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  1. I was pretty tame in my response to the remark about being bad for 4-5 years because you have always been reasonable and fair.  In this case, you took a remark and completely misrepresented it.  I was responding to overactions to a bad a year.  The post was clear the expectation was a bounce back in relatively quick order getting considerably better next year and back to a reasonable shot at contention in 2022.   The 4-5 year remark was hyperbolic.  The fact that you did not include any of the language that put that statement in a very different light in that quote suggests a purposeful misrepresentation.  I sure hope you did not stoop to that level and I am going to assume for now it was an oversight. 

    1. Squirrel


      You do realize that this is public? When you post messages on your own or another's wall, it's public. It even says 'Write a public message ...' If you want to private message someone, from their profile, click on the word 'Message' up along the top of their profile. From the forums, hover your cursor over their avatar, and when the  profile box pops up, click on the word 'Message.' Those will be private. If you meant this to be public, carry on, but just thought I'd drop this 'fyi' on ya'll.

  2. It's just read your very well reasoned post on the Berrios trade.  It's amazing so many people cant' except the possibility Berrios was not going to sign without going through the free agency process unless the offer was well above what Berrios and his agent think is market.  How many times have player's ask been waaaay above what they ended up getting.

    Anyway ... I appreciate your effort to spread some common sense.  

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