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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from jun in Unthinkable? Let Cruz go after 2020?   
    If there’s really a logjam perhaps now is the best time to deal from a surplus (Most likely Rooker) rather than let go one of the team’s first serious MVP candidate in quite a while.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to Cody Pirkl in Opinion/Rant: Don't Give Another Dime for Maeda   
    We should have the leverage but there is also the possibility that they just cut the Twins out and the Dodgers send another big prospect over. Depends on their determination to get Betts. My argument is that if they threaten with this, don't give in. I'd rather they walk away and keep Graterol than replace him with Duran or balazovic or add another prospect.
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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from RDLARK in Starting Pitcher Analysis: Randy Dobnak   
    I understand Dobnak’s become somewhat of a fan favorite, but I got a feeling that if he proves himself as even a league average starter he could possibly find himself included in a deal for a frontline starter at the deadline. Honestly, I could see the same thing possibly happening to the likes of Astudillo and Cave as well.
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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from howieramone2 in Trade Market Calling for the Twins   
    If not Pittsburgh, Miami would be another ideal trade partner.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Yankees Enter and No Twins Care, Literally None   
    My pastor is a lifelong Yankee fan. He invited me over for steaks and to watch the game tonight. I just hope I can be a good sport as the Twins lay a whooping on the Bronx Bloopers.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to jz7233 in Is The Twins FO Actually Mad They Are Good?   
    I am not interested in seeing Schoop in Twins uniform next season.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to SomeGuy in Why José Berríos is NOT the Twins' Game 1 Playoff Starter   
    Berrios is our best current pitcher by a mile and should absolutely start game 1 of any playoff series.  
    You're worrying too much about stats in ballparks or stats versus teams. These don't compare well in a player to player comparison. For instance how does Berrios sample size in Tropicano Field compare to Odorizzi who called it home for so many years? How does Pineda's sample size against the Yankees stack up to everyone who didn't play most of their career for them? Gibson, Berrios, or Perez versus Pineda or Odorizzi in Fenway/Yankee Stadium/Tropicano doesn't really work because Pineda and Odorizzi were in the AL East for a long time. These comparisons are almost never on an equal footing.
    I don't see an argument that any of our current pitchers has better stuff or track record than Berrios and he should be used in as many games as possible in the playoffs. Game 1 starter all the way.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to TFRazor in Why I'm Out On Craig Kimbrel   
    Living in the southeast I've caught a couple of their games on local TV on Saturdays and calling their pen a "mess" might actually be generous. You can tell that Davy Martinez is trying to ride their starters as long as he can justify it because the minute he picks up that phone to the bullpen crap just starts hitting the fan.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to VATwinsFan in Surveying the 2018/19 Free Agent Relievers at the Quarter Pole   
    I'm still ticked that the Twins missed out on Hector Rondon before last season--he signed a two year contract with Houston for a lousy $8.5 million.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to MMMordabito in Big Bert and the Hard Road Ahead   
    That's probably the best plan. Otherwise, the Twins are going to have to promote aggressively and see if something works out (Jovani Moran) or acquire a Will Smith/Jake Diekman type to fix this.
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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from mikelink45 in Twins Trickle Down in Full Effect   
    Let’s just end this experiment already. Romero is a starter, he just needs more time.
    Even more so, Madson and Kimbrel are still on the market. We could easily improve our bullpen, but we choose not to. If money was really a problem, then why did we sign Marwin when we could’ve shored up our biggest need with a HoF caliber player?
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to DocBauer in Twins Trickle Down in Full Effect   
    I won't take the time to state how much I like and believe in our FO and all the moves and changes they have made from the top on down. I won't do so brevity, as well as the fact that this particular situation is not only on topic, but glaring.
    It is one thing to accept the volatility of FA, overall but especially in regard to RP, and history showing that just making a signing guarantees nothing. (A Reed for example). It is also a singular thing to look at arms on hand and projecting what might be. But is entirely different to bank on a return to prominence for a veteran coming off a poor season and a group of young arms to suddenly produce for what was clearly a glaring weakness.
    There have been some very smart moves, and a couple questionable moves...Perez...that could be smart. But to make Parker the only bullpen addition is reprehensible. There were so many options available this offseason, just be smart, you are supposed to be aggressive and smart, and sign at least ONE GUY who could make a legitimate difference!
    Yes, Magill actually offers up some surprising potential. So does Harper. (Who's milb track record makes you wonder why the he'll he hasn't had a cup of coffee at least). And you're right Ted when you state a few weeks, or months, from now we could have a different opinion as things work themselves out.
