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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to roger in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When I read your comment about “roster scraps,” it pained my heart.  These are all fantastic baseball players, just not among the best 780 in the world.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to ashbury in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    Let's revisit this question after we find out which castoff from the eventual World Series winner the Rangers claim, the day they put Colina on waivers.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Mike Sixel in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    Stop being reasonable. This is the internet!
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Brandon in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When they said a second procedure occurred for Colina, that tells me its ok to move on.... While I would like to keep him, we need more roster spaces for depth then ever before.  They need to expand to 45 man rosters.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Brock Beauchamp in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    It does seem odd and it surprised me, I'm just unconvinced that anything would have played out differently in three weeks.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to KirbyDome89 in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    If they wanted the best shot at keeping him it does right? If they're done with him, ok, but then the timing of it still seems odd. 
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Brandon in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    There is still 42 players on the 40 man roster including the 60 day DL.  Simmons will be a FA.  There are still several easy decisions. 
    Maybe Astudillo 
    And then it gets more difficult but there are a few players we can cut.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Seth Stohs in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    It also doesn't typically have 9 guys on the 60-Day IL. 
    These were definitely the easy decisions. There are the free agents who will come off after the World Series. Then there are several tough decisions. 
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to nicksaviking in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    The 40 man doesn't usually have this many easy decision. 
    Clearly the roster depth isn't what it used to be.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to davesaxton in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    Dropping Maggi after not giving him an at-bat is just a kick in the teeth. Though I believe in the kid and think he will have a place on a roster somewhere next year, would have been right for the Twins to reward the kid a little for the years and time he has given this organization, especially in a lost year like 2021. Best of luck to him. 
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Nashvilletwin in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Ted, good list but you left off Josh. He’s the number #1 person I’d move. 
    I get that he actually had a pretty good year - particularly in the late 2nd half when the season was already lost.  He’s a good, actually very good, baseball player both at the plate and in the field if healthy (which has been fairly unreliable). He’s a veteran presence as well (but has that really translated in the dugout and the clubhouse though?). He very well may be worth his $20+MM. But not to us - not at this time.
    Josh is a declining asset taking up valuable cash and real estate on a mid market team that has lost lots of money over the past couple of years and has a strong emerging player ready to take his spot.
    Signing him was a great bet at the time. It made tremendous sense for a team willing to go all in. But that window has passed. Let me repeat that for all of us fans who think 2021 was just some sort of an aberration. That window has passed.  The Twins exiting 2021 are not in the same position as the Twins heading into 2019. 
    Josh’s late season play will contribute to getting a better deal for him from a team looking for that key piece. Even more likely if the NL adopts the DH. If all the analytics guys on this site are correct, then there should be takers at full value for Josh’s WAR. 
    Resigning Buxton, signing a SS, and adding pitching (targeting the BP and maybe Big Mike) are simply better uses of that cash at this point in time for the Twins. Give Miranda and Luis the 3B innings and turn over the veteran leadership to Buxton. 
    BTW, I’d move Kepler as well……
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to ToddlerHarmon in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Getting more than a wild card bid in 2022 is a long shot, even with trade and free agent acquisitions, mostly because the starters that would put us in the World Series aren't available at a price we can pay. Hopefully the young pitchers develop enough to make 2023 more realistic.
    That says to me:
    - *don't* trade Arraez, he's just 24. If this had been his rookie season performance at age 24, we'd be moving pieces all over to find a place for him to play. He can be a huge part of the next group if this group doesn't perform. Start him at 3B as often as you can. Donaldson will need the rest anyway.
    - Sano and Kepler are tradeable as underperformers, and have candidates for their position (Kiriloff, Larnach) waiting to prove themselves
    - don't trade for rentals
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to chpettit19 in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    I don't trade Garver or Kepler at all this offseason. Catcher isn't the position of depth many people see it as. Garver is above average, and elite offensively. Rortvedt can't hit major league pitching, and Jeffers isn't ready to be the #1 guy. They don't have any catching behind those 3. I think Yan Gomes is the top FA catcher if I'm remembering correctly and that's not who I want to go into 2022 with either if I'm trying to get back into the division race.
    Kepler had a down year. Doesn't make much sense to me to trade him at a low point. He's still elite in the field, and with a young pitching staff you're going to want his glove in RF instead of a corner OF combination of Rooker, Larnach, Garlick, Arraez type fielders or Gordon and Celestino type hitters. Kepler isn't a star, but he's definitely good enough to hit 7th and play RF on a championship team.
    Arraez and Sano I'd be fine trading. I don't know why people think the Twins would have to eat a bunch of money for moving Sano. I don't think he's getting a top arm back, but his power is real and teams covet that. I think you can unload his 9M if you really want to. He's much like Kepler in that he isn't a star, but if he's hitting 6-8 in your order you can definitely compete.
    Arraez is the expendable piece (even though he's my favorite hitter right now and don't want him to leave), but he's also not worth much as a no-power, bat-only player. Nobody is giving up a top arm for him either. 
    I just don't think Twins have ML position player depth like others seem to think. They have a lot of players, but it's not like they're sitting all stars on their bench cuz they just can't get them in the lineup. They have a bunch of guys who are, or should be, solid MLB position players, but most of their positions are corner spots which are much easier to fill defensively and don't bring back the arms the Twins need. Nobody would claim Eddie last year, but we think people are going to give up top 3 rotation arms for these guys? I just don't see it. Development, FA $, and trading prospects are the tickets to improving the team (pitching staff) for 2022.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Sielk in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    I don't want to trade Garver. Catcher is a position of strength right now. But would it remain one if your catchers are Jeffers/Rortvedt/new acquisition? I'm not convinced that Jeffers could just replace Garver right now. 
