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    blindeke reacted to Nine of twelve in Let's Realign the Divisions to Create Regional Rivalries   
    Once the universal DH comes to pass, which is just a matter of time, there is no reason to maintain separation between the AL and NL. However, considering (re)alignment, which teams are in which divisions is not a very important matter. (IMHO, of course.) Find a reasonably simple and equitable regular season schedule in terms of who plays whom and where, find a reasonably simple and equitable formula for qualifying for the postseason, find a reasonably simple and equitable postseason format, and go.
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    blindeke reacted to terrydactyls in Let's Realign the Divisions to Create Regional Rivalries   
    I think I prefer this alingment.  Game are in a tighter group.  Less travel, cuts costs, more money for ownership to spend on pitching!  This is a fantasy exercise, isn't it?
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    blindeke got a reaction from Ted Schwerzler in Tide Turning for Twins Pair   
    Good article. Seems like Kepler and Polanco are also turning it around, or is that my imagination?
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    blindeke got a reaction from DocBauer in Tide Turning for Twins Pair   
    Good article. Seems like Kepler and Polanco are also turning it around, or is that my imagination?
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    blindeke got a reaction from mikelink45 in Covid's coming   
    "For a contending team to lose 10 players for two weeks would be devastating."
    Can you even imagine the Twins in this situation?
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    blindeke got a reaction from Ted Schwerzler in 2019 AL Central Division Preview   
    I hope you're right!
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    blindeke reacted to Doug Y in 5 Predictions for the 2020 Minnesota Twins   
    I hope you are correct with all 5 predictions! 
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    blindeke reacted to Bomba2026 in ALDS: Bomba Squad vs. Bronx Bombers   
    Every year no matter where we finish we end up having to play the Yankees. How is this possible?
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    blindeke got a reaction from Nash Walker in Defying History: a preview and prediction of game two with New York   
    Twins are gonna win!
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    blindeke reacted to beckmt in End of the Rope for Schoop?   
    Putting Schoop on the bench against righties and starting him against lefties, makes sense to me.  Still give him a few slots against righties, he could get hot again.  If he continues like this, will have to see if he gets playoff time.
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    blindeke got a reaction from woolywoolhouse in First Place Underdogs   
    Little known fact: The Kansas City Royals won the world series in 2015! 
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    blindeke reacted to Channing1964 in The Baldelli Effect   
    I'm old school and back in the day it was easy to see who should deserve the credit(or blame) Innovation in the game has made coaching staffs more diverse and definitely larger in numbers. Although Baldelli deserves a ton of credit, in today's game it's pretty hard to pinpoint it. certainly Johnson deserves a share. In today's game you just have to applaud the entire organization for it's approach and belief in it and their players for embracing it.
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    blindeke got a reaction from diehardtwinsfan in Surveying the 2018/19 Free Agent Relievers at the Quarter Pole   
    Wow maybe they were smart to not sign any of these guys, other than the two with NY I guess... Still, we need pitching from *somewhere*
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    blindeke reacted to MnTwinsTalk in Best Bets for the 2019 Twins   
    Agree on all of them and I especially like the Jonathan Schoop bounce back possibility.
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    blindeke reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Big Mike Ready to Stand Up   
    I see infinitely more value in having Romero work out of the pen for 2019 than Pineda. The vet is under contract for one year, and has been a starter his entire career.
    Romero going to the pen isn't a death sentence, and he could certainly work his way back to the rotation as the time becomes right.
