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    Cris E reacted to Brock Beauchamp for a rumor, Ken Rosenthal update on Carlos Correa   
    A lot to sort out here but quite a bit of good news mixed in. The Dodgers appear to be out on Correa, as they're not keen on spending that kind of money on a player their fanbase loathes. The Giants are still in after missing out on Judge, as are the Twins. He believes the Cubs are a long shot, though mentions the Padres possibly being in, which contradicts what I heard elsewhere where the Pads were "Turner or bust", which is baffling given how they already have Tatis Jr coming back this season. Boegarts and the Red Sox appear to be back at the negotiating table so that's good news as well. And given that the Yankees just broke the bank with retaining Judge, it's hard to see them doubling down for Correa, especially given their apparent faith in their farm system at short.
    All in all, this seems pretty promising. I think it's going to be Giants vs Twins with no clear favorite.
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