    I hate to say this, because Luis Arraez has been my favorite player these last three years, but it might make sense to trade him. 2B/3B is really a strength of this team. Between Polanco, Donaldson (who you probably can't trade), Miranda and Arraez you already have four players for two spots. And while there are always some injuries, we already saw that little logjam this season when the lack of regular playing time was probably one of the reasons why Miranda wasn't called up.
    Speaking of injuries, let's talk about Arráez'. He has already missed a lot of time because of his knees. Even when he has been on the field, the injuries have caused some extended slumps we haven't seen from him before. A Luis Arraez who hits .330 is a special hitter. If he hits only .280 with no power and bad defense? Not so much. 
    That doesn't mean the Twins should just dump him. But right now he is still only one season removed from hitting .320. If another team is willing to bet on his health and offers them a good return, they should maybe pull the trigger instead of banking on better health in the future. If you wait longer and it goes poorly, his value might plummet rather quickly. 
    Ugh, I really hated writing this...
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Mike Sixel in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    I don't trade Garver unless I'm punting next year, of someone gives me an insane deal. You win by having players be A LOT better than other team's players (position by position)....and Garver is one of the best hitting catchers/1B/DHs in the game. 
    I'm ok with dealing any of the others you mention, because I believe in the next wave of corner fielders. (not counting Buxton, who you didn't really mention).
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to DocBauer in Twins Daily 2021 Awards: Most Improved   
    My only quibble is the "improved" part of the conversation. IMO, Polanco was a "rebound" winner, with Garver finishing 2nd, because we've already seen what he can do when healthy. Yes, I'm splitting hairs, but I think he's always been awfully good when healthy and ready to go.
    I think I would have voted Buxton, despite the time he missed. He's been growing and developing each of the past couple of years...despite the missed time...until he just turned in to a DOMINATE presence in 2021. IF he's still around in 2022...and I sure hope he is....(I think he will be)...and if he's healthy enough for 120-140 games....(knock on wood or anything hard)....he might just be the Twins #3 or #4 hitter. 
    Ahh, but to dream.....
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to TwinsDr2021 in The Ryan Pressly trade is starting to look pretty good   
    IMO you are correct it does seem off to call it a bad trade at this point, it has been horrible trade to this point.
    Alcala has pitched 85.1 innings for the Twins and has .8 WAR, Gilberto Celestino basically has been a minor league player the whole time as a Twin.  Pressly has pitched 162.2 innings and has 5.2 WAR.
    That doesn't mean it will be a horrible trade in the end, if Alcala does figure it out, the Twins have him though 2025. And if Gilberto Celestino turns into something more than a 40 man roster filler, the Twins will most definitely win the trade.
    This is the kind of trade that can be a win for both teams, I think most team would make the trade either way depending on where they are.
    I am more in the camp of regardless how good Alcala or Celestino become of saying the Astros did the correct thing, I will take the bird in the hand is better than two in the bush saying almost anytime.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Making Sense of the Edwar Colina Decision   
    It’s interesting to see the personal narratives fly in this thread, like so many others of this kind over the years.
    I’m not saying people shouldn’t be critical of the front office - they earned it after this season - but the certainty stated in this thread over an injured minor leaguer just makes me roll my eyes.
    And I know some of the same characters were saying the same things about Joe Benson, Oswaldo Arcia, and Nick Burdi.
    Some temperance is needed here. I may not like the decision but I have a narrow view of the situation. We should all acknowledge some ignorance.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to tony&rodney in Making Sense of the Edwar Colina Decision   
    Hmm? Odd timing seemingly which leads to further speculation. Was the move necessary this week? 
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    tarheeltwinsfan got a reaction from Hosken Bombo Disco in The Ryan Pressly trade is starting to look pretty good   
    Please do list all the "good moves" since Nov 16, 2003.  (the date of the "world famous" famous Nathan, Liriano trade for A.J.). 
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to Thegrin in The Ryan Pressly trade is starting to look pretty good   
    Sign Buxton and trade Celestino for more pitching.
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to gunnarthor in The Ryan Pressly trade is starting to look pretty good   
    But I think this is part of the pattern. Ynoa for Garcia? Gil for Cave? Baddoo, Wells, Goodman, Chargois (and others) for nothing? The Escobar and Dozier trades don't look great. 3 lottery tickets for Dyson? Kintzler for Watson? Dumping Hughes and a comp pick to save payroll? Harper for McMahon? Even the Graterol and the comp for Maeda is looking bad. Each of these moves are, individually, defensible. But, man, they aren't great moves.
    For me, it's a sign that the Twins FO doesn't evaluate talent correctly and, worse, fails to understand the talent it has. 
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    tarheeltwinsfan reacted to gunnarthor in The Ryan Pressly trade is starting to look pretty good   
    This might be some slight repackaging of the trade to the fanbase in that Alaca was supposed to be a starter and now we're resigned ourselves to hoping he's a 60-70 inning relief pitcher. He did look good at the end of the year. He'll be 26 next year so he's pretty much what he is. Celestino's failures at the majors were expected but he's been impressive at AAA. Looks like a worst case scenario is 4th outfielder. It's a solid return.
    But the problem with the trade goes a bit more than that. It was clear that the Twins didn't know what they had in Pressly, he took off in Houston and then he signed a team friendly extension to stay there. He made two all-star teams and closed out a world series. In four years with Houston he's managed over 5 WAR in about 160 innings (not counting 22 post-season games), In 85 innings, Alaca hasn't reached 1 WAR.  The problem was, once again, this FO failed to value the talent they had in the system. 
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    tarheeltwinsfan got a reaction from DocBauer in Ticking Time on The Doof   
    Sign the Duff.  Sign Buck. Sign Buck. Sign Buck. Sign Buck.
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