates, now he needs to figure out how to not get hurt on the bases. If he had been running hard on that pop-up, he gets second standing up. Since he didn't (nor do many MLB players), he should have been content to stay at first instead of having to awkwardly slide into second and jam his knee (like many MLB players have done). We also don't know how much of his hip problems are related to running to first, stepping on the bag (creating a jamming force on the ankles, knees and hips), and coming to an abrupt stop from full-speed. I do love the hustle, but sometimes you need to let the routine grounder to the pitcher or second baseman be routine and just jog to first. Groundballs to short and third are potential infield hits and you gotta go hard to first!!
  4. Ummm, no. He and his agent negotiated escalating bonus clauses into his contract that could make the contract worth up to $23-25 MM per year
  5. Lewis wouldn't be the first SS pushed to another position by a superstar, not even the first one by Correa...
  6. 15-8 with, 5-7 without. I'd like to see him play 135 games, so roughly 88-47 with, 11-16 without; 99-63 overall. Could probably win the division even if his games played went down to 125 or 130 at those rates. Contusions/bruises are really hard to judge how long the after effects last, he could wake up June 1st and be pain free and play every game the rest of the way, or he might feel it all year and only be able to play 2/3 or 3/4 the rest of the way. Or worse, favoring the knee re-aggravates the hip and he has to be shut down for ???
  7. I think anybody who's watched this team the last couple of years knows that when Baldelli gives a guy that has nagging injuries the day off, he has the whole day off (see Cruz, Donaldson, Garver, Buxton, Polanco, Jeffers, Correa...). Willis basically only had to prepare for the starting line-up and make bullpen moves accordingly.
  8. So in a tight, extra innings game, only Contreras was available off the bench? Too many pitchers on the roster if only one guy is available off the bench and pitchers can go 3 or 4 days between appearances.
  9. While I believe days off are a necessary thing in keeping a player healthy, sometimes game situations require said player to be become available. Tonight's game presented such a situation and its not even the first time its happened this season. Buxton could have hit for either Miranda or Gordon in the 10th and could have also hit for Celestino in the 8th. If/when the situation warrants it, a player on the bench needs to be ready to enter the game, not content that he has the day off and that will not change. It shortens the bench and hurts the team. Teams already start with a short bench, so play him when needed whether its a start, a pinch hit/run, or defensive replacement or IL him. And I don't just mean Buxton.
  10. Buxton is 3-10 with a HR against Bieber, so it can't be a match up thing.....
  11. Maybe he will get on track this year, maybe not. His advanced and peripheral numbers are not good so far this year. Exit velocity and barrel % against are at career high levels, which puts hard hit % also at a career high. Batters are also making more contact and swinging less at his pitches outside of the strike zone. They are also hitting the ball up the middle or to the opposite field at higher than normal rates against him. His K/9 and K/BB% are also way down. , On a positive note, his velocity and pitch movement are in line with his career numbers and BABIP is at a career high. His actual ERA is also below his xERA, so it is possible that he will turn things around.
  12. I think the Twins have gotten as much as they are going to get out of Sano. He turns 29 tomorrow and history is not kind to sluggers his size as they approach and pass 30, just look at the Fielder's, Cabrera, Hrbek, Luzinski, and several others that I know I am forgetting. Even Thomas and Papi and Albert each battled injuries and production issues after and into their 30's. Thank you Miguel Sano, but I believe it is time to move on and let him have an opportunity elsewhere.
  13. I would have liked for Ryan to try to get that third out to get his 5 innings and maybe pick up a win if the team scores in the 6th.
  14. If Lewis is for real and Correa opts out after the season, the future would look very bright, especially if Martin and the young pitching is for real. If Correa decides to stay and even agrees to an extension, Polanco becomes a very attractive trade piece (I say Polanco because of the love for Arraez on this site).
  15. The 8th was the bottom of the order, which rolled over to the top of the order. The 9th has their 3, 4, & 5 spots coming up. If the Twins don't score or only score 1, that is the high leverage situation.
  16. Keep running a guy out there who is an automatic K in every situation and expecting different results is the definition of what??
  17. Sano has earned $1.5MM so far this season (1/6 of $9.25MM) but according to fangraphs his production thus far has been worth -$6MM. If the Mets can justify DFAing Cano and his remaining $40MM for lack of production, I think the Twins can justify eating the $7.5MM owed Sano (didn't include the $2.75MM buy out option for next season). He is completely clueless at the plate and is a defensive liability.
  18. I would like to see Miranda play well enough for the team to DFA Sano and to put Arraez back into a utility role. Sano is totally lost at the plate and is a liability defensively. Take away Arraez's two best games and he is slashing .224/.307/.293 for the season, not the GREAT offensive player many make him out to be, and is also a defensive liability.
  19. But they are middle of the pack, 16th of 30, in IP/Start @ 4.8, 26th of 30 in Pitches/Start and are tied for the most starts of 80 or less pitches. The BP has been used plenty and will continue to be.
  20. I believe the Twins probably benefitted from the 28 man roster more than any other team, but could possibly mange just fine with 26. The 28 man roster allowed the team to cover up short starts and nagging injuries as well as give players days off to rest or mentally recover. I think they should send one position player and one pitcher to AAA. My choices would be Winder and Celestino, as they would be better served by getting regular playing time and a regular turn in the rotation. I also think when Kirilloff comes off the IL it should be Garlick getting demoted because Larnach has looked good. Having Arraez, Gordon, and Kirilloff being able to play multiple positions to give Correa, Buxton, Sano and Urshela days off. It also allows the team to keep Godoy as catching insurance without production drop-off from the rest of the line-up.
  21. He's had issues with fielding balls to his right, i.e. knowing which ones to let go to the 2B, but is less exposed as a bad fielder. As long as the P remembers to head to first on every grounder to the right side he should be OK.
  22. Ummm, no. He caught the ball on the run, got his whole body into the throw and it still hopped a third of the way between the mound and the plate. He is in the role he should be in. He is good enough to play SS, 2B, 3B, LF & CF on a short-term role, but his weaknesses would be evident over a whole season (weak arm, holds the ball to long, weak bat.) Keep putting him out there 2-4 days a week in a position to succeed and he should be a passable utility player.
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