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  1. Turner is a good comp. Note that his deal with the Dodgers was signed in December. Braves, Phillies and Padres have internal candidates, like Albies, Hernandez, Kingery and Urias. The Reds are hard to figure. The Brewers could be looking, if they don’t think Hiura is ready and they have budget for a 2B. There really isn’t a clear competitor for the Twins at this time. The Twins will at least get a comp pick.
  2. Your premise seems to be dual - first, you disagree with a rule that prohibits behavior you believe is normal and, second, you disagree with enforcing a rule you disagree with. I’m Ok with your first thought, but disagree with your second. If you disagree with a rule, you should seek to change it. However, if it exists, and even if it is ridiculous, you should be prepared for enforcement if you break the rule in a conspicuous manner, like Judge did. BTw, it’s completely OK with me if you see it differently.
  3. Biggest regret? Lyman Bostock signed my friend’s book but didn’t have time to sign mine because he had to get into the dugout.
  4. Mike, you can scoff at the effectiveness of every action taken to prevent behavior that is considered wrong and say, “Why bother.” No preventive measure works 100%. That doesn’t mean that police, regulators and league officials shouldn’t continue taking the best actions they know how to do to prevent wrongful conduct, especially when the conduct is public. Lebron James seems like a good person and a great competitor, but The Decision was one of the most embarrassing things to happen in the NBA in several years, especially after the hints of the players talking. No league wants such an event to happen again.
  5. Have to agree with people posting that Hughes looks cooked. It is hard to believe that today’s pitcher could get MLB starts in April. He looks more prepared for the Home Run Derby. At the same time, it would be good to see Mejia earn a starting spot, instead of getting a battlefield promotion. His spring training was not good, either, and he was mediocre, at best, last year. At this point. I’d rather he establish some value in AAA and then get traded as part of a package for a more capable lefty.
  6. It’s in the league’s interest to prevent a Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh situation.
  7. MLB has to do this. If Machado slides easy instead of taking out the Yankees SS on a double play this year, Orioles fans will be upset. The league has to protect the appearance of competition and players know what isn’t right. If not this communication, when should the league do something?
  8. Look, I’m not going to go further into a debate about whether Sano or Buxton has worse strike zone control, but I will say that a defense of Sano by saying he was better than Buxton after how Buxton started the year is in itself not a great case for Sano. If you do want to discuss Buxton’s weaknesses, I’ve got a hunch you’ll have a chance soon. Unless the world stops, a centerfield thread should be posted in the next few days.
  9. Of course, but Buxton’s stats in those areas last year were better than Sano’s, even with Buxton’s miserable start. Buxton also adds value as one of the top players in the majors in at least two categories.
  10. In any scenario, it’s hard to see Romero getting more than 80 innings in the majors this year. It is preferable that they come at the end of the year, after he’s refined his pitches further on the farm. Also, if things are going well and he’s going well, he may be a Top 100 chip at the trading deadline.
  11. Total guess: Hildenberger may go to Rochester and Hughes may go to the bullpen if Hildy doesn’t pick it up, especially when Santana returns.
  12. Adrianza is better than Denny Hocking and Matt Tolbert, yet he seems like more of an afterthought than they ever were.
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