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  1. Additionally. owners’ revenue from the team has significantly expanded beyond tickets, jerseys and TV contracts. Real estate around the ballpark generates tons revenue for many owners. players surely want a chunk of that, owners certainly don’t want to divulge/share that. How do owners monetize a return for something like that? Is that a TV watch ability improvement (pace of play rules etc) or a salary caps?
  2. Here’s a good article with history of work stoppages and some of the presumed negotiating points https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-cba-negotiations-seven-important-questions-as-baseball-work-stoppage-appears-likely-this-winter/ Salary caps and divvying up new sources of revenue from outside the ballpark seem to be the big ones
  3. I’m not sure I want to watch a 9 DH lineup, there may be limits… but if you have an Otahni, why not be able to DH for your SS?
  4. three items 1) well written 2) lots of fun on a goofy story 3) It wasn’t a story about Eddie Rosario Excellent work!
  5. There’s a metric for everything https://worldhappiness.report
  6. I think the Twins will not have a full time DH, Donaldson, Arraez and Rooker will all have significant DH time
  7. In this scenario the new CBA adopts universal DH. Because of the higher demand for DH, Cruz out price’s the Twins budget. This also makes Sano’s 9 mil and some change contract valuable in trade. Twins trade Sano and his full salary to an NL team for prospects. 130 is a hard budget, no wiggle, including prospects called up and mid-season trades. 2020 and 2021 were challenging for cash flow with much fewer in-person attendees at Target Field. There’s only 1.7 available, it’ll be snug. If something goes really right, they may not be able to swing a trade for a higher end reliever at the deadline. Buxton is extended at 10 mil per season, I pulled that from the salary AAV from reports. Honestly I’m not sure how the escalators work, I may not have enough budget for bonuses, but we’ll pretend there’s a separate budget line for that. Pineda signed two years 16 mil. He hasn’t been healthy at all, but has been effective. I think that calls for a discount, and Jax/Dobnak/et al, can fill in the gaps. im not exactly thrilled with the lineup, but this team is so starved for pitching I had to cheap out on SS. There’ll be some continued growing pains with Larnach and Kirilloff in the every day lineup, with Celestino and Gordon playing frequently as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQeRoMg6FEz3LDRWteFLPY7Wkk32DtRgehe_12K5hShNKk9gyVMpJ0TxKgE9tQl4Vlbrh4pN8Hpy_Sv/pubhtml
  8. Don’t forget COVID Supply Chain crisis. Ports are backed up, labor is in short supply. Everything you want is in back order, but things you don’t want? Stacked to the rafters
  9. Are you going 3 man bench and one of Rooker or Miranda is in AAA? Or is one of them starting and one of them 4th OF? if the latter you went $6.6m over budget. im not sure how your job works, but in mine, I get in trouble when I go 2% over budget. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I were to go 5% over budget!
  10. Eddie Rosario, in left field for the expansion Las Vegas Gamblers in 2067, scrambling with his walker to a roller down the line…. Over throws the cutoff man and manages to gun down a potential inside the park home run… Immediately dies of a heart attack as he lets the ball go with a smile on his face. in spring training 2068 the Gamblers plant his urn in the left center lawn
  11. Loved Cruz while he was here, but every nickel of budget and every millisecond of effort by the FO should be spent on pitching and maybe SS. If right before ST there’s some budget left and they filled all the other needs and Cruz is still out there, sign him up.
  12. Lewis played 33 games at AA in 2019. 2022 he’s in AA all year, might get a sept call up, maybe 2023 he might be in the big league mix out of St, but will most likely at least start the season in the minors. Lewis can be full time SS for a while…
  13. While all of the premier FA SS available would require a significant long term contract, the odds that any of them stick at short for 3-5 years are slim. Injuries and age catch up with all of us. Signing Correa does not necessitate moving Lewis off SS forever.
  14. Gordon had a few stretches batting that tantalized among long stretches of futility and didn’t field well enough. I’d think he earned enough to not get DFA’d until the spring and compete to be a super-utility player, but not enough that I’d be willing to consider him in a starting role in ‘22. He would not be a 26 man lock for me at this point.
  15. I agree with this take that student loans aren’t the rich taking from the poor. Also agreed that throwing money at it may not be the right direction. https://www.chamberofcommerce.org/student-loan-statistics/ 10% of all student borrowers (4.7 million) are in default. Half of them have less than 10k in debt, those are people who dropped out early and clearly fall into economically disadvantaged. Clearly this category needs money thrown at it from a debt relief stand point, but it’s only 5% of borrowers and <$24 bil, less than 2% of total student loan debt. as a recent grad school graduate, I fell into the category of 40% of all student debt is grad school debt. I’m not exactly excited to forgive debt for doctors who make $300k per year, and MBAers making 6 figures. A bachelor degree doesn’t get you what it used to, but it costs more. The institutions provide less value and use more unscrupulous advertising and recruitment methods. I don’t think throwing money at that solves it. The degree itself should matter on the Federal loan terms, as should where the student works on the backside. Medicare negotiates with providers on pricing and fees. HUD/FTHB requires home value and appraisal with limits on the loan. Shouldn’t FAFSA as well? X degree is worth X on the open market, the institution can only charge X for the degree/credit.
  16. I wonder if this is a CBA pre-negotiation tactic too
  17. I will echo others - 'bout time! In terms of logistics, if indeed it's effective in 2022, it must be a housing allowance of some kind. It would be a monumental feat for 30 MLB teams to buy or build housing in all of their levels/teams in 6 months.
  18. The 40 is still rather full, managing a crisp fielding team was a challenge in 2021, there's a bunch of players on the cusp needing rule 5 protection, and the Twins need to add like 3 starting pitchers. There will be several (5 or 6 maybe?) more players coming off the 40 man to protect Rule 5 prospects and make room for free agents of which 3-4 should be pitchers. On the DH question, would a 40 man move that included trading away/removing one of the glut of bat first players like Sano and/or Rooker be a leading indicator? What might that tell us about plans going forward?
  19. You missed an option: Rally Monkey vs Squirrel
  20. I’m finally getting bored with Fortnite. It had a good run for me (3+ years). Looking for PS4 suggestions I don’t have the patience for Fallout or other such open world games. I typically play for 20 to 30 minutes so the battle royale type is fun and I can feel like I “accomplished something” I’m with Brock, not willing to spend on next gen yet. Maybe ‘23 or ‘24
  21. I believe it was at one point Daniel Adler who was promoted to Operations but I assume for a while he kept that part of his job duties. Guessing they are splitting it up to free up Adler
  22. Indeed! If you could sign story to a Simmons/Galvis 2 years 10 mil per I’d be all about Story as a good glove/poor hit SS. The problem is you pay for Coors field as much as you pay for the road part of the splits. I’ve been on the sign Galvis and throw money at pitching bandwagon, but that wasn’t an option in the OP
  23. Story and the Home/Road splits scares me off. Aging off of SS, as long as the FO thinks it will be a couple years in the future would be my preferred course of action. Getting a monster hitter who fields a decent SS for a couple years will be a 4-5 year contract, hopefully Lewis takes over at SS in year 2 or 3 and said monster hitter can slide to 2nd, 3rd, LF or DH.
  24. The Athletic is trying to become a monopsony no? If you are a sports writer, how many other places are there to go? Is the long game to become outsourced sports department for other publications, like Reuters/AP?
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