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    big dog got a reaction from cjm0926 in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Thanks, this was an interesting look back.
    Gonsalves- totally agree, I had high hopes for him and busted.
    Baddoo- was surprised they left him available, was surprised he was taken, was really surprised with the results. I'm predicting a big sophomore slump.
    Wade- didn't mind trading him, but I wish it had been for someone who might actually be a major league pitcher someday.
    Littell- also agree, I always liked him and was surprised they let him go.
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    big dog reacted to bean5302 in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Mauer forced Little to drink half and half despite being lactose intolerant, convinced Little would get better if he put on weight.
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    big dog reacted to jmlease1 in Grading Falvey's Drafts   
    I don't think your expectation is borne out by baseball draft history. Sure, for a top 5 pick like Royce Lewis the expectation is that he's going to be a major league player, and have a good chance at being more than that. And those top five picks almost always get to the majors and with at least some success. But first round picks still bust all the time, and expecting that the twins picks are going to be immune to that doesn't make sense to me. Falvey has had 1 top 5 pick (#1 overall), 1 pick in the top 15, and everything else 20 or lower. If all these guys make the majors it'd be amazing
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    big dog reacted to Dman in Kirilloff’s Confusing Decision   
    Spring training stats are an enigma.  Kris Bryant has a great statistical spring and then the stats mean something so it was a travesty that he was sent down.  Kirilloff has horrible stats this spring, but hey, we can dismiss those because he got a hit in one playoff game and spring stats don't mean anything.  Which is it people make up your minds.
    I don't know if you have watched him bat this spring but he looks tentative hasn't hit the ball hard when I have seem except for the HR.  He doesn't look ready to me via the eye test or box score.  
    So what are we saying here the numbers don't matter and pedigree is how you build your team?  Let's bring up all of our great prospects then because they have performed well in AA and deserve to start in MLB.  Is that what we are saying?
    I personally don't get the controversy.  The last time Alex played in 2019 he had 756 OPS at AA.  I know he had wrist issues but still those are the last numbers we have.  He has one hit in a MLB playoff game and 460 OPS in spring training.  Is this a player you would want to start in MLB?  I can give you thousands of players over the years with better stats than that that still had to play in AAA before getting a shot and probably hundreds of guys with those stats that never even made it.
    The Twins all but wanted to hand him left field all he had to was put up some reasonable numbers this spring or at the very least sting the ball most of the time to make the team feel comfortable starting him.  He did not produce end of story.  He gave the FO virtually no choice but to send him down and make sure he would be ready to face the challenges ahead.  Also Rooker and Garlick his direct competition have 900 OPS's and above in meaningless spring training stats.  In fact the slugging percentage for both of them is higher than Alex's OPS.  So we send those two down in the hopes that Kirilloff catches fire?
    Honestly he made it almost impossible for the FO to bring him north with the team.
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    big dog reacted to ashbury in Trade deadline recap   
    I was premature with my "Welp" shrug of resignation, it turns out.
    Pssst. We got Sam Dyson from SF.
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    big dog reacted to RegularJoe62 in Mauer Appears to Have Found it Again   
    Mauer reached first in 3 out of 4 trips to the plate, but it's somehow his fault we lost? I honestly don't get how he's somehow held to superhuman standards that nobody else is.
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    big dog reacted to Shane Wahl in You're Being Very Un-Dude   
    I would like to point out that Aaron Hicks' career might be one of a 4th OF with this team. Rosario-Buxton-Arcia and Hicks as the 4th OF. Yeah, not first round caliber, but oh damn well. He could make a career out of hitting lefties and playing all three OF positions. He is going to be significantly better than the other 4th OF options the Twins have had and do have. At this point, wouldn't Hicks as a long-term 2xth man on a roster be good?
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    big dog got a reaction from Shane Wahl in You're Being Very Un-Dude   
    Yeah, well, you know, that's just like your opinion, man.
    F and G.  Definitely F & G.  Probably the others, too, but definitely F and G.
    A Dude aside to angry posters:
    It's just a game, Walter.  Put the piece away.  They're calling the cops, man.
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    big dog got a reaction from jorgenswest in What can the Twins expect from Santana (and Nolasco)?   
    My recollection is that Dennis Martinez got traded for nothing, decided it was time to face up to a problem.  He gave up drinking and became a much better pitcher.  I'm sure the Orioles wished he had figured it out sooner rather than later.
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