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Article Comments posted by mikelink45

  1. 3 hours ago, John Belinski said:

    It seems surprising that the new pitch clock seems to have helped the pitchers more than the batters since it appears batting averages are down.  Making the pitcher work faster would have seemed to help the batter.

    Even batters get bored waiting for the walk around the mound, pounding the resin back, staring at the catcher.

  2. I saw a put Gallo in LF note above, but has anyone looked at Gallo's numbers lately? He is down to 206 and seems in free fall.  His concentrated power output gives everyone a rosy picture of his potential, but he is still the same old Gallo.  Larnach is a mess, I am so disappointed.  His plate approach looks terrible - wishing to walk is not a good approach.  But add them to Correa's slow start, Miranda's lack of production, Vasquez coming down to earth, Taylor just being who he is; Castri 189 and Gordon 161 means the lineup just stinks everywhere we have to hope for warm weather and hot bats.  But saying that Farmer coming back will be a plus is funny when he is batting 226.  The team is batting 228.  So which problem do we address first?  

  3. Minnesota Nice versus the Chicago Satans and we get Colome versus Pagan.  Our team was so inspired they even attempted to take third with our catcher, the slowest man in a slow lineup - the temptations are just so hard to resist.  

    We load the bases and because we seldom bunt, we hit two short infield balls that turn in to force outs at home.  Then to end the misery a good old K.  Man the way that devil works is so complicated. 

  4. 43 minutes ago, Hunter McCall said:

    It's understandable to be cautiously optimistic! The team was in a good spot last year, as you mentioned, until basically September. There's a difference with this team though in my opinion. Last year's squad relied on Chris Archer and Dylan Bundy to take the mound two out of every five days. It was a terrible experience that hindered the bullpen and really wore on the team in general. That's not an issue this year as the team has six starters who they can feel comfortable sending out on any given day and give the team a chance to win. This is a huge difference between the 2022 and 2023 teams, and should allow them to stay competitive.

    Another difference is the depth of the team. We already got to see a lot of that depth early in the season with the injuries that piled up early. The Twins are getting healthy now, and the lineup is looking much better, but those replacements that had to play kept the team afloat while the starters healed up. I trust the depth much more than years past!

    I am waiting to see the hitters start to produce.  That will give me a lot more confidence. 

  5. I want to say wait until June, but then we were at the All-star break last year when the wheels fell off.  Everytime I feel like we are ready to move up we get a lousy team to play and fall apart.  At this time we are a 500 team and will remain there until we can start to get both bats and arms in sync.  

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