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  1. At least Smeltzer has been serviceable and has a shot to get you 5 innings. Archer still being in the rotation over Winder bothers me far more.
  2. I typically cut dovetails (interlocking wood joints like drawer sides for all you non-woodworkers) with a router and jig. How do you cut them by hand? Why would you cut them by hand instead of using a router and jig?
  3. Great work as always Sherry! I believe Josh had another long relief appearance this week. Is that to keep him stretched out for his next turn? Bundy and Archer look toasty, I’d think Archer would be in the Pen and Winder start.
  4. Online ticket fees is absurd. Why would it cost more for online ticket sales? They dont even print the ticket or pay a human to run the till. Also, I live far enough away where I’m buying tickets ahead and bringing a group. I’m not risking sitting separate from my group and driving hours to get there without the guarantee of getting in the gate
  5. Agreed that this sucks for Paddack and the Twins. I’m not sure about the assumptions that a player will only need it once, or that there was a bad surgery the first time around. those are some pretty big jumps that we don’t have any evidence to prove or disprove. I think it is safe to say that human beings never evolved through history to throw a baseball 95 miles per hour, hundreds of times per week. Repetitive motion injuries are bound to happen for most pitchers over a long enough horizon. Paddack may not be unique in needing Tommy John a second time, just that it might be earlier than most people who need additional UCL care need it after their playing careers are over.
  6. Maybe an earthquake will hit only the colosseum while the As are on a road trip and level the building? One can only hope
  7. Agreed and to add, we’ve seen how quickly perceived depth can be depleted. 3 weeks ago there was a perceived glut of starting pitching, and now it’s looking rather meager again. There’s only 17 fielders on the 40 man roster. Trading Urshela or another DFA type of move to DH force a roster spot for Lewis will make that even more difficult in the certain event of an injury
  8. 1) Where do you follow the Twins from? NW Wisconsin 2) What's your jobby job? Supply Chain Manager for a large diversified manufacturer 3) How 'bout hobbies? Home improvement, wood working, duh… TD 4) How long have you followed the Twins? ‘84 or ‘85, I believe 5) How many games do you attend a season? Since having kids, 4-6, pre kids we split season tickets with friends, 40ish 6) Who is your favorite all-time Twin? Kent Hrbek 7) Who is your current favorite Twin? Buxton 8 )What is the coolest/craziest/most absurd/etc thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? Ladies trying to pee in the dome men’s room trough 9) What is the most memorable thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? A guy proposed to his lady on the cam and the lady said no. 10) What is your favorite all-time Twins moment? Gant
  9. Welcome to yet another installment of Shopping with the Enemy. I thought I had done the A’s when they visited Target Field, but just in case… Here we have an item that I didn’t know existed, but now I’m not sure I can live without (if it comes outfitted for MN Twins too) this device projects the logo of your favorite team onto the ground from your car door as it opens who knew such things existed?! Next we have a set of A’s branded wireless earbuds im somewhat shocked that these exist, honestly. Isn’t the point of these the pretentious snobbery of $200 earphones that you can afford to lose one? Saving the least for last, we offer an A’s branded ping pong paddle. who plays Ping Pong anyways? What year is this?
  10. Even when Chief is serious it’s comedic gold. I bet all the poster’s who’ve had their posts moderated were Laughing Out Loud.
  11. I don’t think Molitor or Mientkewics were fired for their record or their acumen, or coaching capability. i don’t know why they were fired, but my guess is it had more to do with their ability to collaborate with Falvey and Levine. Modern MBA theory promotes matrix decision making over hierarchical. Mientkewics specifically was characterized in the media as “it’s my clubhouse, not your business” and Molitor kinda had that vibe, though he clearly tried to fit the matrix, but “my clubhouse” would not fit in the matrix decision making process. Putting that into context with some of Baldelli’s comments about Buxton’s health management plan and other decisions it seems clear to me that Baldelli subscribes. that might be some of the deltas on perception we see. Being a team player in decision making doesn’t make Baldelli indecisive or Counsell decisive, it might be that the Brewers fans having had their FO somewhat longer than the Twins, might be better used to the management model in place for quite some time longer than the Twins where the Hierarchical management had been in place basically forever.
  12. Believe it or not, in a very small sample size, Gilberto Celestino has hit quite well this season. 147 wRC+ or 47% better than league average (by position and ballpark). further, using my handy splits tool on fangraphs I find that Celestino has been dreadful at home against Lefties batting .114, but away against Lefties he’s hitting a respectable .250.
  13. Still don’t know what the alternative recovery options are. A 10 day IL stint might not recover it. for instance my UCL/MCL in my right elbow is on a 3 month recovery plan. Immobilized or not it’s taking 3 months. Might as well use it…
  14. who needs a pitch block anyways? amiright?
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