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    mikelink45 reacted to Vanimal46 for a rumor, Sonny Gray, “Wouldn’t shock me if I didn’t play anymore after this year”   
    In this interesting article from Do-Hyoung Park, Sonny Gray talks about his future in baseball and doesn't have immediate answers. That may seem strange given that Gray is having perhaps the best season of his career but he mentions how ten years is a long time and what he sometimes felt was an endpoint to his MLB career.
    Poised to make tens of millions of dollars in an extension this offseason, any talk of retirement seems shocking.
    A quote from Sonny himself:
    “Wouldn't shock me. Do I want to? Do I think I can? Absolutely. And I can at a very, very high level. It's not about the money. It's whether you still enjoy it, and does your family still enjoy it."
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    mikelink45 reacted to MN_ExPat for a rumor, Devin Smeltzer signs Minor League Pact with The Fish   
    Per MLBTR, Devins Smeltzer has signed a Minor Leagie deal with a ST Invite with the Marlins.  I for one wish you well Devin and God Speed this next season.
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    mikelink45 reacted to LewFordLives for a rumor, Taylor Rogers signs with Giants   
    Good for him! Although for that money, I'm fine with the Twins taking a pass.
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    mikelink45 reacted to Brock Beauchamp for a rumor, Dan Hayes on How the Twins Can Pivot this Off-Season   
    Okay, I'm not piling on Dan here, I love his work and you should subscribe to The Athletic. In a piece this morning, he quoted some Twins management and sources about what they plan to do in the wake of Correa going to the Giants. And a lot of it is rational, useful information. But holy Moses did this quote stick in my craw:
    *uncontrollable gagging*
    I mean, what? This is the team that traded Gio Urshela earlier this offseason. Justin Turner is a fine player, I guess, but he's the only name on that list that doesn't make me reel in horror.
    My suggestion to Twins officials: if those are the names you're going to mention, don't mention any names.
    Anyway, go read the piece, there's interesting information contained within that didn't make me dizzy and nauseous.
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