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    blindeke reacted to FargoFanMan in Contention for 2019 and Beyond   
    Pitching and defense. Two things this team is clearly lacking. What’s the consensus on Dallas Keuchel? Not really an”Ace” but no slouch. Probably the best we could get and might have a year or two of elite/solid seasons left. Jose Iglesias? Good defense. Younger. Can cover more ground than Polanco and make up for sano’s limited mobility. Was thinking Yasmani Grandal possibly as well. Seems to be decent and gets on base. Jason Castro seems to be good but it seemed once he went down we just had a black hole there. As much as Garver and astudillo are fun. Can they be counted on for a full season. Maybe someone with a bit more quality above Bobby Wilson can be found for defense and running a staff a few days a week. I believe Polanco is a second baseman and when Molitor and company realize that the better. That’s my thinking. The relief core can be found within the organization. At some point you just have to hand some of these guys the ball and let them learn. Jake Reed? John Curtis? Shortstop, a starter, and possibly a catcher. These positions we should target I think. Healthy seasons from “the core” and we”lol be within striking range. What’s others thoughts?
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    blindeke got a reaction from MN_ExPat in Minnesota and the Arms Race   
    His platoon splits are pretty balanced.
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    blindeke reacted to Kelly Vance in A Rift at the Top in Minnesota?   
    Anderson and Reed definitely should be called up and Addison rested. Rather than Fields or Grossman or Petit playing, I'd like to give guys who have done well in AAA a reward.. 
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    blindeke reacted to gman in Interesting Offseason Upcoming for Twins   
    I would not want to see the Twins sign or trade for a veteran player that would take playing time away from a prospect less than a year away from the majors. Don't give Moliter that temptation. In spite of the play and the record, my biggest disappointment in the team this year is that not a single every day or pitching prospect has earned their chops at the major league level. True, the everyday prospect options were not great, but their seemed to be plenty of pitching options that should have allowed at least 1 starter and 2 relievers making an impact. There was Romero somewhat.
    Here's a thought. Sano, Buxton, Kepler, Rosario and Polance were all getting some playing time at the major league level in 2015. This is the 4th season since than. If our next wave doesn't start hitting the bigs until 2020 and take 3-4 years to become impact players, Buxton and Sano, et al,  will be nine-ten year veterans.
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    blindeke reacted to Platoon in Mauer Appears to Have Found it Again   
    I hope that someday in the future, more fans will appreciate what they had in Mauer. One of the best catchers to play the game, and most likely the best hitting catcher to play, period. And that is understating his overall offense ability. It's a shame he was concussed, and it's likely we will never have a handle on how damaging those concussions were. Mauer never was a power threat, regardless of the 29? he hit in the dome. He is a batsman, more in the Carew model than for example a Dozier. And given the choice, I imagine that with the winning run on base, almost to a man MLB pitchers would much rather face Dozier than Mauer. Lastly, while not mentioned here, many hold Mauers contract against him. But, given the chance for that kind of payday, I wonder how many of those same fans would turn it down?
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    blindeke reacted to gil4 in Romero Ready and Waiting for Twins   
    0 PA, 69 PA, and .577 OPS. Two propects of some sort and we know Florimon. 
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    blindeke got a reaction from GoGonzoJournal in When Twins become sellers, Escobar likely first to be traded   
    I like shopping both those guys.
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    blindeke got a reaction from Deduno Abides in Alex Meyer Update   
    was just wondering about this. it's spring training tho... shrug.
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    blindeke got a reaction from HitInAPinch in Alex Meyer Update   
    was just wondering about this. it's spring training tho... shrug.
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    blindeke reacted to theBOMisthebomb in Why Do So Many Twins Fans Miss The Boat?   
    The Twin Cities is a frontrunner and fair weather fan kind of town. This is a wealthy market saturated with both sports and non - sports entertainment options. Nice summer weekends are in short supply so if the Twins aren't 'good' you are going to lose a large fraction of the casual fans. You are asking people to scratch below the surface and research, which your typical Twin Cities sports fan is not going to do for a 103 loss team. We have all talked to the coworker this offseason who won't discuss the Twins in detail because they 'suck' - this is the same guy banging the drum and buying World Series tickets as everyone loves a winner. Most diehards aren't as tied to the result, they love the game or going to the ballpark or whatever. For me, 2016 was an enjoyable viewing season watching the young guys mature a bit. The 103 losses weren't fun, it was still the Twins and that's all that matters.
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