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    Circus Boy reacted to Platoon in Comparing the 1927 Yankees Lineup to the 2020 Twins   
    I have to start paying more attention. I layed down for a long nap yesterday and awoke to find out the 2020 season is (projected) over. This has me contemplating changing my ID to Rip van Platoon. . 
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    Circus Boy reacted to jkcarew in Comparing the 1927 Yankees Lineup to the 2020 Twins   
    In other news, every pitcher on the Twins current staff has better stuff than Walter Johnson because their k/9 is significantly better than his was.
    This is going to be a GREAT year!
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    Circus Boy reacted to Platoon in Water on La Tortuga   
    Oddly during a discussion on Andrainza and the idea of releasing him, someone who was posting made the comment that Gonsales would be an adequate backup to Polanco because the Houston manager considered him there best defensive SS? Do I know this for a fact? No! In fact I found it odd having watched him play. I think his defense overall is over rated. My point being that defensive ability remains very subjective. And defensive abilities also are colored by the players bat. I did not imply that Garver was a catcher who could hit, I implied that he is a hitter who can catch. He is the behind the plate version of Polanco who is a hitter who can play SS. Neither is particularly adept at their defensive positions, but their obvious success with the bat covers those shortcomings. I am not suggesting they shouldn't play, I simply prefer to differentiate between the two different aspects of the game. It's similar to the old bugaboo of giving a Gold Glove to a ham handed first baseman who hits 32 HR's, even though he didn't hit them with his glove! And yes, even I cringed at some of the balls Astudillo swung at recently. He needs to narrow down the zone, but that zone for him like Rosario doesn't include simply the strike zone. He won't ever have the power Rosario does, but one has to have a short memory not to remember the hacks Eddie took for a couple years. You could have filled a book the size of War and Peace with the calls for his demotion both offensively and for his route running on fly balls. Patience in baseball is a virtue!
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    Circus Boy reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Donaldson to Fix Twins Hot Corner?   
    I would like to hear more about why 1B is a less demanding position for Sano. 1B takes away some of the plus factor of Sano's rocket arm. I realize a 3B must charge slow grounders and fire the ball to 1B, which I think Sano does well. A 1B must also field line drives, grounders, popups, chase foul balls, run into the OF for soft flies, leap for liners, run to his left and right, be involved in catching numerous low throws, high throws, wide throws from infielders, throwing soft tosses to pitchers who are running to 1B and be in danger of being injured in collisions at 1B,  I'm not sure where the 1B is supposed to position himself on various throws from the OF vs. where the 3B must position himself on OF throws...but everybody is supposed to be somewhere on every conceivable play. I would like to read more about why Sano should be moved to 1B instead of remaining at 3B.
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