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    mikelink45 reacted to MN_ExPat for a rumor, Devin Smeltzer signs Minor League Pact with The Fish   
    Per MLBTR, Devins Smeltzer has signed a Minor Leagie deal with a ST Invite with the Marlins.  I for one wish you well Devin and God Speed this next season.
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    mikelink45 reacted to LewFordLives for a rumor, Taylor Rogers signs with Giants   
    Good for him! Although for that money, I'm fine with the Twins taking a pass.
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    mikelink45 reacted to Brock Beauchamp for a rumor, Dan Hayes on How the Twins Can Pivot this Off-Season   
    Okay, I'm not piling on Dan here, I love his work and you should subscribe to The Athletic. In a piece this morning, he quoted some Twins management and sources about what they plan to do in the wake of Correa going to the Giants. And a lot of it is rational, useful information. But holy Moses did this quote stick in my craw:
    *uncontrollable gagging*
    I mean, what? This is the team that traded Gio Urshela earlier this offseason. Justin Turner is a fine player, I guess, but he's the only name on that list that doesn't make me reel in horror.
    My suggestion to Twins officials: if those are the names you're going to mention, don't mention any names.
    Anyway, go read the piece, there's interesting information contained within that didn't make me dizzy and nauseous.
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