    But with the season about to start, the pen is looking like hope and prayers. What a difference just ONE known and proven quality would add to Rogers, May, Parker and maybe Hildy and Mejia.
    HUGE mistake and missed opportunity!
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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in Twins Trickle Down in Full Effect   
    Let’s just end this experiment already. Romero is a starter, he just needs more time.
    Even more so, Madson and Kimbrel are still on the market. We could easily improve our bullpen, but we choose not to. If money was really a problem, then why did we sign Marwin when we could’ve shored up our biggest need with a HoF caliber player?
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to beckmt in By the Numbers: The Twins’ Biggest Missed Opportunity   
    We shall all soon see, but this and the Twins minor league depth at this time is why the Twins should be pursuing trades, especially with the tanking clubs to increase our major league talent.  Problem is their is not a lot of talent at this time on non-contending clubs to be had.  
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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from DocBauer in Closing Time for the Twins   
    I get that Parker is no Robertson, but he’s far from a liability. However, that doesn’t mean Rocco should be relying on him to close games, that role ‘should’ belong to Cody Allen (or May). Yeah, I get that any pitcher is capable of handling the 9th, but having an established ML closer who’s been there and done that, even in the WS, should have some merit.
    And despite my frustration over losing Curtiss, I’m confident that young arms like Stewart, Thorpe, and Alcala are all gonna play a big role in our bullpen at some point this year, especially Alcala, who’s triple digit fastball could make him our bullpen’s best weapon.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to DocBauer in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    Absolutely sick about Robertson! His contract is so manageable! Why didn't we do this? Maybe we contacted him, and maybe we didn't. Maybe he wanted to stay on the east coast, liked what the Phillies were doing, hates Minnesota, whatever. Just sick about what he signed for.
    On the positive side, there are still arms out there. Does this move the needle downward for terms, but upward for opportunity and expediency for Allen and Ottavino and others?
    Come on Twins! Bring in an arm and a flier and then add another quality "utility" player that is out there!
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to beckmt in Making the Most of Max   
    The biggest value of Max is that he is a viable CF option if Buxton flames out. Twins have a number of 1B/OF coming and Buxton needs to put it together before Twins have to make a decision on whether Bryon's ceiling is that of a 4th outfielder.  Think Max will beat the 2.6 WAR only because if Buxton gets off to another very slow start, Twins FO will have some difficult decisions to make. I agree with the poster above who feels long term Max will be better than Eddie, but the next two years should tell.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to mike8791 in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    Robertson just signed by Phillies for 2 yrs/$23MM!!  A very reasonable contract, even for the Twins.  Now the FA reliever market will accelerate.  Yanks reportedly all in on Britton(good - they can have him!!).  
    If this FO is serious about a substantial bullpen upgrade, they better be on the phone with Ottavino's and Herrera's agents. IMO, pretty steep dropoff after that(assuming Kimbrel is a lost cause).  After these three, and perhaps Allen, not much closer material left.  And please, please, please ........ no more talk of Romero in the bullpen.  He is arguably the only near term minor league starter with front-of-the-rotation potential!
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to mike8791 in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    Thanks guys for all the great ideas.  They have certainly crystallized my thinking into stating a few preferences for the bullpen:
       -Initially I,too, preferred the two FA signings of the "second tier", Ottavino and Herrera, at the top. Spreads the risk a bit more and more importantly, allows for Twins' internal parts to develop under less pressure.  Just too worried about Roger's overuse last year, Reed's injury and his falloff on return, May's long injury history and Hildy's miserable flop as a closer.
         -But reconsidering the above, put me down for the signing of Robertson to slot into the closer's role immediately.  A closer is the Twins real need going forward and I have the most confidence in Robertson.  Two year contract would be fine, but a 3 year one, if ncessary, should be made available by a FO wanting to stabilize this bullpen for more than one year.  It will probably take an overpay to induce Robertson to the TC, but he's worth it, IMO.  He has maintained a high K/9 which is the surest sign of a successful closer.  Herrera's late season injury , and Ottavino's  erratic year-to-year performance, makes me hesitate on these two(maybe one can be counted on but two is a crap shoot so picking one of thetwo to be the closer could be risky). Of course, if a miracle occurred and the Twins could ink both these guys, all the better.  I just don't think this FO has the b...ls for this move.
    So add Robertson, maybe one outlier from Chris's list and I'll take my chances with the rest of the pen.  I think we can all agree, however, that if the FO does none of this, we're looking forward to another year of treading water.  Should be an interesting six weeks before ST!  Go Twins!!
