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    puckstopper1 reacted to TopGunn#22 in Going Forward - Retool or Rebuild?   
    I'm hoping the plan is a re-tool, but still with some major changes.  You've laid the basic premise out nicely Mike8791.  I'm going to go with the easy stuff first:
    Cut bait on Sano.  Either move him at the trade deadline for a bag of baseballs (for salary relief) or simply buy him out for $2.75 million at seasons end and be done with him.
    Look for takers on Max Kepler.  I don't think Max will ever get back to his 2019 form.  I wonder how much of a mirage that was for a LOT of our players.  But he is still a very good defensive RF'er.  He has value and should be moved to a team looking for OF help.
    I would leave our catching personnel alone.  Jeffers and Rortvedt are struggling offensively but should improve.  Garver can be used as a catcher/1B/DH type of bat.
    I'm not averse to moving Donaldson for the right package.  Arraez can hold down 3B and/or Miranda.  
    Cruz COULD be dealt for the right package but I'd be O.K. if we kept him.  It depends what teams would be willing to part with.  I'd be happy to keep Nellie for another year.
    With Donaldson, Sano and Kepler gone that would be about $40-$45 million freed up.  Some of that would be used to re-sign Berrios and Buxton.  The rest, to plug holes.  And there are plenty of holes.
    I don't think Simmons is back with the Twins next year.  I don't think Lewis will be a SS in the future and with him missing the entire season this year he can't be counted on for anything until late next season at the best.  This means serious money needs to be allocated for a long-term SS.  I see Story and Baez as targets.  Polanco belongs at 2B.  If this team hopes to be relevant the next 2-3 years they need a SS !!  
    One other point:  I've finally, after a lot of musing, decided that between Berrios and Buxton if I keep one and part ways with the other, would keep Berrios.  PITCHING is what will make the Twins a playoff-competitive team.  it ALWAYS is.  Look back on Twins history.  In 1962-63 they pitched and finished 2nd & 3rd to the Yankees.  In 1964 they had GREAT hitting, but didn't pitch well and finished 7th !  In 1965 they pitched and won the A.L. Pennant despite missing Killebrew for half the season.  In 1966 & 1967 they pitched and were runner-ups.  In 1969 & 1970 their pitching was good and they won the division.  Fast forward to last year.  They won the division because they pitched much better than they hit.
    We will NOT be better next year, if,  as a team that has pitching issues, we trade Berrios or Rogers.  We could possibly be better without Pineda but NOT without Berrios.
    In the entire time Buxton has been a Twin it seems like he's played in half the games.  We've learned how to play without him and still be good.  Are we better WITH him ??  Clearly, we are.  But if I'm going to make a blockbuster and get an insane return of value for a player, I part with Buxton (who was playing like an A.L. MVP).  We do NOT trade Buxton for anything less than an insane return.  Someone either blows us away, or we give him a 3-year $80 million dollar contract and see what the next 3-years turns out to be.  If we DO deal Buxton, acquire someone like Kevin Kiermaier to play CF if you don't think Celestino will work out.  And you still have Lewis (who I think will end up in CF).
    There has been more disappointment/failure with this front office than successes.  I must admit, I'm not very confident they can turn things around.  The White Sox are crushing the division (as was predicted) despite losing Robert and Jimenez for the entire season to date.  And the White Sox has some young pitchers who are impressive.  Cleveland can flat out pitch.  The Tigers have some very impressive young arms.  This FO has to figure this out or we're looking at another decade of mediocrity.  
    Time will tell.
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    puckstopper1 reacted to mikelink45 in Twins Hitters 2019: By the Numbers   
    Too be fair I need to post on your site what I wrote on my Blog 
     I quoted your choice for Eddie because it illustrated what I am talking about and then I added this "I would have chosen his HR total, His RBI total, or more important his clutch hitting - How about the OBP of 344 or the slugging 518 when there are two outs and runners in scoring position?" Eddie is getting a lot of bad press and I guess I have become his defender even though he is not my favorite player (Arraez is).  I hope you do not mind, I really like your approach and overall essay.   
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    puckstopper1 reacted to diehardtwinsfan in Buxton's Greatness Knows No Bounds   
    29 extra outs per season is great.. It doesn't make up for the outs he gives away at the plate. It won't take much improvement at the plate to turn him into a solid player, and a lot of improvement makes him a star. I hope he figures it out.
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    puckstopper1 reacted to GP830 in Did The Twins Clone A Marlin?   
    Lest we not forgot the comparisons of Sano to Stanton and Berrios to Fernandez. Not to mention Gordon to Gordon. :-)
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    puckstopper1 reacted to nytwinsfan in Todays Kepler Article symptomatic of TD poor spring training coverage   
    I strongly disagree with you. I think the Twins Daily coverage of spring training is excellent. Likely they do not focus on stats during spring training because . . . spring training stats mean jack. Plus there are at least a dozen websites where you can go get stats up the wazoo if you really want to obsess over 27 PAs. Twins Daily is primarily for news and analysis, and new and analysis of spring training stats isn't really very helpful for anything, other than passing the days until opening day. I do think the coverage of Murphy has been a little light, but there are a lot of important pieces to this years Twins team, and Murphy (as back-up catcher) probably isn't the most important, even if he is new.  I'm sure Twins Daily will have plenty of coverage of how he is adjusting to the Twins, both statistically and otherwise. As for Kepler, where have you been? TD is borderline obsessed with him. There are lots of quotes from Terry Ryan about him in a number of articles I've read here recently. Literally this article from today goes on an on about him:  The fact that it doesn't mention or try to draw conclusions from his meaningless spring training stats is a virtue, not a flaw. Instead it rightly focuses on Kepler's mentality and recent changes in his approach, Ryan's thoughts on Kepler and the organization and Kepler's own plans for him this year.
    To sum up, I guess I think saying that the Twins Daily spring training coverage sucks just because they haven't focused on the spring training stats of one or two (relatively unimportant in the short term) players you are particularly interested in kind of sucks.
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