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to DocBauer in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    Mike, as you have intelligently stated, there are reasons why all 3 options could work. But if forced to choose, I'm going with option #3, the pair of RP coming in around the $20M mark.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but Red's history, age, and a few, solid late season performances indicate to me it was just his turn to have an off season due to injury or a tired arm. Personally, I think May is for real, especially now that he has fully embraced his role as a reliever. Even if Rogers isn't as good as 2018, he's NICE. With his milb history and first 1 1/2 years of performance I'm betting on Hildenberger. Now, let's add in Moya, Mejia and Romero for their contributions...do be determined...as SP, RP, designated/primary SP, and we start to see a lot of arms an inventive coaching staff has to work with.
    Some may say I'm crazy, but if this staff can find greater consistency from Magill, his mid 90's FB and wicked slider could play a part as well.
    Can Reed and especially Curtiss finally show the consistency to make a real contribution?
    But I believe in depth and options. There are still a handful of quality guys with late inning stuff and history available to make a difference without making that HUGE commitment to that "one guy". I think Allen is one of those real opportunities. Then you could bring in a flier like Herrera, or someone else, coming off injury or a down season, to increase that depth and your options.
    I actually like a lot of what is on hand. But I really want that depth to work with.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to mike8791 in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    Chris, appreciate your comments.  To respond:
    1. The Giants should trade Baumgartner given their aging roster, declining performances, and very tough division.  Whether their new GM will be so inclined is another question.  From reports I read, chances are more likely of him moving at trade deadline rather than now.  Still, it's worth the phone call.
    2. Greinke represents a twofold problem: his large contract($30MM/year over next three years) and his no-trade clause.  Still, depending on how much $ the Dbacks throw back, the loss of prospects would not be nearly as steep as for a Thor or Wheeler and what good is our "stacked farm system" if we don't use it?  Greinke is, like Baumgartner, a long shot, but if the Twins brass truly wants a contending team this year, they have to take a good shot at one of these guys.
    3. Keuchel, while not costing prospects, would cost a high draft choice.  More importantly, he seems to be holding out for a 5year contract at probably somewhere near $20MM a year.  For a "midmarket" Pohlad-owned team, this is simply too high a price to pay long term, especially with the impending need to sign some of our own  core to long term contracts.  He slipped badly last year and thus, I would vote a strong no unless his asking price drops considerably.
    4. Likewise, a big no on Gonzales who at 33 has a diminished FB reportedly not topping 90mph.  He is a lefty and can probably fall within the Twins budget but for a lower ranked starter, I'd rather put my money into the bullpen.  We have enough internal candidates for the #4/5 rotational positions.  It's a #1(and probably#2) starter the team sorely lacks - almost a necessity for going deep into the playoffs.
    5. Rolling the dice on someone younger like Bundy might be a play but why would a rebuilding Oriole team jettison him?  It would take a haul of our best prospects, probably including a Lewis or Kirillof, to snare him.  With Bundy's ERA never breaking 4.00(and last year at 5.45), he's not worth the risk of decimating our top prospect list.  Now if a top package of prospects could fetch a Snell or Snydergaard, I'm all for it!! 
    This whole discussion is probably a moot point, as I'm afraid our new FO is as risk adverse as the old one(except in mid-summer starter-for-prospect trades).  They've filled some holes but even these fillers come with big question marks, adding to the many other questions in our lineup and staffs.  I just think we have to reconcile ourselves to another year of wait and see.  Ugh!!
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to howieramone2 in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    I like the idea of bringing in two relievers for 2 years and around 20M total. I would have Lewis, Kirilloff, and Javier as my untouchables, the rest I have no problems dealing.
    In seems half the teams in baseball are in some form of rebuild and the new regime has thus far shown they are astute traders. Open up the farm system and trade for a youngish mythical ace.
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    ChrisKnutson got a reaction from nclahammer in How Do You Spell R-E-L-I-E-F?   
    Really hoping the FO decides to buy low on Cody Allen because the guy’s been one of the most reliable relievers in all of baseball for a 5 year period and just had a down year in 2018 and will likely return back to his normal self in 2019.
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to Physics Guy in Kepler part time at 1st and other playing time options   
    I'm not opposed to having Kepler play some 1B, although he is arguably the best OF after Buxton.  In the same vein as your proposal, you can use Cave/Rosario at DH as a LH option as well.  I think the key here is versatility, so I am certainly in favor of letting Kepler play some 1B when it makes sense. 
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    ChrisKnutson reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Resurgent Relief for Allen with Twins?   
    I'd look to try and lock Allen up on a two year deal. If you believe he can rebound, I want year two as well.
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